How To Pick Up Girls You Want: A Beginners Guide

We all have that one friend who is always in bed with a new chick. And you are just clueless about what’s so fu*king interesting about this piece of s*it. And to be honest, there is definitely something about him that makes all the difference. Well, that something may not just be his looks or his physical appearance but his attitude and the mental state with which he approaches and picks up a girl.

Similarly, there are also several other factors like the location you choose to pick up girls, your body language, your capability to communicate, and your overall appearance that decides if she opens up her arms to you.

With that said, do we mean you have to be born with these qualities to pick up a girl? Not at all.  Everything can be learned and the case is same even in this matter.

Well, here we are going to provide you with the proven techniques on “how to pick up girls.” All you have to do is learn and apply and you will eventually master the art.

How To Pick Up Girls You Want: Tha Basics

Choose the location wisely, Go for Relaxed Social Locations:

The location you choose to approach a girl can be sometimes the deciding factor for your success. Things always begin with conversation and it is of no use going to a chaotic place where people are more into themselves than engaging in a conversation.

With that in mind, go for places that are welcoming to small talks and add natural flow to conversations. Well, it could be clubs, bars, sports events, house parties, and even shopping centers.

Moreover, your commute to your workplace can also be a great place to converse. However, always make sure you look for girls who do not seem in a hurry and are rather in a relaxed emotional state.

Be an Observer Before You Approach

Before you proceed to approach a girl, make sure you observe her mental and emotional state. Look for women who look relaxed and cheerful and open to conversation. Try to read and make sure she is not preoccupied or in a conversation with someone. Obviously, you want to pick up a girl and not harass her.

Be an observant and make sure you don’t act like harassers who are looking for an opportunity to take advantage. Make her feel comfortable as you walk up to her. That will reflect in her a sense of friendliness and she can open up easily.

Confidence is the key

Don’t undermine confidence. It can be of the utmost value when picking up girls and any other arena where ladies and attraction are concerned. It’s nothing but a fact and rather human psychology- women appreciate the confidence and are by nature attracted to a confident man.

Confidence reflects the strength and social status, which is obviously what a girl looks for in a guy. Well, make sure you exude confidence in every step you take towards her. Trust me, a confident man never faces any problem picking up a girl.

No wonder, it can be nerve-racking to walk up to a random girl and begin a conversation but believe me, it’s where all the magic happens. Girls realize guys are a scared sh*t when it comes to talking to girls and you walking up to her with that confident smile can be a game-changer.

Easier said than done right. You can always FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. Things like this take practice, and it okay if you fail a few times before you finally pick up that hot blonde you always wanted.

Show an Open Body Language

Confidence is not always the way you speak, your tonality, but also the body language you show as you speak to someone. It’s as important to reflect a positive vibe and for that, you need to reflect that open body language.

You can not just walk up to a girl like a nervous nerd with slouched shoulders and bowed-down head and expect her to walk up with you.

Show off and open body language and give out that relaxed and positive vibe from your body language. But how do we do it? Well, simple things like looking into her eyes when talking, positioning your body towards her, not crossing your legs and arms can be enough to radiate that positive vibration. And most importantly smile.

Nothing more powerful than a cheerful smile.

Don’t be Pretentious, Showcase Your Authentic Self

No matter how hard you try, people, especially girls can see through the inauthentic you. Pretending to be something you are not on one hand is an instant turn off for girls while on the other hand, it destroys your identity.

While being fake does not yield results when picking up girls, it also can hugely affect your relationship with your friends and family in the long run.


Rejection Is Harmless, Fear Is Not

With actions comes failure. And you are bound to fail a few times, especially when picking up girls.  Don’t be bogged down, try and fail a few times before you finally enjoy your success.

Failing may hurt your sentiments, ego, or your so-called masculinity, but that is okay. Make a move. Do not wait for the perfect moment you always wanted, that won’t ever happen. Accept rejection with pride. Understand, not all girls are meant for you.

Even the law of attraction tells that you will get what fits best for you. Improve yourself to be the best and get the best.

Do not stop your attempt even if you fail. You may fail for the first 20 times but the 21st attempt is definitely going to get some result.

The Second Move To Picking Up Girls

Now that we have addressed the basic fundamentals which is more about your mindset, attitude, and as a whole self-improvement tool, we can move more into the ideal tricks and tips to pick up girls.

Here on we will primarily discuss the essentials that will set up that perfect impression leading to your success.

Look for Girls You Are Confident You Can approach and please

Sometimes you have that feeling within when you feel confident about approaching certain girls. Go with that muse. If you want to win, you should first be able to win it in your head first before you make it in real life.

For instance, you can never be as confident when approaching a girl who is two inches taller and it’s your inhibition where you lose. So, in that case, instead of forcefully making a move, you can try your luck on someone you are confident about for that matter.

