Want to Date a Married Man? But Afraid of the Risk Involved. Here Are The Tips

Have you ever found yourself falling for a married man but suppressed your feelings just because he is married? Well, to be honest, the concern is obvious. Dating a married man may come to an abrupt end which often times are painful. But what if you have already fallen for him and really want to be together with him?┬áNow, here, you can follow a certain set of rules if you don’t want to end up all broken or devasted.

However, if your attraction is just in the starting phase, you can base your decision to date a married man on a few factors so as to avoid future guilt, shame, and humiliation.

Reasons You Should Date a Married Man

Dating a married man is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it can be a good thing when you are having a troubled relationship or want someone mature and understanding.

Here we have listed out some of the reasons why dating a married man can be interesting and a good thing.

You Don’t Want To Be The Step Mother

There are many women who are attracted to some married men out there. But obviously, not everyone wants to get married and settle for a lifetime.

And to be honest many of us don’t want to be the stepmother of your husband’s child from his previous relationship. Thus, it is always a better option to date and have an experience of being with a married man than instantly getting married.

Married Man Can Be Mature And Understanding

No young dudes can compare with an experience that a married man has gone through. Well, if you think all the young guys you have dated have had worse time matching up with your understandings, you can try dating a married man.

If you enjoy have some in-depth conversation about philosophy, life, in the silence of the night, dating a man instead of a 20-year-old boy can be a really good option.

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You Don’t Want Long Term Commitment

It may sound a little weird but dating a married man can be a good option if you don’t want to be in a committed relationship. As obvious, married men are also generally looking for a relationship without any commitments because he has a family of his own.

However, you can always make sure he is not looking for any commitments from you.

Date a Married Man Without Being Hurt

Dating a married man without making any commitments is one thing but what if you really like him and are looking for a longterm relationship.

Yes, dating a married man can be risky as you might end up getting hurt. But there is always a solution. You can take certain measures so that you don’t end up all alone and broken.

Don’t Rush: Take Things Slow

The first mistake girls make in their relationship with a married man is taking things too fast. While I can understand the sexual tension that can be built in a relationship like this, but it is always crucial to understand the man you are going to date.

You should make sure if the guy is there just pretending to care for you or if he does it genuinely. In general, men are just bored with their marriage and are looking for someone just for their sexual needs. Thus, by taking things slow, you can understand his true motive.

With that said, also make sure you don’t let him be physical with you before you completely trust him. Along with physical compatibility, you should be emotionally compatible.

You Should Connect on an Emotional Level

No matter what they say, sex in a relationship gets boring pretty soon. At the end of the day, what matters is emotional compatibility.

Make sure you not attracted to him just because he is attractive. No matter how strongly you are physically attracted to him, it will fade away in less than a month or so. What remains is how well you bond with him and the understanding you have with him on a personal level.

Ask yourself questions; do you trust him? does he understand your feelings? is he with you just for sex?

Make Sure He’s Not Making False Promise to Divorce His Wife

It’s very common that a married come up with interesting stories. He may tell you how his marriage has degraded over the years, and how his wife no more cares for him and his feelings. But the truth in most of the cases is that all these stories are tricks to get into an extramarital relationship.

The man looking for an extramarital affair may tell you he is not happy with his wife and will soon divorce. However, what usually happens is they will ditch you once their motive to sleep with you is fulfilled.

Well, if your story sounds similar, make sure he is not fooling you.

Let Him Know You Want a Committed Relationship

It is quite possible that the man you are trying to be with is just looking for a casual relationship and does not want to commit unlike you. So, before you take things to the next level, make sure he is aware that you are not there for a casual fling.

Just by making him aware of this, you can feel a lot of difference in your relationship. It will simply change his mindset about you and his priorities concerning you.

Try to Connect With His Family Members

Try to be as much in touch with his family members. Just by connecting with his family, you can build his trust towards you. At the same time, it also assures he has longterm plans with you.

Try to win the heart of his family members, be it his children from ex-wife, or parents. This will strengthen your relationship with him and increase the chances of a committed relationship in the future as well.

Further, by connecting with his kids, you instantly solve issues that may creep in because of your incompatibility with them in the future.

Don’t Let Them Take Advantage of You Financially

Men not just take sexual advantage of you but can also drain you financially. Not all but there are many men around who preying on women to meet their financial needs.

Make sure he is not there always looking and asking for money and spending carelessly just because it is your money. Well, he may be in a bad situation financially but seeking help and cheating are a different thing.

Never spend your savings for his selfish reasons. If you figure out that he is there just for your money, move out of the relationship.

Walk Out If Things Looks Fishy

In life, many of our judgments prove to be wrong. And it is more common in relationships. We tend to make the wrong choices every now and then in a relationship.

You may have been pretty sure that your relationship with him will go well for a lifetime but the fact is things can go wrong any minute. Don’t think twice to walk out if the man you trusted turn out to be a cheat or if you are doubtful about anything about him.

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