Why Dating a Biker is Cool? Rule & Benefits

You might have gone through several ups and downs in a relationship which is absolutely normal. Also, you might have dated a number of guys but remained unsatisfied with their personalities. If so, then you might not have dated a real man. It might sound harsh, but we think you haven’t dated anyone until you dated a biker.

Yes, you read that right. Bikers have some unique features that other guys don’t have. So if you are really frustrated with your relationship timeline, then we suggest you to date a biker and you’d never feel the same. While we talk about dating a biker, there are lots of benefits, however, you must not forget that there are some specific rules to date them.

Here, we are talking about some rules followed by the benefits of dating a biker.

Rules a Biker Wants His Woman to Follow

Well we know people are different and we can’t specialize a group behavior to a specific person. But, when you are dating bikers you must not forget some common rules that if not followed can ruin your relationship. There is no hard and fast rule to keep your relationship alive, however, you can certainly follow some steps to keep your relationship on the track. Here are some of them.

1. Don’t Speak About the Club

This is rather a responsibility than a rule. If you are dating a biker, this is the one rule that you must adhere to. When you are at the biker club, you might not want to stumble across your knowledge and experience about the club in front of its members.

Some rules to date a biker
You should never talk about the bikers’ club, Source: The Things

Moreover, when attending bikers’ clubs, their WAGs(wives and girlfriends) are supposed to speak when they’re spoken to. Some say that it’s not their place and they are just guests there so they can only speak when they are addressed.

2. Give Respect

You always have to give respect to everyone and it is not an exception here as well. Being a biker’s girlfriend, you can’t be impudent. There is no margin of errors here and if you have to be a part of their culture, you must show respect to the club and its members.

When a biker WAG attends an event with the club, she is expected to show the utmost respect to every patch member. Even if the situation goes against you, you are not supposed to disrespect any of your boyfriend’s pals.

3. Never Spill the Club’s Secret

Every club has its own secret. When a biker’s WAG goes to the club, she might come across their secrets. But, she can’t spill the club’s secret to anyone, not even to her BFFs. It is one of the important rules in the bikers club.

As a biker WAG, you should keep their club secret lip-tight

When she goes to the club first, she might uncover some secrets of the club, however, she is supposed to forget whatever she sees or hears there as soon as she leaves the place.

4. Never ask Him to Choose

In case you have just started dating a biker and new to the biker club culture, you might not know their basic behaviors. In such a case, if you make your boyfriend choose on between the biker club and you then you might lose the man because the club is always #1 for the bikers.

Now let’s talk about the advantages of dating a biker.

1. He Would Have a Greater Sense of Adventure

You might have gone on adventurous journeys with your boyfriend, but what you might have missed in your relationship is a long drive on a bike in case you haven’t dated a bike rider as of yet. Well, we’ve heard about a couple walking along the beach, hiking up a mountain, skiing, and water surfing together. But going on a long road ride with your beau is an entirely different experience.

Dating a biker gives you more adventurous experiences
Dating a biker gives you more adventurous experiences, Source: ADV Pulse

Another benefit of dating a biker is you don’t have to spend your time planning your trip and getting transportation. All you have to do is find a good road and a nice destination. You don’t have to contemplate about the plane tickets and hotel expenses. Instead, you can enjoy a dinner date after a full day of riding.

2. You Don’t Have to Worry about Your Hair

The term “feeling the wind in your hair” might sound sexy while on a motorcycle. But, when you let your hair fly on a bike ride, you will end up with a tangled mess and a strange smell of exhaust fumes. So, you can always go simple like a ponytail when going out with your biker boyfriend.

If your biker beau tries to point out your bushy hair, all you need to do is point back at his tangled mop of helmet hair.

3. You Can Pick Any Gifts

Buying a gift for your loved one is a tricky business. Especially, when you are in a new relationship, you don’t have much idea about your partner’s choice. You have no idea how much to spend and how romantic gift it should be. In such a scenario, you are lucky if you are dating a biker.

Even if you are in the early days of the relationship, you can choose gifts for your partner as if you’ve been with him for years. Whatever motorcycle bike he rides, pick a gift of the same brand.

4. You will be Dating a Happier and Smarter Guy

Being a girl you might always worry would your boyfriend be smart or not. But this would not be the case when you are dating a biker. Several studies have shown motorcycle rider are smarter than the other normal people.

According to a study conducted by Tokyo University students, riding motorbikes regularly enhances a person’s cognitive ability. In simple words, riding bikes makes you smarter. So, girls, you should no longer be worried about how smart your boyfriend is if he is a bike rider.

A biker is considered smarter and happier than other men
A biker is considered smarter and happier than other men

Besides, motorcycle riders are considered happier as well. A study suggests that motorcycle riders have better mental health than others. Further, they tend to experience higher feelings of satisfaction and lower stress levels both in their daily life and relationships.

5. Will Make Your Gal Pals Jealous

Bikers are always perceived as cool dudes. They are considered adventurous, rebellious, sexy, and powerful. In the meantime, a lot of women appear to be attracted to bikers.

According to a survey done by Match.com on its users, its female users tend to search the “motorcycle” word second most frequently when searching dating profiles. Match.com is a popular dating site which is famous among the people of 40 or more. So dating a biker will instantly make your friends jealous.

Seeing your friends envy of your relationship somehow makes you more satisfied with your relationship. Further, there is also a chance that you might go along with the man as you tend to be happier with a biker than others.

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