How to Find if a Girl In Your School Likes You Secretly But is Hiding It: Experimented Truth

As a living creature, love and attraction come naturally to us. We tend to be attracted to the opposite gender and sometimes the same gender for that matter. But as we all know, we have all been in situations where we are not sure if the girl you have a crush on likes you. And to be honest, it is more complicated with girls.

Be it, girls, in your high school or one of your neighbors, girls don’t easily walk up and tell how she feels for you. In such circumstances, it’s essential to be able to read those signs that tell if she likes you.

How to Find if a Girl In Your School Likes You Secretly But is Hiding It?

Almost every one of us has been through instances where we were keen to find out if that girl in your high school likes you. Well, we have brought to you the ultimate solution. Here is the ultimate sign that tells if a girl in your high school likes you secretly but is hiding it.

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1. Her Friends Are The Closest Answer

The closest people who are aware of who she does or doesn’t like are her friends. Obviously, all the girls love to tell her inner circle if she has a crush on a guy. So, in that case, her friends could be the closest one to know the answer to your question.

Have a check on her friends. Ask them if your guess is right. Or you can even initiate the conversation by telling that you find her attractive.

2. Her Friends Behave Differently When You Are Around

You might have already experienced this. If not take a notice of it. If a girl likes you, her friends behave differently when you are around. Her friends might simply tease her or joke around about you. In fact, it is pretty likely that you might sometimes overhear them mentioning your name.

In case, you really want to find out if she has a feeling for you, observe the behavior of her friends when they observe you. You are more likely to see the difference.

3. She Will Watch You From a Distance

Attraction is such a strange thing. And when a girl likes you, it can be both strange and mysterious. It is very rare that a girl will walk up to you and tell you what she feels about you. But she will definitely leave certain signs that will tell if she likes you. And one of the undeniable signs that a girl in your school secretly likes you is that she will watch you from a distance.

Obviously, you love to watch a person you secretly like and the girl is no different. Take notice if she is looking for opportunities to watch you. If yes, you have got a chance.

4. Her Behavior Will Change Naturally Around You

We all have different faces around different people. The way we present ourselves in front of our parents is different that we present ourselves among our friends or girlfriend. The same applies to the girl who secretly has a crush on you.

The girl in your high school who likes you secretly is likely to behave differently when you are around. And it comes out naturally to her than a forceful attempt. Obviously, she doesn’t want to leave a bad impression on a guy who she has a crush on. Thus, it subconsciously happens to her that she will behave in a certain way that she feel could a good impression.

5. She Gets Too Nervous & Fidgety When You Are Around

This could be one of the undeniable signs to find if a girl in your school likes you secretly but is hiding it. Girls naturally tend to be more fidgety when the guys she loves is around. Needless to mention, we all get nervous when somebody we love is around us.

In fact, being nervous can be a good sign as we become nervous only when we actually around someone we actually appreciate or love(in a similar context).

So, the next time you see her getting nervous in front of you, don’t forget to say “hi” comfort her.

6. She Likes To Be Around You

As a classmate or a girl in your high school, she is more likely to prefer being around you. She will look for opportunities to be around you; it could be being in your group a science project or a college sports team.

Needless to say, everyone loves to be around someone they like.

7. She Notices Your Movements

The girl who likes you is more likely to keep track of your movements. She will observe who you are talking to and trust me she is more concerned you are not talking to girls.

In fact, she is pretty likely to get jealous if you seem more into her. Well, if you want to make sure she likes you, check if she is more observant about you.

8. She Will Make Eye Contact & Hold It

Eyes tell a lot about a person. In fact, science tells, eyes are as important when communication is concerned. And to be honest, your eyes can tell a lot if a girl likes you as long as you can read them.

A girl attracted to you tends to make eye contact every now and then and will even try to hold it for a second or so. However, make sure to make eye contact and not stare you enough o scare the ship out of you.

In the end, eyes have always been associated with attraction and love. It’s essential to distinguish between casual eye contact and the one out of love.

9. She Wants To Talk to You

Needless to say, everyone wants to talk to a person they like. And the case is the same with girls as well. The girl in your high school who you think likes you will look for opportunities to talk to you.

Well, you got anyone at your school who is always around looking for a chance to start a conversation with you, this could be the ultimate sign that she likes you.

10. She Laughs At Your Unfunny Joke

One of the authentic signs that a girl in your high school like you but is hiding you is that she will laugh a your jokes. But everyone laughs at jokes, right? Yes, but not everyone laughs at your unfunny jokes.

You heard it right. The girl who likes you is more likely to laugh at your jokes which are not even funny. And it is a psychological attribute of a girl.

11. She Is More Concerned About Her Looks

The way you look matters a lot when the attraction is concerned and girls know that. Girls who like you will be more concerned about their looks when you are around. She is more likely to adjust her clothes and her hair.

Moreover, as a high school student, she will be more aware of her uniform and how she looks on her. She will wear makeup and have a makeover that she thinks looks good on her.

Well, you can always look for these signs if you want to know if the girl in your highschool likes you.

12. She Gets Flirty With You

Flirting has always bee associated with attraction. And it is true even in the case of girls. The girl who likes you tends to flirt with you every now and then.

She will look for opportunities to tease and mock you. In fact, she will even get more touchy when talking to you and make jokes associating you with her.

13. Have Deep Conversation With You

As a human, we have feelings and we enjoy sharing them with someone we like and trust. And the case is the same with girls as well. Girls love sharing things and have some deep conversation with you.

She may talk about something very private about her or maybe her family. Such conversation tell a lot about her feelings towards you. Obviously, nobody likes to talk to people they hate. So, if she does share things about her and have long deep conversation, there are usually chances that she likes you.

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