Best Romantic Pick up Lines & An Actual Approach to Make It Work

Everyone loves romantic pick up lines and most of us have even tried out at least once. But why is it that we barely see any results. Is it possible that your romantic lines are not that romantic? Could be. But there are several other factors as well that determine how impactfully your opener impresses him/her.

Obviously, along with the pickup lines, your delivery, body language, and attitude also hugely determine the result it yields. But that said, you don’t have to be extra cool and extra confident. All it requires is balance. Now how do we get that balance?

Before we jump on to providing you the best romantic pick up lines, here are some tips that will act as an ex-factor determining your fate in the game.

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Thing You Should Know Before Using Romantic Pick Up Lines

Pick up lines may not work when you don’t have an idea about the basics of using it. No doubt, the pickup lines require you to have that necessary attitude.

Further, you need to know a few things that simply speeds up the rate of your success. Here are some tips on things you should know before you try out your pick up line.

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Be Confident But Not Cocky

There is very little difference between confidence and being cocky. While confidence is an attractive attribute to have, cockiness could simply be a turn off in the game.

Being overly confident makes you arrogant which will instantly give a person an idea of incompatibility. Thus leading to your failure even before you try out your pick up line.

At the same time, when you are confident, you add an x-factor that both women and men are attracted to. Even when your pick up line is not as good, being confident will simply add to your chance of success.

Romantic Pick up Lines Require You To Have a Certain Tonality

Using romantic pick up lines is different than using funny pick up lines. You cannot simply walk up to a girl and recite your opener like poetry. Rather, you need to have that tone of voice and expression that sounds romantic.

Practice to have that right pitch, and intonation. Obviously, you do not want to deliver a romantic pick up line and sound like a villain in the James Bond movie.

Watch romantic movies and observe the way the hero in the movie speaks his heart in one of those romantic scenes. Believe it or not, the way you deliver your pick up line makes a big difference.

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 Body Language is As Important

Along with a proper delivery, you also need to understand how important role a body language can play. Imagine you have all the quality regarding the delivery of a romantic pick up line but when you walk up to him/her, you have your head bowed down and shoulder slouched.

Trust me, this is going to be a turn-off. No matter what they say, no one is not going to like a guy/girl who gives that negative vibe in their presence. And your body language does a lot of it.

Groom Yourself

Imagine a guy who has not taken a shower in a month walks up to you with a perfect romantic pick up line. What is the probability that you will be impressed by him?

If I’m to answer, I will probably run away. Seriously, I am allergic to bad odor. Now, what I mean to say is you have to look after yourself before you expect others to be impressed by you.

Wear clean clothes, trim your hair, and nails, and smell good. Good smell has always been associated with attraction.

List of Best Romantic Pick Up Lines

  1. Hey, do you have a band-aid? I just fell for you and hurt myself.
  2. My addiction is crossing barriers. You must have cocaine in the whites of your eyes.
  3. I never believed until I saw you; angels are real.
  4. How do you manage to be so hot in such cold days?
  5. Damn! you just made me forget the pickup line.
  6. Can you tell me your story in heaven?
  7. What’s your favorite? Mine is you.
  8. Can I have your number? I wanted to know how it feels to talk to an angel.
  9. These voices in my head begged me to talk to you?
  10. Can I have a photo of you so I can tell my friends I have seen an angel?
  11. Can I have a glass of wine with you? I swear I have never had wine with an angel.
  12. Could I watch you for a while? Looks like my eyes like you.
  13. My eyes are so stubborn. They don’t let me look away from you.
  14. Hey, Is that you, I see every night in my dreams?
  15. God should be inspired by you to create this world. Tough competition though.
  16. Would you show me the door to your heart?
  17. Do you love a condo or a bungalow? I was just planning to build one for us.
  18. Is that moon or your smile?
  19. Hey, hey, stop. don’t smile. Or you will just blow my mind.
  20. Angel must be beautiful but not more than you.
  21. Hey, can I use your name as the synonym of “beauty.”
  22. Do you know why the moon hides away during the day? Because you come out, and she is jealous.
  23. I didn’t know angels lived on the earth.
  24. I just got assured, life exists in other planets. Because your beauty is out of this world.
  25. Is it sun or did you just smile?
  26. You know you look a lot like the girl of my dreams.
  27. My mom says life is like a deck of cards. You must be the queen of hearts, right
  28. When are you going back to heaven?
  29. You’ve got something in your face. Or Is that your cuteness?
  30. Are those your eyes or stars?

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