Scarlet Schoeffling

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Quick Facts
Full Name Scarlet Schoeffling
Birth Place Newfoundland, Pennsylvania
Birthday May 6, 1991
Age 32
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Father Michael Schoeffling
Mother Valerie Schoeffling
Siblings Zane Schoffling
Profession Actress and Model
Net Worth $1 million
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight N/A
Body Measurement 35-25-34
Gender Identity Female
Marital Status Unmarried

Scarlet Schoeffling is an American model and actress. She is also popular for being the daughter of well-known actress Valerie Schoeffling and her husband, Michael Schoeffling. Her mother, Valerie, is a talented actress who gained fame through her great performances in movies like Having Babies II, Lottery, One Shoe Makes It Murder, and others.

Scarlet is a model from New York City and an actress in two hit movies The Hackie Ryan (2020) and Billions (2016). She is also considered to be a young and successful actress in the Hollywood industry. 

As a fan, you must be curious to know about her early life, relationships, parents, and so on. So, without wasting time, let’s move toward her life! 

Scarlet Schoffling Is The Youngest Child Of Her Parents; About Her Early Life

Scarlet Schoffling is 31 years old as of 2023. She was born on May 6, 1991, in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, the United States of America with a Taurus sign. Likewise, her nationality is American, and she belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. 

Is Scarlet Well-Educated?

Talking about her educational background, we believe that she completed her early education at a local Newfoundland high school. In her school days, actress Schoeffling was very talented, active, and hardworking. Similarly, she must have attended college too because she hasn’t provided any information based on her university. Therefore, it is pretty hard to give details about her Universities. 

Actress Scarlet Has One Sibling

The 31-year-old actress is blessed with a handsome brother named Zane Schoffling. Zane is the oldest brother of Scarlet, and they both seem to have a good relationship with each other. They often appear to spend a lot of time with their family. 

Her sibling, Zane was born in the late 1980s, in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, United States of America. He belongs to the American nationality and in regards to his ethnicity concerned the star kid is Caucasian.

Scarlet’s Career As An Actress And Model; Details On Her And Her Parent’s Profession Too

Actress, Scarlet has followed the same career path as her parents. As a result, she came in highlighted from her act on Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story (2020) and Billions (2016). At a very young age, Scarlett Schoeffling became a popular actress through her hit movies. 

Scarlet Schoeffling, an American actress and model. Daughter of Valerie Schoeffling
American Actress And Model Scarlet Schoeffling

Furthermore, Schoeffling is a skilled model from New York City. She has been going to lots of modeling gigs lately, according to her social media posts. We repeatedly see her in several commercials, advertisements, brand campaigns, and magazines, where she advertises the merchandise and recommends it to her viewers. 

Similarly, during her career life, Schoeffling also conveyed into the showbiz industry as she was interested in acting. Additionally, the New York model appeared in several movies and her two hit movies are “The Hackie Ryan (2020) and Billions (2016).  

Actress Parents Were Engaged In Entertainment Industry

Scarlet’s mother, Valerie Schoeffling, is a former model and actress. She started her career with a small role in a movie in 1977. She played the role of the protagonist, Terri, in her debut movie, “Having Babies II.” Moreover, she made her occurrence in the movie name One Shoe Makes it Murder. Likewise, she is popular for her roles in Patty Hearst and En quete d’indices. Robinson also portrayed the role of Fashion Center Beauty ‘Over the Brooklyn Bridge.”

Michael Schoeffling, Valerie’s husband, on the other hand, is popular as an actor and gained massive fans from his role as Jake Ryan in the teen film Sixteen Candles. Scarlet’s father also appeared in movies such as Mermaids, Vision Quest, and 1991’s Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

Actress Scarlet’s father, Michael, was a model he modeled for GQ. Also, he had the opportunity to take classes at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Manhattan. Later, his training was sponsored by a photographer, Bruce Weber. 

Do you know Michael was a collegiate wrestler? 

Yes, before Michael made his appearance on screen, he was a collegiate wrestler. He is a gold medalist for freestyle wrestling in junior wrestling which was held in Munich, United States. 

Actress Scarlet Schoeffling’s Parents Met During A Photoshoot

As we already mentioned above, both of her parents were performers. Michael and his spouse, Valerie, eventually met during a photoshoot when they both were working together as models for GQ. During the period of their work, they both dated for a while and walked down the aisle in 1987. Furthermore, the lovely couple shares two children together; they are Scarlet and Zane Schoeffling.  

Is Scarlet Schoeffling Dating? Who is her boyfriend?

The Newfoundland native seems to be dating Sean Biloski. Biloski is a model who signed with Major Model Management. Moreover, he is also an actor, and he played a role in Food Party in 2009 under his acting career. Not only the couple made their arrival together at most events, but they also shared the picture together on their social media account. But the confirmation of their relationship hasn’t been confirmed by them yet. In other words, we can say that the pair aren’t dating each other officially. 

As a result, she is single since both of them haven’t been confirmed yet, so let’s assume Scarlet is single and looking for a good life partner.  

Scarlet Schoeffling Used To have Gap In Her Front Teeth Which Was Later Removed By Her Mother. Why She Removed It? 

In 2018, the model and actress Scarlet shared that she used to have a beautiful gap between her two front teeth in her interview. And her mother had her gap removed because Madonna also had the same kind of gap. Her mother was angry with Madonna because she apparently flirted with her father, Michael, on the set of a movie. So, her madness over Madonna made Scarlett go to a dental surgeon and have her gap removed.

Valerie Schoeffling and her husband, Michael Schoeffling in their 90s
Actress Valerie Schoeffling And Her Husband Michael Schoeffling


But the result ends up being overlapping one another because they don’t have space. The actress said that she would still have her beautiful gap tooth if Madonna hadn’t flirted with her dad. 

Where Are Actress Scarlet and Her Parents Now?

In 1991, her father, Michael, retired from his acting career. His last movie was Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, which was released the following year. After his retirement, Michael decided to start producing handcrafted furniture after his skills development in woodwork. 

Michael is now running a store with his wife, Valerie, where they sell and customize furniture pieces. 

According to reports, Scarlet and her family are now living a different kind of lifestyle in Pennsylvania. 

31-Year-Old Scarlett Is Active In Social Media

Schoeffling as an actress and model it is normal to engage in social media. Furthermore, she had several accounts on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Similarly, her Instagram is @scarloz, which has 16k followers, 1126 followings, and 285 posts.

Actress Scarlett Schoeffing Is A Millionaire

Scarlett is a well-known actress and model, and her primary source of income is her acting and modeling. So, as a young actress, her net worth is estimated at $1 million, which she gained from her hard work and dedication. 

We wish that in the upcoming days, she will become more popular and gain a lot of fame and a good sum of money to live a luxurious life. 

Keys Takeaway

  • Scarlett Schoeffing was born on May 6, 1991, in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, the United States of America with a Taurus sign.
  • She is the daughter of famous personalities, Valerie Schoeffling, and Michael Schoeffling, thus, they both are performers and have gained huge fame in the film industry.
  • Scarlett is a skilled model from New York City and has been going to lots of modeling gigs, furthermore, she also appeared in several commercials, advertisements, brand campaigns, and magazines, where she advertises the merchandise and recommends it to her viewers.
  • Schoeffing has only one sibling, also an older brother named Zane Schoffling.
  • She and her whole family is living now in Pennsylvania. 
  • Scarlett is available in Ig under the name @scarloz, where she has 16k followers, 1126 followings, and 285 posts.
  • Schorffing has earned around $1 million throughout her career as an actress and model.