How to talk to a girl online without being creepy?

Since the past few decades, there’s been a massive surge in social media platforms. From Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram, as of this very moment, there are dozens of platforms wherein more than a billion people are active. With the rise in social media, the dating scene has drastically changed as well. Nowadays, people meet and greet each other via social media first and then go out on a date. Due to this change, a lot of dating apps have also appeared on the horizon like Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr.

However, it is not all fun and easy to talk online as it sounds. Your texting game has to be strong if you want to woo that super hot girl you’ve been into since day one. Don’t forget, there are probably hundreds of guys like you who are trying to hook up with her or take her out on a date.

Besides, there are all sorts of creepy men online because of which females remain vigilant. Sometimes, they throw away good guys such as yourself in the back burner due to the fact that you try to come off as a nice guy but ends up being creepy. So how do you talk to a girl online and that too without giving creepy vibes? Well, fret not gents as below we’ve listed out a few things you can do to not become a creep and take her out on a romantic date.

How to talk to a girl online without being creepy?

Never bombard her with texts

It’s as simple as that. If you text her more than once without her replying even once then it is for sure repel her. Everyone has something going on in their lives. Maybe she is busy with her studies or work or maybe she doesn’t wanna converse with you right now. Men who text a girl constantly without even seeing a single reply are generally considered creeps. Don’t be a creep, my dude!

Regardless, always remember, there’s a thin line between not texting you back because she doesn’t want to or playing hard to get. For example, if your previous conversation were quite engaging, she was replying quickly. Asking questions and out of the blue, she stops texting, then, she is playing hard to get. You must’ve read it all over the internet that women like men who chase them and the statement is most definitely true. If you don’t chase her, then what’s the point of this goose chase.

Have some patience, wait a few more days and if there isn’t any text back then send a funny meme or something. if she replies then your girl is a bit handful and plays hard to get, but if there’s no text back at all, then its time to move on. Its better that way!

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Think before you write

It’s one thing to text anything you want, whole different thing when you think a little before you write. As they say, a little bit of thinking goes a long way. Always remember, text only when you’re willing and not when you’re horny or bored. When bored, we tend to send texts which are generally characterized in the creepy category. For instance, you might send her a naughty picture or giphy which she might not like because you guys just starting talking.

Because even if you’re looking for nothing but just a casual thing you still have to work for it. Take it slow and don’t come off as a thirsty freak.

But don’t think too much or you’ll miss out on taking it casually

While thinking before writing is tempting, you shouldn’t follow it to the dot. Try to mix it up a little. This will make you unpredictable. When you text her a well-thought message she will see you as a mature guy. Then out of nowhere throw in a random text and you’ll sweep her off her feet.

Predictable is generic whereas unpredictable is cool and sexy. In spite of that, don’t try to be cool by talking about how many women who’ve gone out with or any other random stuff. Bragging is creepy and unattractive at the same time, never forget.

Don’t be that guy who likes and comments cheesy stuff on her photos

You think liking and adding comments like you look gorgeous or beautiful on her pictures make you less creepy, well think again. A study has found that the majority of the guys who from the beginning, likes, and comments on each and every picture of a girl are more likely to be creepy than those who don’t.

So if you don’t want to be creepy, tone it down a bit. Don’t just add random comments or give a love reaction to her photos. Be the guy who rarely complements her physical appearance but always appreciates her for what she is from the inside. This will make you different from the crowd, plus there’s a slim chance you’ll ever be friend-zoned. Otherwise, get ready to enter her friend zone club, my friend.

Flirt but don’t go all out at the beginning

Flirting is good. It adds a spark to your relationship and attracts women, but only when it’s not excessive. Don’t be that guy who only knows how to flirt and lacks substance. Sure you’ll easily attract even the most beautiful women but you won’t be able to keep them for long. Moreover, when you make excessive flirty remarks from the beginning, women will brand you as a creep and not a stud that you think you are.

Be flirty, thoughtful, and unpredictable at the same time. How do you do that? Well, for starters, slid into her Dm’s with a flirty remark, then after her reply, talk about what you found most interesting after looking at her social life. When you see a positive response, that’s when you reel her in by either putting off the conversation for some other day or play a small game like rapid-fire.

Never try to act like a nice guy

You’ve probably heard, nice guys always finish last while the bad guy finishes first. Well, the statement sounds a bit troublesome but it is not far from the truth. Anyhow, bad doesn’t mean a person who is an evil reincarnate. It simply means a guy who generally doesn’t care about anything. He just goes with the flow without thinking about the end result.

Remember when I told you about not thinking way too much before texting. Well, the bad guy usually follows the same principle. They think, but not in a sense that what will I do if she rejects me. On the other hand, nice guys are different. They are troubled creatures who never want to take a chance and want to be accepted by everyone just because they are nice. Well, in the real world, girls never really want to go out with nice guys. Why? Because they don’t have any necessary skills to keep her interested. All they know is how to be nice and be submissive.

Sorry to burst your bubble guys but the human mating process still to this date traces back to the old age where women would only mate with a man who is dominant and commanding. Its the grim reality of today’s dating scene.

Compliment her intellect more as opposed to the outward beauty

Talking to a girl online is quite different than talking to them in real life. While online we generally tend to put girls into the pedestal as there’s literally nothing to talk about other than their looks. It’s not your fault though! I mean, after all, we sent friend requests or slid into a girl’s Dm’s after looking at her photos.

But this is where you distinguish yourself from others. Compared to what the “nice guys” does, you can opt for complementing her mental attitude. What it does is, firstly, she will feel you’re different, secondly, she will be happy to have an intellectual conversation with a total stranger online because she’s got nothing to lose, and thirdly, by complimenting her brains, you are depicting that you’re looking for more than just hookup.

This way you will come off as both attractive and not creepy at all. Who in the right mind would call a guy creepy if all he talks about is how your brain functions?

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