Who Is Lil Wayne’s Mother Jacida Carter? Bio, Career, Husband, Net Worth

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Quick Facts
Full Name Jacida Carter
Birth Place New Orleans, Lauisiana
Birthday August 30, 1962
Age 60
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Siblings N/A
Profession N/A
Net Worth $200,000
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Body Measurement N/A
Gender Identity Female
Marital Status Divorced
Children Semaj and Lil Wayne

Jacida Carter, is an African-American who is mostly famous as the celebrity mother of American rapper and music sensation Lil Wayne. Her son Lil Wayne is well-known for his debut album, The Block Is Hot. He also gained higher popularity with his fourth album, The Carter, and fifth album, The Carter II, as well as several mixtapes and collaborations. 

After giving birth to the popular rapper, Lil Jacida was abandoned by her child’s father, leaving her to care for her son alone. Since then, she has maintained a good and supportive relationship with her son, Lil, even during the most difficult situations.

Likewise, today’s discussion will focus on popular rapper Lil’s mother, Jacida Carter, her struggling life, her three different relationships, and other unrevealed information. Let’s get started with her early days.

Jacida Carter Is The Mother Of Lil Wayne

Jacida Carter was born on August 30, 1962, in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is of American ethnicity. She hasn’t shared any details on her family background, including her father, mother, and siblings.

Also, details on her academics haven’t been revealed yet. But we came to know that her growing up and education were all done in the low-budget Hollygrove environment of New Orleans. 

What Does Lil Wayne’s Mother, Jacida Carter, Do?

American Rapper Lil Wayne’s mother used to work as a professional cook for different organizations when she struggled to support her family. 

American Rapper Lil Waynes and his mother Jacida Carter
Jacida Carter And Her Rapper Son Lil Wayne


However, Jacida’s present profession and line of work still need to be confirmed. But in 2011, she made her appearance in Lil Wayne’s 23- track album, where she and her son expressed love and support for each other. In The Carter V, she was heard saying; 

“Lil Wayne, mama is proud of you. You done came so far. I can’t wait for your album to come out. A lot of people ask me when it’s coming out. They can’t wait for your album to come out. I’m just so proud of you. You’re my rock. I just pray things to go well with you in life. But I thank the Lord because I know you have been through a lot that I don’t even know about. Mama loves you. I love you, Dwayne, with all my heart. You are my life I live for you.”

Jacida Carter Marriage & Relationship With Her Husband 

Carter has had three relationships and marriages. During her high school years in the early 1980s, she has her first relationship and gets entangled with her first love, Dwayne Michael Turner.

Sooner than expected, they got married, and at the age of 19, Jacida welcomed her first son Lil Wayne. 

Jacida Carter On her wedding Days with her children
Semaj And Lil Wayne With Their Mother Jacida Carter

Sadly, her love relationship with Turner did not last long. While their relationship collapsed so fast when Lil Wayne was only two years old. After Dwayne left, she raised Lil as a single mother as Dwayne abandoned Carter with the child to her fate. 

As time passed, the fast pacing reality conjured by time kept unfolding, Jacida crossed paths with Reginald “Rabbit” McDonald, and they tied the knot with no knowledge of who his real father was. Young Lil accepts McDonald to be his foster father.

Also, Lil and McDonald had a rather cordial relationship while he was growing up. But unfortunately, Reginald was murdered before his stepson, Lil reached the peak of his career.  

Jacida has a second child, Semaj, who is 3 years younger than Lil Wayne’s eldest daughter, Rehinae Carter. In April 2012, celebrity mom, Carter resolved to marry again with Avery Goff. 

Jacida Carter Took Care Of Her Son’s Education

Jacida and Lil are mother and son, and she provided him with a quality education. Lil was enrolled in the gifted program at Lafayette Elementary School for a couple of years. After that, he was opportune to attend Eleanor MCMain Secondary School. He also attended Marion Abromason senior high school but dropped out at the age of 14 to focus on his music career. 

Jacida’s rapper son, Lil, began his career by joining the Hot Boys along with rappers Juvenile B.G., and Turk. And at the age of 17, he along with his team members from Hot Boys released their first debut album Get It How U Live! in 1999. 

Likewise, for Wayne’s massive boom, Jacida provided multiple spoken word intervals for his 2018 album ‘Tha Carter V.” His album Tha Carter V had the second-largest streaming week for an album behind Drake’s Scorpion with 433 million streams. 

Her Child Lil Wayne’s Suicide Attempt & Injury

The five-time Grammy-winning rapper, Lil Wayne, is getting candid about his history of mental health challenges, including a suicide attempt when he was 12 years old. That was a time when his mother was reminiscing about her challenging days with her son, Lil. After discouraging him, Lil reportedly took to a gun in a suicide attempt, Jacida said;  

“I still don’t know today. Was he playing with the gun, or was it an accident? I be wanting to ask him but I never asked him after all these years. I never really found out about what really happened with him and that shooting.”

Jacida Carter, her grandchildren, and children.

3 years after the birth of her first son, Lil Wayne, Jacida gave birth to her second child, Semaj. Similarly, Carter also has four grandchildren from her son, Lil Wayne, and they are  Reginae, Kameron, Neal, and Dwayne Carter III. But it is important to note that all of them are from Lil’s different wives. 

Is Jacida Still Alive?

Yes, she is still alive. Unlike some outspoken celebrity mothers, she prefers to stay away from the media and entertainment industries. Lastly, we had seen her recorded appearance in the media in 2011. 

Where Is Rapper Mom’ Jacida Carter Now? 

After her marriage with Avery Goff in 2012, she continued to reside in her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

What is Jacida’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, her net worth is $200,000. She reportedly earned between $21 thousand and $43 thousand during her days as a cook. 

Similarly, her son Lil Wayne as a rapper is fabulously rich with a staggering worth of about $170 million. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Jacida Carter

When Is Jacida Carter Birthday?

She was born on August 30, 1962, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Does Jacida Smoke?


 Does Carter Drink?

 Yeah, she does drink occasionally.

Does She Have Tattoos?


Does Jacida Have Any Health Problems?


Does She Have Any Phobia?


Does She Go To Gym?

Yes, she exercises regularly. 

How Many Businesses Does She Own?

 Jacida is busy with her own professional work but she hasn’t revealed her profession yet.