What Did She/He Mean By A Kiss On Cheek & Decode Different Kisses

Have you ever wondered what could he/she mean by that sudden kiss on the cheek and that smile afterward? Or that soft peck that came along after a thoughtful stare that evening as you were just about to turn around to get off the car. Or maybe that midnight kiss on the cheek on one of those sleepless nights. MEMORIES……..

A simple kiss on your cheek could have the meaning as vast as the universe and as mysterious as one of those alien stories you heard as a kid. And sometimes, it could mean nothing & yet hit you like a heart attack.

It could be a passionate affair as magnificent as a beautiful rose and at times a web of deceit smelling faintly of blood.

A Kiss on Cheek Could Mean A Kind of Support

While kisses are generally associated with romantic relationships and a bit of sexually. Cases may not be the same, especially when its a kiss on the cheek. Cheek kissing most of the time could be far from sexual and more of symbolizes friendship and support.

But again, the meaning of a kiss on the cheek could differ, considering who it is coming. If it is from your parent, it in a majority of cases is undoubtedly a form of support. Well, your parent too want to express their love for you.

what does a kiss on cheek mean
A kiss on cheek could mean support & affection

But what if the kiss is from your friends? Now, the meaning could entirely depend on the place and situation. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that if a person wants to show their support, a kiss is most probably accompanied by a hug and maybe a pat on the shoulder. Be it from friends or family.

A tip for you, if you want to show your support to your partner or your friend who is probably in a rough phase in life, never go for a long juicy smooth. Take care of the fine line between being supportive and creepy.

We are quite sure, you have experienced that feeling of support that comes from that soft kiss and a long hug.

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A Kiss On Cheek Could Mean Adoration & Affection

While a kiss coming from a friend or a family could have one meaning. But when it is coming from your romantic partner could have an entirely different meaning.

But here again, you also want to be mindful about the length of the kiss as it could be really tricky to judge what the person meant by that smooch.

But if you want to show your affection and adoration towards your partner your kiss has to be a certain away.

To express your affection towards your partner, make sure you have a long, firm hug, and follow it with a soft kiss on the cheek. Doing this, you can impart a sense of affection and adoration.

But what if the other person is your friend, not a romantic partner? This could be really tricky. Obviously, you don’t want to give him/her any wrong idea. Make sure your kiss is quicker than that to your romantic partner.

Having said that, the case could be entirely different when you are a guy and want to show your affection towards your guy friend. This time, it is better to not go for a kiss on the cheek because it is mostly considered feminine and could be interpreted wrongly.

In these kinds of situations, it is always a good idea to get with a brotherly hug. You can follow this with an affectionate tap on the back.

A Kiss on The Cheek Could Be Formality & a Sign of Accordance

A kiss on the cheek again has a different meaning to it in the professional world. In a professional world, a quick kiss on a cheek is a sort of formality.

This usually happens with professional partners who are also connected on a personal level. Similarly, it is also common among co-workers who share a bond and a kind of familiarity.

Likewise, it also means accordance wich comes with commonality in terms of execution and understanding.

Different Types of Kiss And Their Meaning

A kiss in the modern world has become a means of communication. Not everything can be always explained verbally and may need a physical approach. And a kiss simply fills that gap of lacking in verbal communication.

But different kinds of kisses have different meanings and should be used accordingly so that you don’t give a wrong impression.

Well, since we know the meaning of a kiss on the cheek, let’s talk about other kinds of kisses and their meaning.

Forehead kiss:

A kiss on a forehead could be a sign of unconditional love and affection. It’s a kiss that does not need to be reciprocated and thus implies pure love and trust.

However, sometimes, it also means protection and a sort of respect. When a kiss comes from a senior it could be a sign of reassurance.

By kissing a person on their forehead, you can touch them on an emotional level and that too without being sexual in any manner.

It’s always a good option if you want to provide safety and comfort tot eh person receiving it.

Eskimo kiss:

As Eskimo Kiss is completely non-sexual. It is usually given to a friend or a child by simply rubbing the nose side to side. It is a playful and fun kind of kiss.

Well, if this kind of kiss happens between a couple they are more likely to end it on a romantic note. Maybe kiss on the lips at the end.

Talking about the kiss, it originated in Canada. And the concept of nose kissing is somewhat influenced by the climatic situation. Since Canda is mostly winter, the Inuit there only had their nose and eyes exposed because of the freezing conditions.

And thus, every time they went for a kiss, they rubbed their nose instead.

