What Does Friends With Benefits Mean? The Right & Wrong About It

No doubt, you have heard these words every now and then, but what does friends with benefit actually mean? Well, the literal meaning is as simple as it could be but understanding the true essence of “friends with benefit” is quite tough.

While it’s meaning is one aspect of it, what determines if being in such a relationship is a good option. Is your choice to make friends with benefit the right decision? Why do people actually go for such a relationship? Are there any certain set of rules to follow while being a friend with benefit?

There is an indefinite amount of questions lurking beneath this modern concept of relationship. Well, here we will try to provide you with all the answers you had been looking for.

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What Does Friends With Benefits Mean?

A friends with benefits relationship is a kind where two people are sexually intimate with one another but with no emotional commitments whatsoever. While they spend time together, they are not involved romantically.

In friends with benefits relationship, the couple involved has a clearer and definite prospect on what they want from each other.

Key Points To Keep in Mind Before Entering Friends with Benefits Relationship

Every person is unique in their own way. And the things that suite him or her best depends upon the person they are. So, in the same way, not every person is made to have a friend with benefit. Some love to have a committed relationship while others prefer the opposite.

But to those who are just entering a friend with benefits relationship or is already in one. Here are certain key points to note to avoid future conflicts and problems.

Understand the Kind of Person You Are:

You are different from everyone in this world. Your thought process, priority, aim, skills, differ from every other person in this plant.

The same goes for a relationship. Especially, when you are going to enter friends with benefits relationship, understanding yourself is crucial.

Make sure you don’t naturally seek commitments in a relationship. If you do, this may not be the best option for you. If you long for emotional connection in a relationship it is a good choice to rather find a committed partner.

Don’t Expect Commitments In Any Respect:

Friends with benefits is a relationship that doesn’t have space for commitments right in its theory. And it is very necessary to understand this.

Make sure you don’t have that attitude of looking for concern from your partner. If you do, you are simply against the will of the partner you are with.

Keep in mind that the person there is not to fulfill your personal or emotional needs.

Make a Certain Sets of Rules Before You Enter Friends With Benefits Relationship:

Relationships of this kind can be complicated at times. Thus it is very important to make certain rules as you get into it.

Ask the other person about his priorities and what he is looking for with you and also tell about yours. Make clear your motive to get into an FWB relationship and not a committed one. Obviously, you don’t want to have future misunderstandings, stress, and hurt feelings.

Understand The Free To Be With Other Girls:

Along with not having an emotional attachment with the person, you also have no right to decide if the other person can sleep with girls around.

Most people get into friends with benefits relationships because they don’t want to stick with one girl. In such circumstances, it is essential to understand the possibility of the other person sleeping with other girls.

Make sure such actions has no impact on your emotional health.

You Have The Possibilities of Contracting STDs:

Considering the fact that one can have multiple sexual partners while in friends with benefits, there are high possibilities that you may contract STDs.

Well, you can either completely avoid this kind of relationship if you are aware of your health or be extra cautious.

Make Sure It’s Not an Impulsive Decision:

For most youngsters, getting into the FWB relationship is more of an impulsive decision. While a few are okay with their decision, many regret it very soon.

A decision like this should not be any sort of an instantaneous action or there are high chances that you will regret it. Be aware of the discomfort, and all the possibilities that can come along in a relationship like this.

Don’t Expect It To Turn Into A Long-term Relationship:

There are many girls and guys who get into an FWB relationship with a thought that they might turn it into a long-term affair if things work out. And to be honest this could be a huge mistake in the majority of cases.

Turning a friend with benefit into a long-term partner may or may not work in the future. But there increases an immense chance that you will ruin your present, as per relationship expert Dawn Michael.

So, it is always good to not think about the long-term relationship in the first place itself.

Check on Each Other’s Feeling From Time To Time:

When being together, you are more likely to develop romantic relationship. But what if only one person develops such feelings and not the other one. Here is where things can get problematic and unexpected.

Well, to avoid this altogether, you need to keep a check on one another and make sure everything is as planned. If for some reason one of you has that feeling for the other, it is necessary to have proper counseling together before taking any decision.

Decide If You Will Be Open About It:

When in friends with benefits relationships, the other thing that comes is if you are going to be open about it or not. Decide if you want to tell your family and friend about this. It is crucial to decide what you prefer to call your relationship in the public.

Are you going to act as a strange or a friend, or tell the truth to the close ones? Having a mutual decision about it, you can avoid conflicts and also prevent those awkward situations you can possibly get into.

Draw a Line:

When being together with a person you tend to cross the lines quite often. And undoubtedly this can get things a little complicated. Have that clear decision up to where you want to take things in every respect possible.

Decide if you are just about having sex or want to take it a little further to the dinner table. If you are really having one on one conversations and hanging out together, you have already crossed the limitation meant for friends with benefit.

Speak up Before They Cross The Lines:

In friends with benefits relationship, it is highly possible that line you have drawn. For that, you have to constantly aware and cautious and speak up when you see it going wrong.

Not speaking up can give him or her the wrong idea about your intention which can later complicate things.

Have Fun:

At the end of the day, it all ends at fun when in friends with benefits relationships. Obviously, you chose a friend with benefits just because you don’t want to carry that extra baggage of commitment and at the same time have fun. So, make sure you are having those intense orgasms you had always wanted.

Fulfill all the possible sexual fantasies.

Call It off When Things Get Boring:

As straight forward as it sounds, there is no point indulging in it if things have already gotten boring. Have as much fun as you want and never think twice if your friends-with-benefit situation stops being fun. After you were never in that rout of “till death do us part.” Right?

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