Surprise Your Boyfriend with These Seven Easy Ways: Try These

No matter whether your romance is just blooming or you are dating a long-term boyfriend, you always want to be the reason of their happiness. But it’s easier said than done. You might talk every single day and know every single thing about your boyfriend, however, yet you might not be aware of how you can make your beau happy.

One of the best things to make them happy is to give surprises. Your boyfriend might be the one who doesn’t like surprises, however, your thoughtful surprise can show how much they mean to you.

But if you are struggling to find a good surprise for your lover, here we have listed a few things down below that can help you get started on the right foot. We’ve made sure that these surprises are easy to unfold and don’t require lots of money and time. So, let’s see how you can surprise your boyfriend easily.

1. Arrange for His Long-distance BFF Surprise Him on His Birthday

If your boyfriend has childhood friends or best friends who moved away, make a plan for them to travel secretly to your place and surprise your partner on his birthday. Normally, your boyfriend is on touch with his BFF so, you need to reveal your plan first to his BFF and then convince him to keep it a secret from their mutual friends.

If all goes well, then your boyfriend will be surprised and delighted at the same time to see his best friend on his birthday.

2. Visit Him at His Work and Have Lunch Together

Visiting your boyfriend at their work or between their classes can cheer up his mood for rest of the day. Make a plan to visit your partner during his lunchtime so that you can enjoy your lunch together. Pack a picnic lunch or take his favorite foods to make him more cheerful.

Surprise your boyfriend at work with a sweet lunch date
Surprise your boyfriend at work with a sweet lunch date

Just make sure that he is not swamped with meetings or preparing for an important presentation on the day so that you don’t accidentally show up during his rush hours.

3. Write Good Memories about Him and Leave it on His Pillow

Who doesn’t love compliments? No matter how many times you pay compliments to your boyfriend, he loves knowing it on his own. So, the best way of doing this is by writing all the good things about him on a paper and let him read it.

Write your good memories with him whether they are funny, sappy, or a mix of both, your partner will love reminiscing the memories you lived together. What’s more, placing it on his pillow makes him read it just before bed and they go to sleep dreaming about you.

How to surprise boyfriend

Your boyfriend might mean a world to you, but they won’t know it unless you express it to them. So, don’t spare a single chance to compliment him and surprise him with a kind gesture.

4. Buy Tickets to His Favorite Events

When you spent a long time with your boyfriend, you know his likings and dislikings. So first make sure your beau is fond of some kind of music or sports or some other events. Find out what his favorite thing is and surprise him by buying the tickets to one of the events he had been thinking of going.

Try to accompany him to the event that will make him even more cheerful. But, if you find the event tedious or you are tied up with your works, invite one of his best friends or colleagues he is comfortable with.

5. Plan a Surprise Date Night

Planning a date is not always the responsibility of a man. When you are in a relationship, you should also show as much enthusiasm as your boyfriend to go out with him. You don’t have to wait for a birthday or anniversary to have a date night. So plan something special on a random day and surprise your bae.

Plan a romantic date night to surprise your bae
Plan a romantic date night to surprise your bae, Source: Pinterest

What’s more, pick him up from his work and take him to his favorite club or bar and dance the night away. If you and your partner both don’t like going to the crowded place, pick a quiet beach and carry some food and wine along and spend some quality time together talking about each other.

6. Cook His Favorite Food

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While this might be inapplicable for a few men, but the majority of men do love the women who could make good food for them.

So, at first, know the favorite foods of your boyfriend from his siblings, best buddies, or his mother. Many of you might be thinking of ordering them online, however, investing your time in preparing his favorite food will return back to you in the form of love. So, even if you don’t know the recipe, go online, and watch a couple of videos.

Best ways to surprise your boyfriend
Cooking your boyfriend’s favorite food might surprise him, Source: Rachel Pauls Food

After making the food, set it up in the ceramic dinnerware and have a romantic dinner together. This might be a big surprise for your boyfriend if you haven’t cooked anything for him yet.

7. Give Him a Massage

You don’t always need to buy something or go out of the box to surprise your boyfriend. Analyze the things that will cheer your boyfriend up.

In general, men love their girlfriends when they try to deal with their problems like their own. Setting up a romantic massage to relieve him from his workloads is a simple trick that will make your partner love you even more.

Give a romantic massage to your boyfriend
Giving a massage to your boyfriend can give him a pleasant surprise, Source: Pinterest

A romantic massage session with flowers and candles around will certainly de-stress him and help him unwind following a tough day at work. Turn romantic lights up and get some oils, towels, and other stuff and give him a massage like a professional masseuse.

If you don’t know more about massages, you could watch YouTube videos and learn how you can soothe his muscles and make him stress-free.

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