Best Dating Sites for Over 40

If you’re recently divorced or broken up, it might take you some time before you find it comfortable to go out with another person. Especially, when you’re in your 40s, it becomes tricky how you approach a person. In fact, if you’re trying to find a date after your years-long relationship failed, then you might be unaware of how dating is like in 2020.

Now, almost everyone is online, and finding a partner at a coffee shop is a long-forgotten past. There are two major benefits of using online platforms to find a date. 1) It would help you interact with people if you are nervous around people in real and 2) it wouldn’t be awkward to approach anyone for a date since everyone in the app is looking for a potential partner.

Listed seven best dating sites for over 40 people.

1. Zoosk

While Zoosk is not considered the ideal website to find dates among youths in the United States, the application has quite a presence around the world.

Initially owned by Facebook, the online dating app has garnered more than 40 million users since it came into use in 2007. As per the statistics, Zoosk has over 1 million active users with more than half being paid members.

One influential factor of the app is how it measures and tracks the validity of photos. In lots of online sites, we can see users who look unrealistically younger than they should. However, when you’re using Zoosk, you don’t have to worry about it as they have designed the app so it can pair you up with people of similar age and appearance.

Dating site Zoosk is suitable for mature people
People above 40 can find partners easily on Zoosk, Source: Cupid’s Atlas

Well, you might wonder how on earth this is possible. But, Zoosk asks its user for a video as proof if it can’t verify your photo. Besides, they claim that the use of their “proprietary behavioral matchmaking engine” makes recommendations based on how you surf, what matters to you, and what you click around in the application.

Zoosk is available in the free version, however, you need to be a paid subscriber of the application to interact truly. Those who are in or past their 40s and want someone to be in their life soon, it’s the ideal place to begin.

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2. Match is one of the most trusted dating sites in use. And it can be rather termed as the best dating site for over 40. In the last two decades of its existence, it has brought together hundreds of thousands of people. Specifically, this dating site is more useful if you’re seeking a long term relationship rather than a fling.

The company has changed its course of action time and again in these years, however, it is adherent to their belief that long-term relationships can be cultivated from online.

The services on the website are paid, however, what you reap in return is well-worth the investment most of the time.

Match is a good site to find date for those over 40
Match is a good site to find a date for those over 40, Source: Askmen

Unlike many dating sites available in the market, when you sign-up on, you’ll need to answer several questions that define your behavior and character. Here is where you need to be honest about yourself because sends you recommendations based on your responses.

Let’s come to statistics. According to a survey, Match has a special appeal to the people of the age between 45 to 65 years. So, if you are above 40 and are looking for a serious relationship, then Match might be the best option you have.

Talking about its availability, you can use it on the desktop version or download it for free from the “app store” or “play store.” But, the free version has a restriction, so if you want to unlock the full potential of the application, you can have paid subscriptions that start at $21.99 a month.

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3. eHarmony

eHarmony is one another dating site that has been in use for around a decade. It is considered one of the best applications for mature people who are 40 or above. It recommends suitable partners to people based on their emotional health, beliefs, and characteristics.

You will need to go through a proprietary questionnaire around your beliefs, skill sets, emotional health, and characteristics while signing-up for the site.

eHarmony is one of the famous dating sites
eHarmony is one of the famous dating sites

As a matter of fact, this application might be useful for you if you’re seeking a long term relationship rather than hookups or random flings. Instead, this site will truly focus and foster a committed approach to love.

Meanwhile, the application has been using a new popular feature called ‘The Two of You Together’ since 2017. The feature will allow its users to see the specific data on why they should date the person.

4. Elite Singles

Elite Singles uses a different strategy to provide you with the person you would want in your life. It is a popular dating site for over 40. It was launched in 2009. In its slightly more than a decade long existence, it has gained users from across the globe. Its reputation has been remarkable in the age group of 40 and over.

Let’s figure out how Elite Singles recommend you the best partner. When you first sign up for the application, you will go through a unique personality test categorized in ten sections. It will ask everything about your background, education, interest, religious belief, and other personality traits.

Elite Single is a free dating app
Elite Singles proves itself one of the best dating app

Further, from the data we provide during the sign-up, the application brings a conclusion about your traits based upon the trusted logic from psychology and the ‘Five Factor Model’ theory of personality traits.

This implies that this site has a better chance to browse you through suitable candidates than other dating sites in the market. Yet, there are mixed reviews for this site. However, its reputation among the people in the 40s and above is still stellar in particular.

So, going through Elite Singles might be one of the best options to find a lover quickly.

5. Love Again

Love Again, the name in itself suggests that its a continuation of love after a halt. It’s no doubt that the application is useful for any age group, however, it’s designed specifically for mature daters. Moreover, it’s a very simple app that helps you find a partner soon.

It’s obvious that you’d like to spend less time searching for a right partner and spend time with them. You don’t have to face some initial questionnaire while signing-up for the application. Instead, you can go on your own to find a partner in a more natural way.

Love Again- the dating app
Love Again- the dating app

You can browse through different profiles, join group chats, and do instant messaging depending on your style.

Even though it appears to be a little different application than in trend in the market, however, mature people do love using this app since they are free to find their partner based on their experience and interest.

6. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish originally started as a dating website, which later went a mobile-friendly version. This application is one of the most famous dating sites of all time as it had reached 90 million users in its heyday.

Its users have shifted to other dating sites in the recent few years, yet Statista ranked it as the number two dating sites. As a matter of fact, the app claims that you’re 2.7 times more likely to find a partner in your first 24 hours than in other apps.

Plenty of Fish is a dating app

Besides, the application is more suitable for single mothers. It was found in a survey that more than 44 percent of its female users were single mothers, and they found a partner 10 percent faster than the other users.

Plenty of Fish is available in both iOS and Android users. You can download and sign-up for free, and you can upgrade your subscription to unlock more features like adding more photos or show up first to the potential partners. The paid plan starts at $19.99 per month.

7. Tinder

No matter what your age is, if you’re searching for a date, Tinder is the best app. Tinder is popular among youths. Nonetheless, it’s useful for people of any age group. Tinder is particularly famous for finding hookups, however, it is still potential to find lovers.

Tinder Dating site for teen

There have arisen lots of cases where people of over 40 found Tinder obnoxious because of its wrong matches. However, many of the users over 40 have found the right partners for them in a short time.

Nevertheless, since the majority of the public looking for a date is using Tinder these days, you are likely to find a lover soon in this platform irrespective of your age.

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