Spark Great Conversation: Things To Talk About With A Girl

A lot of us guys easily walk up to a girl and begin a conversation. But most of the time, their conversation simply gets stale and boring. Knowing how to begin a conversation is no doubt a great art and keeping it alive and interesting is another thing we need to master. But how do we do it? Well, for that we need to know things to talk about with a girl.

Having said that, topics we pick to talk about with a girl can hugely be determined by place, situation, and circumstances we are in. Likewise, it is also crucial to understand the nature of the girl you approached. Not all girls are the same and their taste about things and conversations differ as well.

Well, here we have tried to shortlist some of the best and safest things to talk to a girl.

Things to Talk About With a Girl you Just Met

When it comes to keeping up a conversation with a girl, boys often tend to be too engrossed in finding out the next thing to say. And it happens such that they tend to lose the track of the conversation and eventually ruin their chance.

It’s extremely necessary to let the conversation go in a natural flow and not be too much obsessed with finding cool things to say.

Further, the things you talk about to a girl you just met hugely vary from what you talk to a girl you have known for a while.

Well, after you have introduced and known the basics about each other, there are a few interesting things you can talk about.

Ever wondered how you could pick up a girl? Here is the tip.

Talk About Your Hobbies:

Talking about your hobbies can be a great way to keep up a conversation. Considering you both have already introduced and known the basics about each other, talking about hobbies can be both interesting and captivating.

What makes it good for the recently met is that it is not too personal and yet a lot about you as a person. Simply, by talking about your hobbies, we can know a lot about each other and yet not interfere with personal space.

And psychologically speaking, talking about hobbies we are instantly drawn towards a person and develop a great bonding which can be a good thing to begin a relationship.

Talk About Culture:

Culture and tradition are part of life. It comes along the day we are born. So, culture can be an interesting thing to talk about in a conversation.

Talking of culture you can explore each other’s cultural values and the traditions they follow. Further, you can also talk about the local cultures or cultures across the world you are fascinated about.

Talking about this kind of topic on one hand gets you to know better about each other and even the society you live in.

Moreover, you can easily direct this conversation to invite them over to your place on the occasion or festivals that your culture typically follows.

Talk About the Surrounding You Are In:

Well, you don’t always have to have a solid topic to have a conversation. Sometimes, it’s a better way to make the surrounding an inspiration for your conversation.

Well, you can talk about the weather in particular or the street vendors or the soap that sells the hand-knitted sweaters. Just the place you might be standing could have immense possibilities of interesting things to talk about with a girl.

Look for inspiration, find one, and talk to her about it.

Your Profession:

Talk about your profession and what she does for a living. But never go too deep into it like asking about her remunerations and thing like that.

You can keep it generic. Ask her if she does like her work and the thing she loves about her job. Talk about the company you work for and how your professional life has impacted your lifestyle.

You can talk about hundreds of things just related to your profession without being too personal.

Talk About Your Day:

Talking about your day is one of those generic things you do and it’s cool. It feels good to tell and listen to a person’s daily experience.

This is a good way to not be stuck amid and conversation as you can simply ask her about how her day was at the workplace or so.

Things to Talk About With a Girl You Have Known For a While

Now again what could be the things you can talk about with a girl you have known for like a month or so. This can be even more hectic because you are just transitioning into knowing her a little better.

Honestly, this is that awkward phase when you are too old to talk about the basics and too new to get into personal stuff. But there is always a solution. There are multiple topics you can explore when you have known her a little and want to know her a little more.

Talk About Your Family:

Depending upon the kind of girl she is, you can always analyze if the family is a good topic to initiate a conversation. Well, some girls may find it a little too personal but most of them would love to discuss it.

We all have a family and we all have gone through the good and bad experiences surrounding our family. And it can get very interesting to talk about all these things.

You can simply talk about your bonding with your father and her relationship with her mother and millions of things.

Believe it or not, talking about your family can do magic when your bonding as a person is concerned. You can simply make her feel a lot close to you and even gain her trust.

