How To Make a Girl Fall For You: Tricks That Can Never Go Wrong

Boys, no matter the geographical landscape, culture, or ethnicity, have always been interested in having girls around them. While some enjoy light-hearted relationships, others like to have a little passionate long-lasting love in their life. But in both situations, you need to know the basic fundamentals of “How to make a girl fall for you?”

Yes, you heard it right, you need to master the art to make a girl fall for you. Beginning with your mindset, to your physicality, here is the break down of the art that can help you get a girl of your choice.

How To Make a Girl Fall For You- Part 1

Mindset & Attitude

1. Make Her Notice You

It always begins with a first sight and the first eye contact. You should at least exist for the girl before things begin to roll out in your favor. Well, that doesn’t mean you should walk up to the girl with some shitty pickup line or create some drama to get her to notice you. You can always make things subtle and natural.

The girl you like might be your neighbor, a colleague, or a random person you meet in your favorite food court. Now there’s a chance. You can always look for a chance to come to her notice and at the same time not look creepy.

Take Things Slow:

Make a move but never rush things out. You never want the girl to know you are desperate about her. If she does, it’s already an end to your relationship. No girls like a desperate man as her partner and that’s nothing but the undeniable psychology of a human.

After the notice-game is over, it’s just you that is going to determine the fate.

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2. Be Somebody

It may come out as harsh but this is the fact of life. No girl wants a loser in life. You got to be a man. By “man,” I don’t mean a cocky arrogant creature but somebody with an aim, a goal to achieve, and a position in life.

Well, you don’t have to be “the Elon Musk” with a mission to drive the human race to Mars. But at least, you can be someone with a meaningful passion to chase apart from all the chicks.

3. Make Her Feel Safe

Have you seen those guys with glasses in movies who are a joke every now and then; insecure and afraid. Well, that’s a complete “no no” for any girl.

Girls love strong man who can take care of her
Girls love strong man who can take care of her

Yes, she might have sympathy for you but love is just the opposite side. If you want to make a girl fall for you, you have to be the one who counts.

Avoid being looked at with a pitty full eyes or you are going to be the little brother of all those beautiful girls.

4. Confidence is the Key

Have you watched Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades of Grey walk up to his car? Just mundane stuff but why does he look the way he looks. What’s different about him walking up to his car and you walk up to your car. It’s nothing my friend but confidence.

Just the way you walk reflects a lot about you and can make a difference you can never imagine. No wonder why Anastasia “Ana” Rose Steele chose him and not Jack Hyde.

Trust me, confidence can be the only factor you might be lacking and that can make a lot of difference. You can always take classes and personality development courses to boost up your confidence.

5. Have a Voice

Your opinion can have a huge impact on what people think about you. And you always have to be a person with a certain understanding of things; at the same time not being all over the place.

Believe it or not, people judge no matter what they say. So, you got to have an identity and that comes from your voice and your ideology. Speak about right and wrong. Don’t be a puppet

But having a voice doesn’t mean you have to come up with a 500 words essay every time you get to speak. No girls like a man who has verbal diarrhea all the time.

Respect the right opinions of others, at the same time have your own.

6. Be Humble & Respectful

A humble person has 1000 friends and an arrogant has none. And the same is the case with girls. You cannot be an arrogant kid, all braggy about yourself. You got to be humble & respectful, especially if you want a longterm relationship.

Needless to mention, girls have such a sharp sense and can smell your disrespectful attitude if you have. Moreover, no girls would like to date someone all the people around her hate.

Part 2

Physical Appearance

Physical appearance is no less important if you want to make a girl fall for you. In fact, how you appear is what determines how easily she opens arms for you.

Here are some important tips about your physicality that are essential.

7. Women are attracted to well-groomed Person

No matter what people tell, the way you look plays a big role. Accept it, nobody is attracted to a guy with untrimmed dirty greasy hair who has not taken a shower for a month.

Grooming on the one hand can make you look good and at the same time, it helps your overall health. In fact, just by grooming yourself, you give a big evolutionary sign of “reproductive fitness” which is attractive to girls.

8. Be in Shape

Who does not love a fit person? Just being in shape adds an extra 10 points to your overall appearance and is a key attribute to the attraction.

Having said that, you don’t have to go overboard with muscles all bulked up like Rich Piana. All you got to have is a fit appearance inside and out.

Make a girl fall for you
Workout, be in shape, girls love fit man

Workout, and eat healthily, you have done 95% of the job for your physical fitness.

9. Learn to Dress up

Ever wondered how much difference your attire can make. Just walk up to a classic party in your casual trousers and your favorite mickey mouse t-shirt. Before you try it out, trust me, you will be the least confident person in the room.

Just by not dressing up accordingly and properly, you are going to lose your chance of getting “that blond beauty.” Always dress accordingly, and go for well-fitting clothes.

10. Smell Good

A good smell has always been associated with attraction. The way you smell tells a lot about your personality and gives a lasting first impression to the person you meet.

Wear nice Cologne whenever you go on a date. While it is attractive to girls, it also boosts your confidence to some extent. Further, it can be a conversation starter on your first date. You hate that awkward silence right?

Part 3

Psychological Aspects

While mindset and physicality are important, human psychology is another factor that plays a big part in the dating game. Well, we don’t have to play around with it but understand how human psychology can play a part in understanding girls in a better way.

11. Be Understanding, Listen to Her

Women are emotional and no one can deny the fact. A small action you make can sometimes be a deciding factor. The first thing you can do is, you can be a good listener and an understanding person.

Listen to what she has to say and try to understand her feelings and not debate. Value her opinion as much you value yours. Address her problems and be emotional support in times she needs. After all, we are all emotional human beings.

12. Be Caring

Who does not like a person who cares for you. Simply by being a caring person, you can build up a bonding that is going to last forever. Especially when you are looking for a long term partner, caring for her can be as essential as anything.

Well, you don’t have to turn the world upside down to show you care for her. Your small actions like making her a cup of coffee, having a deep late-night conversation with her can be enough in this journey.


13. Surprise Her

Surprising your girl can be as important as a good conversation. No No, No Punching Her On The Face To Surprise Her 😅😅😅.

Go for surprises she would love to have. Take her on a date night to her favorite restaurant, buy her something interesting on Christmas,  invite her old friends over for a dinner at your place, take her for long trips at times. There are tons of things you can do to surprise her.

14. Connect With Her Family & Friends

Trust me girls would love to see you care for her friends and family. And it can be very essential in the long run. If you want her to fall for you, this is one extra factor you should keep in mind.

Well, you don’t have to go over to her family and spend hours and hours to show that you care but you can simply keep in touch with them from time to time. Talk over on a phone or go meet her parents occasionally, maybe on Christmas or Easter or any such events.

Likewise, also be in touch with her friends and be a good man to them. She would love to hear good things about you from her friends.

But I strongly suggest, never be PRETENTIOUS.

15. Give Her Space

Yes, everyone loves personal space and she does too. No matter how much she loves you, she would look for certain privacy at times and that’s okay.

Be sensitive enough and move out of her way before she tells you. In this world where things are so fast-paced, one is obvious to look for spending time alone.

16. Stay Away From Time to Time

Call me crazy but this is equally important despite all the aforementioned tips. I’m sure you want to be the last person to be not cared at all by your partner. And that is bound to happen if you behave to be too needy.

Yes, you have to make her feel special but also try to distance from time to time or you are going to look too needy and insecure. Believe it or not, but human tends to ignore things that are easily accessible. Don’t make her everything too soon. Manage time for your friends and family as well.

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