Who Is Marlowe Ottoline Laying Sturridge? All About Sienna Miller’s Daughter

December 29, 2022   | December 29, 2022  | 
Quick Facts
Full Name Marlowe Ottoline Laying Sturridge
Birth Place London, United Kingdom
Birthday July 7, 2012
Age 10
Nationality American
Ethnicity American-British
Father Tom Sturridge
Mother Sienna Miller
Siblings No
Profession N/A
Net Worth $22 Million
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Body Measurement N/A
Gender Identity Female
Marital Status Unmarried

Marlowe Ottoline Laying Sturridge is the daughter of American-British actress Sienna Miller and her former husband, Tom Sturridge. Her mother Sienna is a former Italian Vogue model. She landed her remarkable performances in several movies like High Speed, Layer Cake, The September Issue, and so on.

Marlowe’s father, Tom Sturridge, is also an English actor. He is best recognized for his portrayal in Being Julia, The Boat That Rocked, and Like Minds. Furthermore, he was also nominated for the “Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play” for his role in Orphans. He also performed as a lead character Lord Morpheus/Dream of the Endless in the Delusion series, The Sandman on Netflix. 

Marlowe’s parents were separated after 3 years of their marriage, but despite this, they chose to maintain a close relationship. What might be the case? and what led to their divorce? In the subsequent piece, we’ll also go through Marlowe’s age, profession, educational background, and net worth. 

Celebrity Daughter, Marlowe Ottoline Laying Sturridge Was Born In London: Her Family and Birth Details 

Marlowe Ottoline Laying Sturridge was born on 7th July 2012 to Sienna Miller and her former husband, Tom Sturridge in London. American-born Marlowe belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Well, she is the only child of her biological parents so she doesn’t have any Siblings.


Marlowe Ottoline Laying Sturridge daughter of actress Sienna Miller and actor Tom Sturridge
Marlowe Ottoline Laying Sturridge Had grown up very beautifully

Talking about her grandparents, Phoebe Nichols and Charles Sturridge are her paternal grandparents. Likewise, her maternal grandmother is Jo Miller, and Edwin Miller is her maternal grandfather. 

Furthermore, Marlowe must be gifted with excellent talents in acting and art by looking at the legacy of her family. 

What Does Marlowe Do For a Living?

10 years kid is currently focusing on her schoolwork, and it might take a while before she steps into her career. She is beautiful, and maybe her family genes also intend for her to become an actress, or she might not follow in her parent’s footsteps.

Whatever decision she makes, we will update you when she embarks on her career. 

Marlowe’s Family Has Been In The Film Industry

As previously disclosed, Marlowe’s parents are popular in the entertainment industry. But the most astounding revelation, though, is that not only her parents but also her grandparents made their appearances in the entertainment industry. 

Speaking of the 10-year-old’s parents, Sienna Miller is an American and London actress. Her mother, Sienna, began her career as a model for the Italian Vogue and 2003 Pirelli Calendar. After that 40-year-old actress, in 2004, got her big break from the movie, Layer Cake and Alfie. Similarly, Miller had performances in several movies like High Speed, Layer Cake, The September Issue, and so on. 

Furthermore, the American-British actress has been nominated for 15 awards and won five of them; “The EMA Futures Award”, “Best Supporting Actress”, “Film Talent Award” two times, and “Global Ambassador IMC”. 

Marlowe’s Father’s Career As A TV Star

Indistinguishably, Marlowe’s biological father, Tom Sturridge, is an English actor, who gave his best performances in Being Julia, The Boat That Rocked, and Like Minds. 37-year-old, Tom started his career as a child actor. In 1996, he was in the television adaptation of Gulliver’s Travels, directed by his father Charles Sturridge. 

Tom was nominated for Best Actor and won Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play for his performance in Orphans. In 2022, the actor served as a lead character, Lord Morpheus/ Dream of the Endless on the Netflix adaptation of The Sandman along with the cast including Gwendoline Christie (Lucifer), Jenna Coleman (Johanna), Boyd Holbrook (Corinthian), Mason Alexander Park (Desire), and more. 

Marlowe’s Grandparents Were Also In Entertainment Business

As noted above, Marlowe’s grandparents are also in the entertainment field. Both her paternal grandmother and maternal grandmother, Phoebe Nicholls, and Jo Miller are great actresses of the 90s. Phoebe has made her appearances in The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, Mari, Starfish, Finding Your Feet, and others. Likewise, Marlowe’s other grandmother, Jo Miller portrayed in Wilmore, The Daily Show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and so on. 

Likewise, her paternal grandfather, Charles Sturridge, is a director and screenwriter, nominated three times for Primetime Emmy Awards, BAFTA TV Awards, and the BAFTA Children’s Award. In the same way, her maternal grandfather is an art dealer. 

Marlowe Ottoline Laying Sturridge’s Parents Divorced

10-year-old Marlowe’s parents are not together anymore, they got separated because of their own personal causes. Likewise, the former couple tied the knot on July 7, 2012, and their divorce was announced in 2015 when Marlowe was 3 years old. 

They Co-parent Their Daughter

After many ups and downs, Marlowe’s, genesis Miller and Sturridge, decided to separate. But even after their split, the former couple decided to be in each other’s life, because they don’t want their daughter to feel neglected by them. Due to her parent’s wise decision, Marlowe appears to have a typical and happy childhood like other normal kids.

They would never have crossed paths if they hadn’t decided to remain close after the divorce for the wellness of their kid. 

Her parents Had Multiple Relationship After Their Divorce

Both of Marlowe’s parents chose to be with different people after their divorce. Her mother Sienna dated two people Lucas Zwirner and Bennett Miller after her separation from Marlowe’s Dad Tom. Likewise, her father, Tom, chose Abigail Breslin and Maya Hawke to date. 

Recently, Tom was spotted kissing Alexa Chung when his ex-wife, Sienna was sitting behind him. Sienna and Tom gave an example to the public about how close people can get even after a separation. 

A former couple Sienna Miller and her former husband Tom Sturridge together in old photo.
Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller together with their daughter Marlowe in an Old photo 

Marlowe Is Living A Luxurious Lifestyle

Being the daughter of two successful celebrities, there is no doubt she is living a highly-priced lifestyle. An actor from Orphans, Tom holds $5 million, and his former wife holds a whopping net worth of $18 million. The wealth that her parents (Tom and Sinner) owned allowed Marlowe to live a life with lots of benefits. 

Key Takeaway

  • Marlowe Ottoline Laying Sturridge was born on July 7, 2012, in London and she doesn’t have any siblings.
  • Her parents are renowned personalities, as her mother Sienner Miller is an actress and model. Likewise, her father, Tom Sturridge is also an actor.
  • Her mother Sienner Miller is an American-British actress, who gave her best performances in High Speed, Layer Cake, The September Issue, The Edge Of Love, The Rise Of Cobra, and so on.
  • Tom, Marlowe’s father is also an American actor who is best known for his portrayal in Being Julia, The Boat That Rocked, Orphans, and so forth. 
  • Sturridge’s parents Sienner and Tom tied the knot on July 7, 2012. 
  • They divorced in 2015 when Marlowe was just three years old 
  • Tom and his former wife Miller decided to stay close even after their divorce for the sake of their daughter.