How To Start a Conversation on Tinder & Get Her: Real Life Examples

Swiping left and right on Tinder may be the easiest job in the world. But at the same time, initiating a conversation with a match could sometimes be the worst trauma. And I’m pretty sure almost all the guys out there have faced that conversation-block once in a while & are dying to crack that perfect trick of “how to start a conversation on Tinder”.

Speaking practically, in the best-case scenario, guys do come up with lines that actually work, but what’s the percentage- 5%. That’s fu**ing pathetic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of that stupid braggy as**hole in your college who’s nothing to tell but their hot Tinder date and the sex they had an hour ago (all imaginary).

NO FALSE PROMISES. Believe it or not, there are some proven practical tricks(i would use “trick” even if it sounds a little misleading) that do work. Not 100% of the time but 86 in 100 is an experimented result.

Learn how to start a conversation with girls on Tinder with us with examples. Let’s zoom on.

Understanding Statistics: Why do Guys Fail At Initiating Conversation on Tinder?

Before we jump on to decode the reason guys fail to begin a conversation over Tinder, let’s try to understand the statistics.  Here is the photo that tells a lot about guys on Tinder.

Tinder Statistics
Tinder Statistics  Source: Tinder Seduction

Now that’s an answer to the above questions. Around 50% of the guys never begin a conversation; the reason may be their inhibition, lack of confidence, or just their personal preference. So, if you were one who stepped back just because of the competition that never existed, that’s already a green flag.

Again, there is a 36% population who are simply the “hi/hey/what’s up” guys who I guess never even received any response from girls even on Facebook.

So, all you got to compete with is 14%. FEELING RELAXED. CHEERS GUYS, YOU CAN WIN. 🍺🍺🍺🍺

How To Start a Conversation on Tinder?

Now that you guys are aware of the statistics, you should also understand that mundane stuff is never going to work. Thinking interesting and out of the box is important, be it in business or dating on Tinder.

Here are things that is extremely necessary before you talk to a girl on Tinder.

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Begin With Studying Your Match’s Profile

Before you make a move, take time to study the Tinder profile of your match. Well, you don’t have to give a whole day to spend, a minute or so is enough.

What studying your match’s profile does is give you an idea about the kind of person she is. Also, you can find out if she has any interesting hobby or any common attribute with you, or if there is anything interesting about her profile picture.

Now based on the info you receive you can come up with something interesting. Even if you don’t find anything interesting, checking out her profile is never a bad idea.

Don’t Overthink: Make an Emotional Move to Begin a Conversation

Too much of anything is good for nothing. Yes, you should think before you type in your first message, but too much of profile analysis and thinking may kill your appetite to text.

And now that you have made up your mind to text, give your first message an emotional touch. Begin with something you feel she will connect to. Here, is where the profile analysis will come into play.

These are things you can somewhere play around:

  • Compliment on things besides her physical appearance. Look for something unique about her profile or bio.
  • Point out something common between you and your match.
  • Humorous, witty remarks work most of the time.
  • Honest, logical remarks about her fashion sense, tinder bio work as well.

Let me give you a practical example with this Tinder profile of a girl named Michell, who has an interesting bio. Check this out.

How to talk to girls on Tinder
Tinder profile of a girl

Now instead of messaging any mundane boring stuff, you come up something interesting like this, that too just by leveraging on her bio.

That means I have got dog years to get into a medical school and become a certified doctor. I would love to save your life anyway. 😉😉

Here Are Some Conversation Starter Examples For Tinder

Before you read any further, let me provide you some of the interesting examples of best conversations that have actually worked. I will try to break down into different tried and tested approaches.

Funny & Humorous

Humor is good. No one hates a humorous person and you can try it out on Tinder as well. Here is an example of a humorous tinder conversation that has worked.

tinder conversation starters
Funny Tinder conversation starters


She could be smart but you can be smarter. Ask something she would love to answer. But this may not work if she looks like a hardcore bibliophile and no bull-shit kind from her profile.

Best Tinder Message
Ask Interesting Questions on Tinder Message

A good Observer

Be an observer and strike the chord. Reference her profile picture. Let’s take an example of this girl named Stephanie who has this picture with Koala on her profile.

How to Start s conversation on tinder
Observe a girls profile before making a move  Source: Tinder Seduction

Go smart. Check out the profile first.

Well, what would be the start, if you were to start the conversation?

How to message a girl on Tinder
Come up with something Interesting to message  Source: Tinder Seduction

Here, is one different move that will hardly miss.

Out of the Box

Never thought mundane stuff could be used so effectively. Well, the mundane stuff is the smiling girl in the Tinder profile. Ever wondered how you could use a girls smile on the Tinder profile to begin to talk to her. Here is an example.

How to talk to a girl on Tinder
Compliment Her in Your Message Source: Tinder Seduction

Smart isn’t it.

Things You Should Avoid While Talking to Girls on Tinder

While I have already mentioned all those smart approaches you can try before beginning a conversation, here are a few things you should avoid strictly.

Prove You Are Not Trying Out on Everyone

No doubt, it’s difficult to convince a girl you are not trying out on every girl on Tinder and that she is special, but there are still several ways out there. Here is how?

  • Make a visible effort to start out a conversation. Make reference to her bio, display pictures like I have mentioned above. This will make her feel special and prove you genuinely want to talk to her.
  • Don’t begin with starters that have been recycled millions of times. That’s boring and may be used on her hundreds of times already.

Don’t Wait For Her To Message, Be The First One

“Ladies first,” they say. But it’s another way around on Tinder. Make the first move. This not only gives your match a positive signal but also indicates that you are a man who loves making effort.

Just watching a guy making an effort to get her can make a lot of positive difference in the psyche of a girl.

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