10 Foods You Should Strictly Avoid Before Having Sex

Do you ever feel a decline in your performance on the bed?  Well, there are reports that over 50% of men deliver lower than what their partner expects. But what could be the reason behind your poor sexual appetite and overall performance? Believe it or not, the food you consume could be the only culprit.

Here we have listed ten foods and beverages that have a terrible impact on our sex life.

Foods to Avoid Before Having Sex


Alcohol could be one of the reasons for the dissatisfaction in your sex life. It not only reduces your sex drive but also has a longterm impact on your sexual health, even leading to erectile dysfunction.

Besides, excessive alcohol has an instant increase in the melatonin level in your brain, which can make you sluggish and lazy. Specialists even claim that alcohol can also inhibit orgasms and even increase the chance of premature ejaculation.

Marijuana Edibles (CBD or Cannabidiol)

Consuming marijuana edibles in large quantities can kill your sex life. All kinds of THC-free marijuana available in the market can hugely impact male sexual health if consumed inappropriately.

Cannabidiol-infused gummies, chocolate, or any other products can lower our sex drive for over 24 hours. Thus, it’s always a better option to avoid these products if you want to have better sex.


No doubt, a right amount of caffeine intake can boost up your performance. But as they say, too much of anything is good for nothing. Consuming to much tee or coffee may raise the cortisol level, which is responsible of unwanted stress.

Also, having too much caffeine bloat your stomach and cause uneasiness, leading to a reduced appetite of sex.


Well, this may sound a little weird, but fruits could also be the reason you are not as satisfied with your sex life. But only when you have them at the wrong time.

Having fruits post-meal or the only thing before having sex is also one of the reasons for poor performance. Generally, a lot of fruits are low on carbs and digest real quick. This, according to experts, can cause cramping, gas, and discomfort.

In such an unrelaxed state, you can not have a great sexual experience.

Too Much Salt

You might have already experienced the uneasiness you feel after the consumption of too much slat. As per the author and medical director of the Alpha Male Medical Institute Dr. Robert Kominiarek D.O., excess salt increases water retention in the body & eventually bloating.

Further, he also explains, too much salt makes it difficult for our body to maintain a blood flow necessary for a good orgasm.

So, it is always beneficial to avoid fries, movie popcorn, and other salty products.

Fried Foods

A lot of friend foods taste good and are widely preferred. But most of the fried food is bad for both your overall and sexual health.

Fried products, on the one hand, decrease your stamina while, on the other hand, hydrogenated oil used in fried foods lowers the testosterone levels. Thus, low sex drive and weak performance.


Mint is bad for your sexual health. Strange. Right? But this is the truth.

No doubt, mint removes bad breath. But as a male, it is way better to avoid mint for long-term benefit. Studies have shown that consuming mint can reduce testosterone levels and, thus, your performance.


Pesticides used to grow plants are harmful to your health, but it does also affect your sex life. And one of these pesticides, 4-hexylresorcinol, is applied to shrimp to retain its color.

Not only shrimp, other seafood like farmed tilapia and salmon also contain these pesticides, which hugely interfere with our sex life. Thus, it’s great to avoid shrimp and other seafood with added preservatives and rather go for organic products.

Soy Protein

There are many bodybuilders and gym-goers who go for soy protein to increase their muscle mass. But this could be one of the worst things one can ever do.

Soy is said to increase the estrogen level, and it is arguably the worst thing to consume if you want to boost your muscle mass.

It is always better to consume other types of protein to increase muscle mass and libido. Consuming more than 100 grams of Soy can have a longterm effect on your testosterone level.

Carbonated Beverage

This is something every one of us consumes. Though it may improve our mood instantly, carbonated water can have an improper effect on our sex life.

Further, having these beverages just before sex may increase the chance of belching, which we never want on a romantic night.

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