Dating On Instagram Is Real: Here Are Tips To Improve Your Dating Life

Dating on Instagram is real and could be a goldmine when dating is concerned. With over a billion active followers worldwide, Instagram is majorly a platform occupied by youngsters and has great potential when dating comes into the scene. But having said that, getting a potential partner on this platform could also be equally difficult if you are not well equipped.

Along with having a properly optimized profile, you also need to master the art of hashtags to see results you have always wished for. But does it end here? Obviously not. Considering the fact that the platform is already on the verge of saturation, getting traction could be arduous. But there is always a solution which we are going to discuss in detail below.

Besides, looking from a different angle, apart from itself acting as a dating platform, Instagram could also provide a decent boost when results are concerned on classified dating platforms like Tinder, Hinge or Bumble, and many others.

Now, breaking down into several sections, we are going to provide you with details on how Instagram could improve your dating life. Further, we will give out tricks and tips on how your profile Instagram could be optimized for dating.

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Optimize Your Profile for Dating on Instagram

Needless to mention, your profile on Instagram is the only thing that reflects your personality. In such circumstances, it is extremely to have a profile that is capable of developing a sense of attraction in a person visiting your profile.

Well, that does not mean, you should hire a professional photographer to shoot you like a model. All it has to have is something that gains his or her attention and shifts it in a romantic direction.

Here are three essential optimization tricks that could be a game-changer for you when it comes to dating on Instagram.

Take Maximum Advantage of Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo is as important as anything and mostly when you are on a creative platform like Instagram. Your photo can tell a lot about you and that where it all starts. Should I even mention the fact that it’s the first thing that comes to vision when a person checks out your profile or even accepts your message request for that matter?

And now that you want to begin dating on Instagram, make sure your profile photo evokes a sense of attraction in a person. Present yourself as a dating material and at the same time show your personality. The clothes you wear, body language, facial expression can all be equally important.

Here are five points to take care when choosing a profile photo:

  • Do not wear sunglasses. Make strong eye contact.
  • Appear confident. Have a positive body language.
  • Make sure the upper third of your body is visible.
  • Better outfit better impression.
  • Use high contrast photos which makes you stand out from the background.

Apart from that, one of the most important things that can play an important role is, being able to show off your personality through your profile photos. Make sure you look humble and approachable.

Tell About Yourself Via Your Username

The 30 characters of your username could be as important as your display photo. And it is crucial when you are looking for dating on Instagram.

Obviously, your username should be meaningful but it should also reflect the kind of person you are. You cannot attract all the people in the entire world but only those who resonate with you in one way or the other. Thus, you can use your Instagram username to attract a person with a similar personality trait.

Taking an example, let’s say for instance you are a painter. Now you can use something that could resonate with painters like your or even other person involved in a similar creative profession.

Having said that, do not go for very complicated words that could be hard to understand.

Optimization Tips For Instagram Bio

No matter how good your Insta photo and your username is, an ugly bio can completely mess things up. Your bio is meant to tell about you and at the same time hint your motive that you are here for dating.

Obviously you don’t want the person visiting your profile tell you are a sage looking for peace in the Himalayas.

Well, here some of the important things you should take care of while writing your bio.

Your Location: Include your location in your bio. Regardless of the rest of the things, your location tells a lot about how datable you are to the person interested in you.

Of course, you are not looking to date a person from some other continent. Well, if that’s the case, go for it.

Having a proper location on your profile adds an extra reason for people nearby you looking at your profile to talk to you.

Tell About Your Occupation: At this point when a person is already reading your profile bio, there has to be something- maybe nothing sexual but it at least shows a sort of interest.

Before anything, it undoubtedly adds the impression that you are worth something in life and just a spoiled brat looking for a relationship on Instagram.

Further, by having your occupation updated on your profile, you leave that psychological impact that you are a real person like the one reading it. This, while on one hand, develops an instant connection in her, and on the other hand, increases your chance of hookup with a person in the common profession.

Now, that said, you could always modify your occupation to make it sound more interesting. Instead of writing your occupation as “I test the water,” you can write,

I help make the environment safe for the animals you love.

Your Hobbies And Endeavors: You may be the one who loves to know the interests and hobbies of people around you. And the case could be the same with the person looking at your profile.

Simply by writing a few of your hobbies you can make a good impact, increasing the chance of your hook up. Telling your hobbies helps built an instant connection with a person and also gives a glimpse of you as a person which he or she might find attractive.

Along with hobbies, it is also essential to write about your accomplishments on your profile. No doubt, everyone loves a person who has done something in life.

Telling your accomplishments, you add an extra reason to be likable and approached.

But here again. Don’t make it boring and unreadable. For example, rather than simply writing “i love fitness, scuba diving” you could write

training for my next marathon,” “getting my SCUBA certification,” or “perfecting my shrimp ceviche recipe.

With 150 characters in hand, always be mindful that it’s not just words but an opportunity of having that beautiful girl you had always wanted to date.

Never Keep your Profile to Private

A private profile could be of no use if you want to find a dating partner on Instagram. Nobody bothers to send you a follow request unless you are some sort of a celebrity, which I’m sure you are not.

