How To Tease a Girl? Do It Right Way And Make Her Like You

We are all a teaser at heart. Well, I don’t mean the hardcore one but we all love to have some fun flirting and teasing. Believe it or not, girls too enjoy being teased and flirted with. And it is, in fact, a great way of attracting girls and can be a great deal at making your conversation fun and interesting.

But all said things should be done in the right way to yield results or things can get weird. In fact, not knowing the right way to tease can make things offensive and against your favor. Thus, it is extremely essential to learn the right way to tease a girl.

Here, we have come up with some very interesting and practical tips you need to take care of before making a move.

Want to Learn How to Flirt with a Girl?

Things To Avoid When You Tease a girl

Don’t Disrespect Yourself to Make Her Laugh:

A mistake that almost all the guy makes is making fun of themselves. You want to make her laugh and that doesn’t mean you have to make fun of yourself.

Even if you use yourself to make her laugh, make sure you do not attack your self-respect. Losing your self-respect will simply make her loose attraction towards you and that’s something you don’t want.

Make it Light-hearted:

You want to tease her and make things fun not end it in that awkward situation. So, it is essential to keep things light-hearted and easy.

Make sure you don’t get very critical and personal about your jokes. Don’t point out her personal stuff or that will simply get things in the wrong direction. Things may turn to the extent where you may even lose your friendship.

Be expressive with your tone and body language:

Teasing a girl is not just about words and things you say but also about the way you say it. Be expressive about things you speak. Use your hands, tonality, and facial expressions to convey what you want to say.

Things can be tricky when you tease a girl. Just if your tone of voice and body language doesn’t match to what you actually want to convey, things can go extremely wrong.

Start Easy & Rap it Up:

You don’t want to go with some intense stuff right at the beginning. Begin slowly with non-personal stuff. Getting up started with personal and sexual things as a material to tease can backfire.

Moreover, she may also not show any interest in you if make things sexual right at the beginning. So, it is a great way to start with simple and non-personal stuff before you ramp it up.

Also, Have real Conversation at Times:

You want to tease and flirt with a girl because you are interested in her and probably you want her as a girlfriend. If so, it essential that you don’t always be in that comedic zone.

Get things mixed up. While you tease her, also make sure you have a real, meaningful conversation with her at times. A good real conversation is attractive both sexually and emotionally.

Understand Her Mental State Before You Tease Her:

Teasing is fun and interesting but the case may not be always the same. It is a fact that no one is always in the same mood. So, it is very important that you understand the situation and her mental state before you tease her.

No doubt, it is really a bad idea to tease a girl who is dealing with some personal problems or dealing with anxiety.

Flirt With People Around You But Keep it Light-Hearted:

Girls love guys who are fun around people and those who are straight-faced and serious all the time. And for the same reason, it’s great to have innocent, harmless flirtations and mockery with people around you.

That way you become the favorite of many and girls genuinely like the guy who is liked by others. Besides, you will also have real chances to meet and get to talk to real girls around you, who you would love to date.

How To Tease a Girl?

Now that we have explained the things you should avoid while teasing a girl, it is also essential to know how to tease a girl.

There are some of the essential things that you ought to know before you move on to tease a girl. In fact, you can use these tips even in bars, public events, and parties as well.

Giving a Silly Nick Names:

Giving silly nicknames is a good way to tease a girl. To be honest, girls love it when a hot guy gives a silly nickname. Giving her a nickname, you leave an instant impression which she will probably thing over and over again for a long time.

Make sure the name you give does not sound like crazy and out of the world.

Point out Interesting About Her:

There is a special quality in every girl out there. Look for things you find interesting and point it out. She will love it if you are actually able to pull it out. Here are some of the examples:

  • Wow, your dimples are so adorable
  • The freckles on your nose is the cutest I have ever seen.
  • Your rabbit teeth are better than that of a rabbit.

Mimic or mock her:

It is a great practice and works most of the time. Imitate her accent and make a face. It works even when she is angry and doing this you can cool her down immediately.

Joke about all the weird habits she has:

Observe her look for some habits that are a little uncommon and make it a point to tease her. For example, you can always use the way she throws her hand while talking to mimic and joke.

However, make sure you keep your jokes open to a comment which will make things interactive and build up your bonding as well.

Tease Her Physically:

You don’t have to always use words to tease her and can rather do physical teasing. For example, you can offer her chocolate and you can pull it away as soon as she tries to take it.

You can even tickle her and poke her at times. And every time you do this, make sure you pull her closer.

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