What to Text a Girl to Start a Conversation?

So you followed our tip on how to start a conversation with a girl and now you’ve her number or her social media account. But hold on smarty-pants, before you go and blow this up you need to understand a few other aspects of talking to a female via text.

Since the inception of social media, girls have been bombarded with all sorts of creepy messages, be it unsolicited pictures or texts. Now given the current situation, she has given you her number so it means she, at the very least, trusts you. Even so, we don’t have any proof if you’re the only one she has passed down her mobile number to. There might be other guys as well. And frankly speaking, no one can blame her as she has all the right to choose the best guy out of many.

The big question here is, how are you going to impress her further? You were successful in getting her number but it was just the beginning. The other step would be to reel her in with your witty text messages. So what should you text a girl for the first time? Below we’ve listed a few things you can text the women of your dream and make her fall for you.

What to Text a Girl to Start a Conversation?

1) Ask how her day went with a little twist

The above statement might sound clichéd but before jumping into any conclusion hear us out. We’re not advising to ask her a simple generic thing like, hey how was your day? This text message might not work 70 percent of the time. Well, duh! Then what are the alternatives?

Picture this for instance! She works as a waitress from 9 to 5. It is apparent she comes across a lot of people from different backgrounds during her shift. Some are super friendly while some are not and sometimes there are those who are a downright burden to mother earth. So after a full day of work, her mood might not be as refreshed as it was in the morning.

Think about it, she most probably had a bad day and out of the blue you ask her, how was her day? Pretty sure, she is going to ignore you or maybe even ghost you. However, if your message has a little twist then chances are, she will be all over you. After all, girls like those guys who know how to handle their moods with ease.

A simple example would be, ‘hey, so how many asses you wanted to kick today?’ implying that she was pissed off by a lot of customers, which usually happens on a regular basis. One thing to take into consideration, you should know about her job.

2) Sporadically text flirty or naughty messages

If there’s no fire, a relationship is no fun. Although a relationship is never built upon the way you spice up your sex life, being naughty sometimes goes a long way. At the beginning of your conversation with a girl, you should keep one thing straight, being flirty is a good but not all the time. A guy, who from day one has been giving creepy sexual vibes, is sure to lose out a girl. No one wants anything with a guy who thinks of women as nothing but objects.

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Nevertheless, there should be an element of surprise here and there. As the proverb goes, ‘A little goes a long way.’ By adding a spark, a girl will definitely fall for your irresistible charm. You can even kick start your conversation with a subtle yet powerful flirt message. For instance, ‘Hey there. Since I last saw you, I have been wanting to play with your hair.’

what to text a girl to start a conversation
Don’t go overboard with naughty texts.

Just make you’re not overdoing or overthinking it.

3.) Keep her begging for more with random follow up texts

A simple conversation will only go so far. Your text messages need to have that ‘wow’ factor, otherwise, you’ll be left out in the dust. Now the simple run in the mill solution would be to improve your overall sense of humor. Even so, things aren’t as easy as it sounds. There are some who believe entertaining people is something you’re born with and then some believe it is a basic skill which can be honed.

Regardless, what you need to know here is, if you’re just asking questions after questions then it’s more than probable you’ll end up being friend-zoned or left out altogether. In order to avoid this dire situation, you need to understand the essence of the conversation. If a girl is giving you her number, she is indirectly asking you to know more about her while simultaneously entertaining her. How do we do both of these at the same time?

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Jumpstart her brain with random texts. For example, if both of you are into jungle exploration then you can ask, ‘Do you believe pretending to be dead will help you out against a bear attack? At first, the question sounds way out of context but being an explorer, she has definitely thought about this too. Such questions are terrific ice breakers too. There is rarely any person who wouldn’t reply to this one.

4.) Always utilize Gifs: They are both funny and naughty

Since its introduction Graphics Interchange Format aka Gif has been a lifesaver. With a wide variety of Gifs to go around, the possibilities are boundless. You don’t always have to share memes to make your crush happy. Send a gif and she will instantly burst into laughter. Want to turn up the heat, send her a naughty gif and she’ll know where’s your head at right now. She is in a bad mood, a Jim Carrey gif will do the trick.

What’s more, Gif can also replace the old fashioned pick-up lines. If you haven’t tried Gifs then it’s quite unfortunate to hear. You can possibly comprehend what you are missing out on.

Besides, Gifs has over hundreds if not thousands of varieties. Search for the type of Gif you want and it’ll pop right out. Nevertheless, don’t overdo it otherwise she won’t be interested anymore. A general rule to follow, send Gif to take her by surprise, and not make a conversation forceful.

5.) Play Rapid fire

This is an interesting way to start a conversation, make it interesting, and know more about a girl. While the whole idea of Rapid Fire sounds a little lame, it still makes a lot of difference. It all depends upon the type of question. If the questions are bland, then for sure, it’ll turn out god awful. However, spice it up a little, and you have a fantastic ‘take her out on a date’ type of convo.

What to text a girl to start a conversation (1)
Play rapid-fire and ask her personal questions.

Best part about rapid-fire, there is rarely a girl who wouldn’t want to partake in it. Who in the right mind wouldn’t want to be a part of such a funny and exhilarating game? As for the question, mix it up a little. Add questions about her life, ambitions, and then in between some sexual stuff, like favorite positions. And you know what’s great about this, even if you ask her personal questions, she won’t hesitate on answering them. Why? Well, she is too busy playing this game and ‘this is a stranger and I shouldn’t be telling him stuff’ would never cross her mind.

6.) Be Romantic: Tell her about your idea of a perfect date and ask her the same

Who says romance is dead? Nowadays girls only like a man for his fame, money, and looks. Despite all the myth, Romance is still the one and only thing that keeps a woman up on her toes. Sure, having a bad boy attitude or fame will get you a girl, but it wouldn’t be considered a relationship by a long shot.

Likewise, you should never refrain from being romantic every now and then. A great conversation started can also be how do you plan on spending your first date with this girl? Be honest and convey your true romantic intentions. There’s no such thing as being a hopeless romantic so speak your heart out.

In addition, being funny every day isn’t attractive. Your conversation should have a mixture of all the essential elements, being romantic, naughty, and funny. There are a lot of ways you can make her feel special via texts and being romantic is one way.

Besides, don’t just tell about your idea of a perfect day but also ask her the same. That way your bond will strengthen and you can plan accordingly.

7.) Ask her questions regarding her ambition

Just like a romantic conversation, sometimes being serious about your career and life is important as well. Keep the initial conversation funny & casual and when she feels comfortable, she will more comfortable sharing some personal aspects about her life.

Nowadays, girls are attracted to those who are really ambitious about their life. True, if you are rich then females will flock around you like a moth to a flame, however, the majority of them would be dumb. And there’s nothing as unattractive as a person who can’t carry a conversation.

In a similar fashion, when you ask a girl about her long-term goals, you will sound smarter then the average guy she dated before. But don’t just ask about her long-term goals as anyone with a right mind would easily answer it. Ask them how they are planning to achieve the goal? This way she’ll think of you as a guy who has his priority straighten out. And who doesn’t want to go out with a man of such stature?

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