21 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You: Understand and Make a Move

It’s hard to hide what you feel about someone or something. No matter how hard you try to hide it, you unintentionally show it one way or the other. And as a girl, you might have always wondered to look for those undeniable signs that he likes you.

Having said that, it may not be as easy for everyone to understand those undeniable signs that he likes you. So, do I mean you have no chance to know if that guy you have a crush on likes you? Obviously not.

Based on several studies, we have come up with 21 undeniable signs that assure he likes you. All you have to do is look for those signs and make a move.

21 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You (For a Stranger)

So far there are hundreds of universities that have studied men psychology. All those studies have come up with some interesting facts that tell a lot about men’s psychology.

Be it the way he looks at you or the change of his body language in your presence, all of this could be one of those undeniable signs that he likes you.

That said, all those subtle signs he shows depend upon the person he is and the circumstance. But with these facts below you can tell with utter surety if he likes you.

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1. He Smiles At You

It is difficult to figure out if a guy likes you but a smile could be one of those definite signs that he is attracted to you. But what about the fact that there are many guys you know who smiles at you every time you meet. Does that mean everyone out there is interested in you?

Of course not. However, it definitely means he at least wants to know you. Further, there is certainly a difference between a casual smile and a smile that actually tell something. And got to be able to tell that subtle difference.

Well, that difference may not be just about the way he smiles but other signs he shows along that tells if he is really attracted to you. Read further to check out other signs.

2. He Tries to Make Eye Contact And Hold It

Eyes tell a lot when it is about love and attraction. And to be honest, eye contact is one of those undeniable signs that he likes you.

But again you should be able to tell the difference between casual eye contact and the one that is out of attraction.

A guy who is attracted to you will often look at you with that look of expectation in his eyes that you will look at him the same you. Likewise, he will also try holding an eye contact for a while or so and that could be an ultimate signal.

That said, make sure she holds eye contact and not stare like one of those creeps.

3. He Is More Likely To Be Nervous

No matter how much confidence a guy is as a person, he is likely to get nervous in front of a beautiful girl. And that’s undeniable psychology of a man.

In fact, the nervousness is more visible if she is a girl he is actually attracted to. He may try to act confident and cool as he approaches you, but you are more likely to sense that little bit of nervousness.

And psychology says that little bit of nervousness could actually be a good sign and means he thinks you are important to him and he actually wants you in his life.

Look for that little nervousness if you are confused if a guy actually likes you. Well, the nervousness may slowly fade with multiple meetings you have but is definitely more prominent in the beginning.

4. They Tend To Move Closer To You

This may sound a little weird, but guys who like you are more likely to move closer to you. Well, it’s not that, he will come closer to you from nowhere. But whenever he approaches you, he will try to gauge your interest level getting closer to you.

And this may interest you that all this action is unintentional and in fact, men are biologically programmed this way. You can observe this quite often in gyms, bars, and clubs.

5. He Will Looks For Opportunities To Start Conversation With You

Believe it or not, guys do not bother to talk to the girls he is not interested in. And whenever a guy who you barely know makes a move to talk to you, this could be one of those undeniable signs that he likes you.

Look for signs that he is actually wanting to talk to you. In fact, you can sense that vibe if the guy is actually looking for opportunities to talk to you.

6. He Makes An Effort To Look Good Around You

Most of the men around have that carefree attitude and they barely care about their looks. But the case turns out completely opposite when someone he is attracted to is somewhere around.

Men exactly work like the male peacock who spreads their feathers whenever a female peacock is around.

Look if he is making an extra effort to look good. For example, he may be too conscious about his clothes, hair, and he may simply walk to the nearby washroom to check out if he looks good.

7. He Makes Effort to Attract Your Attention

As they say, men will be men. Men can simply do anything if he is genuinely interested in you, be it making extra effort to look good or try out things to gain your attention.

And this tendency comes from the fact that men always want to confirm if a girl likes him before they actually make a move.

Well, he may talk a little louder or may walk past you several times or simply ask something from you that he maybe does not actually need.

So, if you want to find out if she likes you, be cautious and look for this undeniable signs that he likes you.

8. He Will Look for Opportunities To Look Around You

Yes, guys do this quite often. Undoubtedly, it is a natural trait of humans to watch something that is attractive. And the same applies when a man is attracted to a person.

Often times, a guy who is attracted to you will try to catch a glance at you and that comes naturally. Moreover, he is constantly in search of opportunities to steal a glance of you.

Check out from the corner of your eye if he is looking towards you.

9. His Body Language Changes In Your Presence

This is one of the interesting facts about guys. He may actually change in terms of his physical behavior whenever you are around.

A guy who may be relaxed, funny, and laid in your absence may become extra conscious about his body as soon as he realizes that you are around.

