Flirty Pick Up Lines For Texting That Never Fail To Impress

Flirting over text is a lot different than flirting over a phone call or in person. For that matter, flirty pick-up lines for texting also has to be a lot different than what we use in person. When over a text, pick-up lines act more like an ice breaker and can make your further conversation a lot easier.

But in the world where social media, messaging and online dating have become so common, it can get quite hard to impress anyone over text. In such a scenario, the pick-up line you use to flirt over text has to stand out.

It is best to avoid pick up line that has been heard and seen multiple times. Make your pick up lines fun and light even when it is flirty pick-up lines. Never use pick up lines that take him/her minutes to understand.

Best Romantic Pick up Lines & An Actual Approach to Make It Work

Do not copy and paste pick up lines from the internet. You can rather get an idea from the web and try to form your own. If you already know the person you are going to use the pick-up line, try to make it relevant to her personality. This way, she can simply relate to it, which results in a better chance of your success.

Here are some examples of the best flirty pick-up lines for texting.

Want to pick up a girl of your choice? Here are some tips.

Best Flirty Pick-Up Lines For Texting

  1.  If only I could see how it feels to get a reply from I would be blessed.
  2.  Will you please reply or shall I just read your mind?
  3.  I have been looking at your photos for hours. I see it is not different than angels.
  4.  You know, I asked for your reply to Santa this Christmas.
  5.  I feel a great connection with you. Are you my wifi.
  6.  I feel so low in your absence. Are you my charger?
  7.  Are you McDonald’s? Because I’m loving you.
  8.  I thought happiness starts with ‘H” but I just realized, it starts with you.
  9.  If you replied, I would just have the screenshot featured as my wallpaper.
  10.  I am calling cops, you have no right to look so beautiful.
  11.  Are you really not an angel? You must be lying.
  12.  Sorry to bother you but my eyes are dying to see your reply.
  13.  You know what is the most beautiful thing in this world? Read the first word.
  14.  I wonder if angels can text in English.
  15.  I just bought a million-dollar home. For us.
  16.  Are you a time traveler? You don’t seem to be from this century.
  17.  I am exhausted. Can you let me rest in your heart?
  18.  It’s not that the rest of the girls are any less beautiful. They just lack the perfume your hair holds.
  19.  I got heart surgery. Just to make sure it had enough space for you.
  20.  I know you don’t belong on the earth, but I could make small heaven for you here.
  21.  Aren’t you tired? You had been running in my mind the whole night.
  22.  I would love to meet you someday. I am dying to see an angel in real life.
  23.  No, those girls are no less beautiful. It’s all your fault.
  24.  I just erased the meaning of “beautiful” in my dictionary. For me it’s you.
  25.  I had heard the stories of an angel but never seen one before you.
  26.  Are you Eve, the only God could make someone so beautiful.
  27. They ask me what is the most beautiful, star or the moon. But I think it’s you.
  28.  Are you real? I didn’t think reality could be this beautiful.
  29.  Can I have your Insta ID? My mom told me to follow my dream.
  30.  Can you take me to the hospital? I just fell for you and hurt myself.
  31.  Are you a Netflix series? A could watch you for hours.
  32.  I just got my insurance coz my heart stops every time I see you.
  33.  Do you remember the first time we met? Oh sorry, It was just my dream.
  34.  Is anything wrong with me? I see you everywhere.
  35.  I just used your surname and it sounds great.
  36.  Am I in the airplane or is it just my heart taking off.
  37.  I think I lost just lost my number, can I have yours?
  38.  Can I kiss you? I wanted to know how It feels to kiss an angel
  39.  Do you have a magnet installed in you? I am just so attracted to you.
  40.  I think God made you to show off how great of an artist he is.

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