What Is Joy Sunday Eye Color In Real Life? Does She Have Blue Eyes?

December 21, 2022   | December 21, 2022  | 

American actress Joy Sunday has appeared in numerous movies and TV series. But her recent appearance in the Netflix series Wednesday as Bianca Barclay has been grabbing attention, primarily because of her eye color.

In the series, her character Bianca sports blue color, which in a way has intimidated numerous viewers. So, does Joy Sunday have blue eyes in real life? What is Joy Sunday eye color actually?

In this article, we are going explain everything stay with us.

What Is Joy Sunday’s Eye Color In Real Life?

She natuarally has a dark brown eyes  in real life. Since, she wears blue contact lense in the Netflix series Wednesday, there had been a lot of curiosity about the color of her eyes.

Joy Sunday's Photo With Her Natural Eye And With Contact Lens

In fact, a lot of people assumed that blue was her natural eye color which is not true.

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Why Did She Wear Blue Contact Lense In Wednesday?

Joy wears blue contact lense in the netflix series to give her character more depth. Likewise, it was also intended to make her character more intimidating as her character Bianca demanded such a look.

Her character that is made to have siren eyes, adds a slutery and sexy aspect to her character.

Joy Sunday Said That She Finds Her Looks In The Series Crazy 

Well, Joy’s character in Wednesday undoubtedly gives goosebumps and such a impact is not only because of her acting skills but also her appearance. To be precise, her blue eyes is what has added layers to her character. In one of her interview, she talked about her character and stated how she finds herself crazy as she looks herself in the mirror. She said,

Looking in the mirror versus seeing myself on screen is a little crazy. It would be funny, meeting somebody for the first time on set, and they’d be like, ‘Why are you looking at me so strange?’ Because of the contacts. Then seeing it on screen? I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh… my eyes are sharper.

She also said that she was so much into the character that she would even forget to take off her lense. In fact, in one occassion, she remembered on her way back home. About this, she said,

There were a couple of times I forgot that I had the contacts in. There was one time I was halfway home before I noticed that I still had them in my eyes and had to turn around and return them to the set.