Obviously, he doesn’t want to give a wrong impression about himself and do something wrong that repel you away. He may also try to act like one of the cool guys in the movies and the effort may be pretty noticeable.

So, observe his body language before and after he realizes you are around him. This can be a big trick to find out if he is attracted to you.

21 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You (For Someone You Know)

Signs a boy gives if he likes you will be different when you already know him as a person. And not to mention, you may always come up in a situation when you are confused if a guy you have been friends with for a while likes you.

Also, you may have experienced a lot of instances when your friend’s behavior towards you has recently changed and you get that vibe that he is romantically attracted to you. So, for such situations, we have brought to you some of the subtle signs he may show. Check this out.

10. He Will Do Nice Gestures Whenever He Gets a Chance

Girls love to be treated well and guys know it. So, when a guy you know is attracted to you, he is more likely to do nice gestures whenever he has that opportunity. And you may easily notice the change before and after.

Look for the changes. Observe if the changes are casual or anything that looks romantic and respectful. He may simply open the door for you, assist you with something, and even buy you gifts on occasions if he is attracted to you.

11. He Is Interested In Your Personal Life

A guy who is interested in you romantically is more likely to inquire about your personal life. It’s simply one of those natural longings where a person attracted to you wants to know you more as a person.

He may ask you about your family, or the job you do, or even about your ex-boyfriends. Check if she has suddenly developed an interest in your personal life. This could be one of the undeniable signs that he is attracted to you.

12. He Isn’t Shy To Compliment You

A guy who likes you is often looking for opportunities to compliment you. He may compliment you about your looks and you as a person as well.

Make sure his remarks are direct and positive. If he sounds like a creep, the best you can do is run away.

13. He is Jealous if You Talk To Other Guys

We all have that tendency to get jealous of the guy or girl you like shows interest in the other person or even talk to them for that matter.

And the case is the same even with the guys. Guys who like you more likely to get jealous whenever you talk to anyone apart from him and this can be marked as one of the undeniable signs that he likes you.

Well, if you want to find this out, simply walk up to a stranger, talk to him, and check out his reaction. If you see the change,  that’s simply because he is attracted to you.

14. He Doesn’t Want to end the conversation With You

As obvious as it sounds, the guy who likes you wants to talk to you more and more and he actually enjoys a conversation with you.

Trust me, guys don’t give a fu*k talking to a girl he doesn’t like let along long conversations. So, in case, he is making an extra effort talking to you and keeping the conversation going, there are good chances he likes you.

15. He Keeps Track If You Are With Other Guys

We all are more careful about things that bother us and the case is the same when the attraction is involved with a guy. A guy who is interested in you keeps track if you are talking to any other boy apart from him.

In fact, he even notices if a guy approached you. If you are a guy who likes a girl, you definitely wouldn’t want to lose the chance.

16. He Flirts With You Time & Again

Flirting is associated with the sign of attraction ever since the dating game began. The guy who finds you attractive and wants to date you will flirt with you every now and then.

In fact, guys often flirt to test if the attraction is from both sides. Look if he flirts with You. If he does, that’s a definite sign that he likes you.

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17. He Wants To Be With You

The guy who likes you will want to be with you all the time. And that’s the thing with attraction. Trying to be with you doesn’t only mean going for a movie or to a restaurant but they will also simply want to be around for no apparent reason.

He may even call you for an evening walk or even when he is walking up to the nearby medical store. Check if he is also doing the same.

18. He Has No Ego Issues With You

Obviously, why would you be egoistic with someone you love. And the case is the same with guys who are attracted to you.

He can simply do all the things and have no ego issues when he is attracted to you. They will leave you and pick you up from your workplace. He will enjoy going for shopping with you and even cleaning dishes with you at your home without any ego issues.

19. He Loves To Share Things With You

A guy who likes you will enjoy sharing everything with you, be it physical goods or things going in their personal life. He may even share with you all the secrets that he would otherwise not share.

Check if he talks with you about his family, friends, or even work for that matter. If he doe’s there are chances that she likes you.

20. He Respects Your Opinion

A guy who likes you seeks your opinion and values what you say. He is more likely to ask for a solution if he is in a problem in his workplace or even in his personal life.

And he does so because he respects you as a person and also values your opinion. Well, if you see, he is more respectful about your point of view, this may be an undeniable sign that he likes you.

21. You Often Catch Him Looking At You

We all have seen this in movies and probably faced in the real-life as well. We look watching people we like and this case is no different.

If a guy likes you, he often tries to look at you. Well, you may have had such instances where you might have caught a guy looking at you more than one. That may be the sign that he likes you. But make sure, it’s not that creepy look you hate.

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