How To Talk To a Girl to Like You? Master This Art

Talking to someone for the first time might be nerve-wracking. Especially, when it’s a girl you’re already attracted to, you almost forget how to speak. So, how to start talking to a girl? How can we make a girl love us with our words? If you are having such kind of curiosities, then we’re here to address them.

Well, they say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. However, there still are a few rays of hope. You can follow some simple tricks to entice a girl you like. Here you go.

How To Talk To a Girl to Like You?

Forget the Pick Up Line

If you’re trying to impress a girl with a pickup line from the internet, beware, you might be repelling her. Almost all the girl hates being approached with some cliche pickup line. The reason is most of the pickup lines you’re using might have been used several times to the girl you’re approaching. It reflects you’re not confident enough and you’re being fake to her.

In the best-case scenario, a girl might want to talk to you after hearing the first line, but what afterward? The attraction would slowly fade away if you fail to talk to her confidently for long. Better you forget the pickup lines and try to contemplate for a while and come up with your own unique style to approach a girl. That way you’ll become more confident.

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Have a Confident Voice

Confidence has always been attractive. It simply adds enormous value to you as an individual. Plus, a girl loves to talk to boys who feel confident and speak confidently. Well, there is no rocket science to it but a simple psychological phenomenon.

Now, you cannot just wake up just the next morning and be confident like never before.  Acquiring that confidence in your voice takes practice. The more you speak to people the more confidence you will gain.

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Look for areas of self-improvement, read, and learn to apply.

Your Body Language Is Important:

Believe Your body language is the most essential part of your communication. Along with having that strong male voice, you ought to have that confident body language as well.

Girls are not easy to impress if you are a scared little s*it. But how to reflect a strong body language.

Proper Eye Contact While Talking

Your eyes tell a lot. No matter how well you speak verbally, not making proper eye contact can be a complete turn-off. Try to make proper eye contact while you speak.

Now, by “making eye contact”  I don’t mean staring at her all the while you talk. Keep it balanced and natural.

Maintain a proper Posture

A proper posture is one of the important attributes of a confident body language. Maintain a proper posture and give a positive signal. Don’t be slouchy, and boring.

Avoid Phone, Done be Fidgety

Moving too much or being uneasy signals a lack of confidence to your partner. Make sure you don’t unknowingly play with your shirt button or use your phone amid a conversation. Concentrate on your conversation.

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Try To Understand Her

Nothing can be more effective than being able to understand a girl to get her to like you. Try to understand the mental and emotional state of mind and work accordingly.

Never be judgemental or pass any comments that can affect her mentally or emotionally. Just by letting her know you understand her, you can instantly get a sense of affinity from her.

Having said this, don’t pretend to understand her. Be genuine.

Connect With Her Emotionally

Women are emotional, no matter what they say. Getting to connect to her to an emotional level can be the most effective tool to get her to like you. When talking to her, also be careful that you don’t hurt her.

Talk about things you have in common. This will help build a sense of attachment in her. Talk about her interests, likes, dislikes, and also try to understand her perception on things.

Listen to Her

Don’t be a guy who is just about himself. Let her talk and listen to what she has to say. By listening to her you will not only signal that you are concerned about her and her feelings but also prove you are understanding which is an attribute of a potential partner.

Girls love to speak to someone she does trust, and if she does speak to you, grab the opportunity to get close to her.

Be Humorous, Make Her Laugh

Girls love guys who can crack jokes at times and be humorous with his conversations. Don’t always be serious as hell. Yes, seriousness is important but you can not be that straight face guy with no facial expression for whatever reasons.

Be fun-loving and easy-going. Try to mingle in the circle and come up with interesting things that can relax her mood and make her laugh.

Once again, Girls love humorous guys.

Compliment Her

Who does not love a compliment.  Everyone does, and girls love it more. Compliment her wisely. Don’t just compliment for the sake of complimenting but be genuine. Choose your words wisely before you make a compliment.

Don’t be too intimate when complimenting. Try to be casual and genuine.

Don’t Try to Impress Her

One of the reasons guys fail at getting girls to like them is their constant attempts to impress. Girls can see through when you are constantly trying to impress her. Don’t be driven by the motive to just impress. Be a good and genuine person and you will automatically impress her.

Be In Touch With Her

Just talking to girls in person is not enough to get her to like you. In this world where social media has taken over, you also need to be in touch with her virtually.

Stay connect over phone calls, social media like Facebook, and Instagram. Message her from time to time. Doing this on one hand gives a signal that you are concerned about her while on the other hand, your proximity with her will gradually grow.

Well, practicing these tips on “how to talk to a girl to like you,” you can eventually make your dream come true.

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