It’s always a great option to keep your profile to public and thus giving the public an excess to your post. Moreover, it could be even better if you can get your profile verified.

Well, it may not be easy to get your account verified, but once you do it, you could see unbelievable results.

You can follow these steps to verify your account.

Be Strategic With Your Posts

What you post has immense value. Your posts are the final thing that determines your fate, and thus it is extremely important to be strategic with your posts.

No matter your bio and display picture, it is your posts that will have a final say if a person is going to follow you or not.

It is extremely important to add value to your Instagram posts. The more value your Instagram posts provide, the more likely your first date will show up.

Maintain a good balance between your posts and stories and make sure your posts show that you are,

  • Smart
  • Determined And Focused
  • Adventurous
  • A Person With Good Moral Values

Smart: Nobody likes to date a dumb person who even has a hard time understanding what somebody has to say. The same applies to Instagram as well. Since your posts are the only thing that is a medium to interact, make sure your posts are not senseless or something that only you understand.

Your posts are what determines people’s perception of you. With smart and meaningful posts, you give out an impression of a smart person.

Determined & Focus: No matter what they say, a determination is attractive. It sets a value for you as a person. The more determined you are the more inspiring of a person you are going to be for people around you.

In fact, your determination is sure to reflect in your posts how hard you try not and that’s an absolutely good thing. Focus on your goals and be determined to achieve it, and try to impart these via your posts. Sooner or later you will find your date on Instagram.

Be Adventurous: Adventure is mainstream these days. And there is barely any person who does not like an adventurous person. But there are very few who actually have guts to go out and live the adventure.

If you are one of those few, try to showcase your adventures on your posts. Go for trekking, biking, hiking, scuba diving, sky diving, and show those beautiful shots on your Instagram. Trust me, you will have thousands of opportunities knocking your door.

A Person With Good Moral Values: After all the things, moral values are important. And your Instagram posts should reflect that you are a person of moral values. And this could be even more important if you want to begin dating on Instagram.

Make sure your posts have the decency and do not portray a vulgar image of you. Keep in mind, no one likes to be with a person who has no morale.

Increase Your Followers to Increase Your Chance of Dating on Instagram

It’s not as easy to have followers on Instagram like it is to swipe right and left on Instagram. And if you want to find a date on Instagram, having a decent follower could be extremely important.

Having a good amount of followers builds a strong prospect, leaving an image of you as a person of importance. This not only helps to turn your engagement on Instagram into a potential date but also gives you influencer status.

But how do we achieve enough followers that our dating life gains traction? Here are some tips to follow:

Use relevant hashtags: Use hashtags as much as possible. Just by using relevant hashtags, you can reach out to a number of audiences which could be your potential dates. Tag local places and celebrities, which will help to build traction on Instagram.

Further, you can also use locations to target local girls and boys.

Follow & Unfollow Trick: Using a “follow & unfollow” trick could be highly useful to build a decent follower in the beginning.

If reports are to be believed, there is a 50% chance that the person you follow will follow you back. So all you have to do is follow your targeted audience and unfollow once they follow you back. In case you don’t receive any response, you can simply unfollow after a certain time.

How to Meet Your Potential Date on Instagram?

Places In Your City You Love To Visit: Places you love to visit could be a great place to find your date via Instagram as well. The first thing you should do is make a list of places you often visit.

Then check out every post tagging the venue and look for the guy/girl you would love to date. You can initiate a conversation and set a meeting if he/she agrees.

You can even choose the same place for your first date which will be built and instant connection as you both have a common favorite.

Engage With your followers You Find Interesting: Engaging with your followers can yield a great result if you are interested in dating on Instagram.

All you have to do is check out the list of followers and like a few of the initial posts of the follower, you are interested in. This will simply intrigue her and you will simply catch her attention.

Initiate a proper conversation and win the game.

Reasons Instagram Could Improve Your Dating Life

While Instagram can itself act as a dating platform, it can also improve your success rate on other dating platforms like Tinder.

Here we have pointed out some of the important reasons dating on Instagram could improve your success on other dating platforms.

Instagram Can Get You 50% More Matches On Dating Apps

Instagram can be of big help if you are using dating platforms like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble for dating. Both girls and guys could be extremely picky when selecting a date.

Thus, having a well managed Instagram profile linked to those dating sites, you can almost increase your chance of finding a date by almost 50%.

By providing your Instagram, you can give your potential date an extra insight into your life and know you better.

Hard Time Getting a Match On Tinder?

Needless to mention, it is not an easy task to get a match on platforms like tinder which is already saturated. To be honest, you are very likely to be lost in the crowd with everyone swiping the same person right.

But there is always a solution. You could easily wise the Instagram of the tinder profile you are interested in and make a move. Well, you don’t have to start sending flirty DMs to every profile you see, but with a proper approach you.

Instagram Can Act As a Social Proof

In the time where there are thousands of Tinder profiles that are being misused, it can be really hard to trust authenticity.

In such circumstances, having your Instagram linked to Tinder and other dating sites, you provide a kind of social proof increasing your chance of finding a date.

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