About Your Childhood:

For most of us, just the thought of our childhood is cherishing. Looking at your life 15 or 20 years later is nostalgic and emotional as well.

So, what if we talk about it to the girl you like or are just developing that romantic feeling. No doubt, she is going to enjoy knowing about your childhood and tell you about hers.

Conversations like this can revive those old memories and even helps you get closer as a person. By knowing about her childhood, you can deeply understand her preferences and way of thinking.

Further, you are also likely to develop a kind of romantic feeling for each other which you definitely want to have.

Talk about You Future Goals and Aspirations:

We all have certain goals and aspirations in life. Some work for it and some don’t but that’s a different discussion. But when it comes to talking to a girl about your goals, that already means you have clicked in some way or other.

Actually, bringing up your future goals and aspirations in a conversation can be a good tool to analyze how much a girl is into you.

Obviously, nobody likes to reveal their aspirations to a person they don’t trust and have that level of intimacy.

So, that said, try to also talk about you aim in life. Just in case, she enjoys sharing her aspirations, that could be in a way a green signal. However, don’t just put it as the basis of your analysis.

Talk About Your Experiences:

In life, you have countless experiences, some good and some bad, but that’s always something you remember. Talk about it. Tell her how about your first job and the first time you traveled out of your country.

However, don’t make your conversation too private and don’t reveal much about your personal stuff. For example, it is never a good idea to tell her about your first experience kissing a girl or your first sexual experience.

Being too personal can make her uncomfortable and can even be a turn off for her. Also, not all girls enjoy listening about the sexual experiences of a guy who she has just known for a while.

Things To Talk About To a Girl Your Are Romantic Involved With

Well, it’s hard to fall short of things to talk about with a girl you are romantically involved with but in life, anything can happen.

Anyway, here we have listed some of the interesting things that can really escalate your bonding as a couple and lets you know each other better than ever.

Talk About How You Feel About Her:

Have you ever tried talking to her about her? The day you first met and the first impression you had about her. Well, that’s something she will definitely enjoy listening to.

Tell her about how your perception of her changed over the years and how blessed you feel to have her. Not only this but you can even talk about your weakness and flaws.

In a relationship, it is always about how you bond on a emotional level and conversations like these simply improves your bonding forever.

Compliment Her:

While you may not count it as a topic to have a conversation about, but the girl you love does. And believe me, it can be one of the most impactful things to talk about with a girl you are in a relationship with.

It’s a psychological fact and it cannot be denied- girls love to hear compliments about herself. But how can you turn a compliment into a conversation?

Ask her what would she look like if she dressed up in a certain way and not the way she currently does. Or you can even tell her you try a new lipstick and similar things.

Talk About Your Future Plan as a Couple:

Well, this applies to couples who are looking for a longterm relationship together. If you are already committed to one another, talking about your future plans can be as beautiful as it sounds.

Beginning with your first date, you can simply talk about things you would do with her when you get old.

Talk about your wedding and the wedding dress you would have for her and children and whatnot. Talking about your own marriage is probably one of the most fascinating things for a girl to talk about if she is in love with you.

Talking about things like this can make her more assured about the relationship and even build trust on you.

Talk Dirty at Times:

Things can get too serious and monotonous at times. And a little twist once in a while is not a bad idea. Talk something dirty and explore your erotic self.

Flirt and tease her sexually. Trust me, she enjoys these dirty little talk as much as you do. However, keep it sane and not let it get too weird and awkward.

We all have that appetite for dirty, sexual stuff, and exploring it together can also be a sort of awakening your sexual self.

Talk About Funny Things:

Have you seen couples who are always straight-faced and serious like hell? Hopefully, you don’t want to look like one of those couples.

Now that you don’t want to look like one of them, make sure you talk about fun stuff as well. Having and talking fun at times can be a huge mental relief and relaxes your body as well.

Further, it also improves your relationship with your girl, which is definitely a good thing. So, make sure you talk about fun things like the funny movie you watched or the comedian you enjoy listening to.

Also, there is always some kind of fun things one has gone through once in their life. Simply talk about those fun memories of the past.

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