The Best Dating Apps for a Serious Relationship: Find a Perfect Date

Are you tired of the awkward hookups and the unsatisfying short-term flings? Do you want to spend quality time with someone rather than just engaging in physical intercourse? Then it is the best time you find a good partner who will be with you throughout your ups and downs.

You might be ready to be in a serious relationship. However, finding a good partner is a tricky business these days when lots of people are looking for hookups.

Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to find a right partner is to use the right dating apps. You can just go through different profiles and screen the candidates if they are looking for a serious relationship or not.

So, today we’re talking about the best dating apps for a serious relationship. We hope the apps may offer you the best chances of finding a good partner. But before we jump straight into the apps, we want to make sure you know how to search for a right partner on dating sites.

How to Find a Match on Dating Sites?

If you are just about to start using dating sites or applications, you might not be familiar with the idea of how you can find your match. Moreover, you might be either showing less of your personality or being showy which can lead people to ignore you from the other side. So, have to be a little careful when setting up your account on such sites.

The first thing you need to implement is keeping your bio short. An author, Elena Murzello says to include what a potential long term partner would see in you in your bio.

Second of all, you have to be careful while selecting a display picture. Some experts suggest that a high-quality photo, taken by a third party that shows all of your body parts is a good one.

They say profiles without a bio and with low-quality photos are signs that the person is not putting much effort into it which probably a repelling sign for someone who is seeking a long-term relationship.

Now, let’s go through some handy apps that can set you up with the love of your life indeed. is one of the best available dating apps in the market as per the statistics. It has a free version, however, as its users say you’ll need to have a paid subscription to find a match soon. The general consensus is that you will be more dedicated to finding a match when you take a paid subscription.

You get plenty of functionality on that will help you process more straightforward. In more than a decade of its existence, Match has made its name for the site that can set you up for the long time relationship.

Match is a good site to find date for those over 40 is a good site to find long-term partners, Source: Askmen

The probability that Match will find you a partner soon is based on how it takes your interest into consideration. You have to answer different sorts of questions at the time of sign up that will help the algorithm to track your personality traits. might be an even more suitable app for you if you’re in your 40s as the statistic shows people of the age between 40s and 50s are more likely to find their match for a long-term relationship than any other age group.

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Once works on a slightly different principle than the other dating apps. It recommends up to four free matches in a day. You will have 24 hours of their attention and they have yours. If both of you like each other’s profiles, a free chat screen will open. Once you’ve found your match, you have the option to chat with them for as long as you want.

As per the official source, Matches of the Day are chosen by its team of Matchmakers who focus on the active users (last online maximum 48 hours ago). Then they process all the information from each user to give the best match possible.

The Best Dating Apps for Serious Relationship
“Once” is a reliable dating site if you want to be in a long-time relationship

Once doesn’t rely upon the computer algorithm to find your best match, rather it has a unit of matchmakers who analyze the best match on their own. It might be a little sluggish process, however, you are likely to find your perfect match sooner than the other dating apps with computerized algorithms to find a match.

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is one of the famous dating sites which was launched in 2009. It has gained the faith of millions of users in its more than a decade long existence. Why we are saying Elite Singles is the app you might want to find a love of your life is based on its operation methodology.

It takes you through a unique personality test divided into ten categories as you sign up for the site. The questionnaire will be about your skills, interests, religious beliefs, and educational background.

Elite Single is a free dating app
Elite Singles proves itself one of the best dating app

From the information you provide, the algorithm used in the app will recommend you the people with the personality traits you will be attracted to. For the precise recommendation, the algorithms use the trusted logic from psychology and the ‘Five Factor Model’ theory of personality traits.


It has been 16 years since OK Cupid was launched. In this long time of service, OkCupid has millions of satisfied customers. It says unlike other online dating sites, OkCupid is not targeted at a specific age group. Further, the site claims the chances of finding your perfect partner from its millions of user isn’t that bad.

Like any other site, you need to answer some questions that the algorithms use to check your compatibility with the potential partners. The questions will test your behaviors to the daily activities from politics and the tidiness of your room to the length of your last relationship.

The Best Dating Apps for Serious Relationship
OkCupid is a good dating app to find long-time partners

You would also have the option to skip the question, however, we recommend you to answer all of the questions honestly that will boost the possibility of finding a perfect match.

OkCupid finds you a match that is looking for the same level of commitment you are. So, this is suitable for all types of users. So, if you are in a search for a long-time partner then you wouldn’t be disappointed using OkCupid.


People of different age groups have different opinions about the relationship so their choice of partners is also varied. Depending on how long they want to be in a relationship, the ey tend to use different dating apps.

For instance, those who are looking for hookups might find Tinder useful while people who see them in the long-time relationship might tend to use apps like eHarmony. They say eHarmony is suitable for the people over 40, this is because generally, people over 40 are looking for a long-standing relationship.

eHarmony is one of the famous dating sites
eHarmony is one of the famous dating sites

eHarmony could be your best choice if you want someone according to your beliefs, characteristics, and emotional health. This app recommends the potential partners depending on your skill sets, characteristics, emotional health, and beliefs that you provide at the time of sign up.

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