French kiss:

This is one of those kisses we either have already experienced or wish to experience. It is simply one of the most sexually provocative and symbolizes a passionate affair between a couple.

French kiss is primarily a kiss where your tongue is in action. While it may seem like any other kiss, it might be difficult to meet your partner’s expectations when this is concerned.

A French Kiss
A French Kiss

Well, never try French kiss in public because it could get awkward and there are high chances you will want to take this to bed. So, a private space for this kiss is a great idea.

A Kiss on the hand:

A kiss on the hand is altogether different than a french kiss. This kiss is more of a kind of respect, admiration, and courtesy.

A gentleman-ish in a way, the kiss is more often given by a guy to a girl. Not to mention, you already have that image of a guy on his knees on his private yacht kissing his girlfriend on her hand.

Butterfly kiss:

Well, the name may sound a kind of non-human but this kind of kiss does exist. But unlike you might have presumed, the kiss does not involve your tongue or lips either.

All you got to do is move your face close enough to your partner so that you can feel their eyes. Then you have to flutter your eyelids which feels like your eyes are being kissed by a butterfly.

It’s a special type of connection and it is always great to close your eyes and feel the sensation instead.

Kissing the Earlobe:

As sensual as it sounds, Earlobe kiss can be sexually arousing. And is more for the romantic couple.

It is more of a symbolic representation of intimacy and usually happens between a couple who have deep trust and love for each other.

Kissing the earlobe
Kissing the earlobe

In this kiss, a partner simply pulls your earlobe with their lips to your pleasure. Well, never try this out on the person you just met.

Also, look for a private place whenever you try this as you are more likely to take this affair to the bedroom.

Single-lip kiss:

This kind of kiss has more of a romantic vibe to it and mostly happens with a person you are involved with romantically. This kiss simply represents kindness, romance, and loyalty.

Single-lip kiss

Singl-lip kiss involves your upper or lower lips intertwined so as to gently suck it. This kiss very common in couple across the world primarily in the United States and European countries.

Air kiss:

We all have done this right?

A very common, Air kiss is a lip kiss but performed from distance without actually kissing the lips.

This kiss is taken as cute and is a sign of affection. It is also common between the family members where there is no romantic inclination.

Spider-Man kiss:

Sounds interesting? It does. And it has actually not been very long since this kiss originated. Yes, the kiss was first performed by Mary Jane and Spider-Man and that too hanging upside down.

Well, you have to be one hell of an expert to perform this kind of a kiss. One of you guys has to be upside down exactly like spiderman to perform this.

Spider-man Kiss

It happens so that your upper lip will be kissing their lower lip and so on.

Well, if you want to be an expert on this kiss, better to watch out the clip on YouTube.


Well, a hickey may not be an actual kiss but it is as good as a kiss could feel. To define it, a juicy smooch around your neck that leaves a red mark is called a hickey.

Try sucking your partner’s skin hard but be careful not to hurt her, you will instantly see a red spot. A hickey may not bee a passionate affair and is mostly done in a playful mood between two partners.

Meaning of Different kiss

Starting with a hickey, you can always go the extra mile if you both seem to enjoy it.

A hickey could sometimes get a little rough and naughty depending upon the mood.

Vampire kiss:

It is not as scary as it sounds but it is definitely as passionate and intense. Like that in the vampire movies, the action starts by smelling your mouth, skin, and the whole body.

The meaning of Vampire Kiss

While you initiate the action observe her body language. Move on to kiss her neck and see her reaction and her breathing pattern. Look if her body demands more and be passionate enough with the action.

Well, this can not be classified as romantic in any way but an intense affair and mostly ends up with you on the bed.

Teaser kiss:

The action of teasing him or her by kissing is called a teaser kiss. You can start this kiss with the forehead and eventually switch on to nose, neck, cheek, but not lips.

The main motive should be to make him/her desperately want the kiss. Well, you can finally give a small peck but not a full-blown kiss.

Make her anticipate and scream with the desire to kiss and when you think it they cannot take it anymore go for it. To conclude, the moto is to make your kiss count.

The Jawline Kiss:

Have you ever tried it? No? Well then, it is something you need to try the next time you have your partner with you. This kiss is mostly for a couple who is romantically involved.

meaning of Jawline kiss

Never be silly to give a stranger a jawline kiss. She may not be worth it.

The lizard kiss:

Does that sound weird? Probably. But it’s not actually as weird. Well, the perception may differ from person to person. But what the kiss involves is sticking your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth.

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