Having said that, we don’t mean you should not push yourself and just go with your muse, but at least when you are just starting out in this game, you can follow this rule.

Don’t Go For a Hardcore Pick up Line But a Simple Conversation Starter

The first mistake most men make is just at the point when they go for that perfect James-Bond kind of pick up line. Well, that will definitely work for “The James Bond,” but for I’m a little skeptical about you. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

You can obviously go with some interesting starter but it’s okay to simply begin with simple “hi” if you don’t come up with that perfect starter. No doubt, it is always better to at least begin than to lose the opportunity.

Providing up with some tips on an opener, it’s always to great to go with a situational opener. For instance, you can simply comment about her outfit like, “where did you get that nice pair of shoes?” Or on a cold winter morning, you can ask the best coffee place and eventually try to begin a conversation.

Learn how to begin a conversation here.

Further, make sure you don’t scare the girl as you try to begin the conversation. Start politely and eventually proceed.

Start Easy, Don’t Go For That In-depth Intellectual Conversation

Having a deep intellectual conversation does work but not when you are just having the first conversation. Instead of jumping into spirituality and discussion about space, and alien, begin with some casual, humorous conversation.

Likewise, also avoid interrogation like asking about her personal life and family details. Believe me, that is never a good approach. Rather you can look for something situational, something that fits. For instance, you are in a shopping mall and just saw that perfect lady trying out a new top. There you can simply comment on how it looks on her. But again don’t be very critical.

Similarly, in a different situation where you are in a bakery, you can simply look for the timing to seek suggestions for the best looking cake for your mother’s birthday.

There on, wait for the response and proceed accordingly.

Make the Use of Your Sense of Humor

Have you ever realized how you are lost in a conversation when it is fun and filled with humor? That’s the magic of humor. And it is crucial if you want to pick up girls and want to initiate a good start.

Add a bit of humor in your conversation and be witty at times. Doing this, you can simply develop a sense of trust in her and she can become more open and likely to build a certain romantic connection.

Obviously, a girl has to like you before she makes a decision to spend a nice evening with you. Plus a humorous person is fun to be with.

In case, you have no idea how to make a conversation fun and interesting, you can always seek information on the web.

Make Her Aware About Your About Your Motive

By making her aware of your motive, we don’t mean going up to her and telling her on her face that you want to sleep with her. But to make her aware that you don’t simply want to be friend-zoned but you are rather sexually attracted to her.

Don’t hide your motive rather express it so that she can read and tell if she is interested in you. Rather than having a tag of a dishonest person for a lifetime, you can be honest and be rejected.

Flirt During Conversation

Flirting is the most essential tool to making it work in this game. In fact, girls love guys who flirt and are more likely to get into sexual relationships with them.

That said, don’t make it dirty when you are talking for the first time. Keep it casual, interesting, and fun.

Girls Love Compliments

Have you realized how powerful a compliment can be when you are trying to awe a girl? If you have not, complement and see the result.

However, don’t go far as a very generic compliment. Be specific, genuine, and don’t sound like every other person who is simply complimenting just for the shake of it. At the same time, don’t sound like a jerk or too creepy, and desperate.

Well, instead of saying “you look beautiful”, you can go with “your earrings look great on you” or “you have really beautiful eyes.”

Read Her Body Language & Try to Look for Signs she Likes You

While you make your move, it is also essential to know if she is interested in you. You can not just keep on pushing an uninterested girl.

Trust me, a girl who is interested in you will definitely show signs of interest and it all happens subconsciously. You can begin a conversation but when to forward things? Well, that is determined completely by the response you receive from the opposite side.

You need to make sure you have a positive response before you move forward to kiss her. So, how do we know she is showing positive signals?

Here are some signs to look to make a move.

  • Listens carefully. Pays attention as you speak.
  • Touches or plays with her hair very often.
  • Makes and holds eye contact.
  • She is inquisitive.
  • She laughs even when your joke is not that funny.
  • When you are in a noisy place like bars and clubs, she leans to listen as you talk.
  • She steals a glans of you at times.

Move forward, Ask For Her Contact

Well, you cannot keep up your conversation for a lifetime. You come to a point where you take things forward. Well, your conversation may end up having her to your place or simply to the point where you keep things for the future.

Whatever it is, make sure you close your conversation on a positive note. Even if she is not yet ready to make things sexual, you ought to respect her choice. Maybe she is just not yet comfortable enough with you to take things that far.

Anyway, you can always have a second conversation and a second meeting. Don’t wrap things up but give it a proper direction. Ask for her contact, or make the next meet up plans. Not only this, but you can make it romantic and take a walk to drop her to her place.

Always have an ultimate goal to at least give a proper shape to your conversation even if you can not pick up a girl to your place the same.

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