How to Approach a Girl? Tips That Works Every Time

Imagine a beautiful girl standing out there and you want to talk to her, but you don’t have enough guts to approach her. So, Is this just you who goes through similar problems? Not at all. There are millions of guys who fret approaching a girl, especially when she is a beautiful blond barbie. So, do we have to leave with this fear of talking to girls? Obviously not. We can provide you with sure shot tips on “how to approach a girl.”

All you have to do is learn, & apply these simple proven methods.

How to Approach a Girl?

Part 1: Before You Approach

1. Look For Proper Timing

Yes, timing is most essential when it comes to approaching a girl. You can not simply approach a girl in the middle of a conversation she is having, or when she is in a rush.

Instead of rushing out to her, you can wait and observe her and the situation around. Look for timings when she looks relaxed and opens for conversation. Make sure she is not absorbed in some thoughts and anxious or you can scare her even more.

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2. Look For a Positive Body Language Before You Strike a Conversation

Girls are complicated and that’s a fact. One small mistake and you can lose your lady love. And I’m sure you don’t wanna make that small mistake.

Now along with looking for proper timing to approach her, you have to make sure she is inviting enough. Not every girl likes talking to strangers and you want to assure she is not one of them. So, all you have to do is look at her body language, because body language doesn’t lie.

Look for positive body language:

  • Her arms and shoulders are relaxed.
  • She has not crossed her arms around.
  • She doesn’t look engrossed in thoughts.
  • She is enjoying watching around.
  • She is looking towards you. (That may be a very positive signal.)

3. Make Sure You Don’t Look Scary

You are not looking for a role in a horror movie right? So make sure you look good before you walk your way to her. you want to give a pleasant vibe not scare with your sinister avatar.

Well, that usually happens when you are hustling all day long and found a girl you want to approach.  But you can still tidy your hair, tuck in your shirts, clean your shoes a little bit and go for it.

4. Overcome Your Fear

Your fear can be your biggest enemy stopping you from making your first move. In fact, there are thousands who simply don’t take the first step because of fear.

So, understanding your fear is just your biological phenomenon blocking you from you goal can help you a lot. Try to overcome your fear, it’s just a feeling like any other feelings. Just get away with it.

5. Don’t Overthink, Take Your First Step

Overthinking has killed more relationships than extramarital affairs. And it can kill yours even before you get to start. Don’t overthink, if you want to talk to her, go make your move.

learn to approach a girl
Don’t Overthink, Take Your First Step

You don’t want to go home and regret that you could have talked to that lady in the library but you didn’t. Trust me everything can be your worst enemy in the dating game.

6. The Worst That Can Happen is Rejection

Your attitude determines your fate. Don’t be scared of rejection. Don’t let your fear of rejection stop you from approaching a girl.

Understand the fact that it’s okay to be rejected and that’s not an end. Simply because someone rejected you does not mean you don’t deserve her, it can be another way round.

Be confident. It’s THEIR BAD LUCK. 😎😎😎

Part 2: As You Approach

7. Instantly Make an Eye Contact

Now that you have finally walked up to her, instantly make eye contact. Eye contact is as important as anything if you want to build up a feeling a closeness. And it’s crucial if you are approaching a girl for the first time.

Researchers say, when a person makes eye contact with someone, it triggers the production of oxytocin, which is important to develop a feeling of intimacy.

Making proper eye contact, you can develop a sense of trust in her, which in turn makes her more willing to have a conversation.

8. Prove You’re Harmless & Worth Talking to

Girls can be hesitant to talk to strangers it’s more likely when you walk up to her all of a sudden. Well, as soon as you walk up to her, make it a valid reason to talk to her.

Don’t let questions like “What do they want from me? Is this someone I can trust? Are they worth my time?” hover in their head.

You should be able to develop a sense of trust in her for you.  But how can you do that?

Well, the human brain is programmed to judge you from your body language and it’s sharper in females. And trust me girl can read you just the moment you take the first step towards her.

So, the key is using body language that shows you are harmless and friendly.

Here are the essential body language tips. 

  • Keep an open body language; keep your torso open with nothing blocking you.
  • Maintain direct eye contact as you approach a girl, but don’t stare.
  • Have a cheerful facial expression
  • Keep your hands visible to her so as to assure her you are not there to hurt her.

9. Have a Conversation Not Interview

Don’t be a question master. Instead of asking questions like what’s your name? where do you live? how much do you earn? you can begin with some fun topics.

Try to have conversation after you approach a girl
Be confident as you talk to her

You can simply be honest and start by saying you could not stop yourself from talking to her just because she is so pretty and something like that.

Further, you can even begin it by asking about the nearest KFC and eventually complimenting her perfume, or her earnings, or even her eyes. There is always an option to continue.

10. Don’t Be Lame

No one likes a foolish, boring guy. Be smart and interesting as you talk to her. No matter how good looking you are, you can be an instant turn off if you behave lame.

Just a simple formula, if you are not fun to be around, no one will like to spend time with you.

11. Conclusion: Be Genuine

Well, all those tips and tricks can not yield enough results if you are not a genuine person. Girls can see through your inauthentic self and that will be simply an end to your beginning. While applying all those tips and tricks on how to approach a girl, also try to be genuine.

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