Pick Up Lines For Flirting: Try This And Never Miss a Chance

No wonder, we have all been in a situation where starting a conversation looks like some rocket science. In fact, it becomes really tough to get over that mental block and initiate a conversation. Even if we are finally able to take over our inhibition, and make a move, all we come up with is the same boring lines that have probably been heard a million times already.

Now, as you might have heard, flirting often does magic when beginning a conversation. But how do we come up with pick up lines for flirting that really works.

Do pick lines even work? Well, to all the skeptical, it does work if you can use the right pick up line for the right situation. Moreover, it is also very essential to read his/her state of mind before you go and drop your line.

Down below we are going to provide you with things you need to take care of before you try out your pick up lines to flirt. Not only this but we will also give you different sets of pick up lines that work for different situations.

Before You Use Pick up Lines for Flirting

Obviously you don’t want to walk up to the girl from nowhere and pitch the pickup line you think will do magic for you. Not everyone is in the state of mind to listen to you or your opener.

So, you need to make sure you are approaching the girl at the right time and in the right place. Here are certain things you need to observe before you make a move.

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Make Sure She Is Not Busy or Preoccupied

You want to flirt with a girl and not bother her. So, it crucial to make sure you don’t approach a girl who already looks too busy and occupied. Well, it may work sometimes but there is just 1% of fewer chances that you will succeed.

Use your common sense and look for situations that fit your pickup lines. Never walk up to her in the middle of a serious conversation. This is simply to kill the chance of your hook up.

Be Cool and Confident When Using your Pick Up Line

No matter how hilarious & cheesy your pick-up line is, things won’t work if you are all nervous and shaking. It’s extremely important to have a necessary attitude before you say that perfect pick up line to the guy or girl you want.

Needless to say, girls like strong and confident guys. Confidence with a great pick up line will simply a cherry on the top.

Be Well Groomed And Smell Good

No wonder pick up lines does work but not when he/she has to stop breathing because you are emitting that strong fuc*ing pungent smell.

Take a shower, use a good deodorant, before you make a move. Even if your pick up line does not work, you have quite a decent chance to win because you look and smell good.

List of Pick Up Lines For Flirting

  • I’m not a photographer but I can take really good photos of us together.
  • Do you know I have a picture of a girl of my dream pinned on my wall? She exactly looks like you.
  • I just realized how standing in paradise would feel like. Just like standing next to you.
  • You know god just fulfilled my wish. I saw you.
  • I just wanted a place to settle. Do you have space in your heart?
  • You must be really tired. You have been running in my mind all day.
  • Am I in an airplane or is it just my heart taking off.
  • Can I have permission to change your last name?
  • Is it really hot today or it’s just you?
  • Can I touch you? Then I can tell my friends I touched an angel.
  • Could you please tell me the story of the heaven you lived in?
  • I didn’t believe in love at first sight before I saw you.
  • You look like a tough competition to the moon.
  • Did you just time travel, beauty like you didn’t exist in this century.
  • Do you know why there no moon in the day? Because it just walks down to the earth.
  • Is that moon or your smile.
  • Are you tired? You just walked down from heaven.
  • I’m not a thief but I would love to steal your heart.
  • Do you have a pen? I would love to write about our future together.
  • Are you my phone charger? I feel so low without you.
  • Could you please take me to a doctor. I just broke my head falling for you.
  • Do you have a magnet in you? You attract me like crazy.
  • You make me high. Do you have cocaine in the whites of your eyes?
  • I didn’t believe in angels before I saw you.

Pick Up Lines For Flirting in Bars

  • I just won a bet to talk to the prettiest girl in a bar. Can I use the money to buy you a drink?
  • I feel intoxicated, there must be cocaine in the whites of your eyes.
  • I didn’t know that Angels come to this bar.
  • You owe me a drink. I dropped mine as soon as I saw you.
  • I came here to buy a drink but you have already made me high.
  • I wish I had studied science well at college. Then I could understand the chemistry between you and me.
  • Can I take a picture of you? My mom always wanted to see an angel.


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