Mila Velshi- Who Is Mila’s Husband? Mother Of Journalist Ali Velshi

January 1, 2023   | January 1, 2023  | 

Mila Velshi is the mother of Canadian journalist, Ali Velshi. Mila’s son, Ali is not only a journalist but also a senior economic as well as business correspondent for NBC News since 2016. Ali is also a co-anchor of Velshi & Ruhle on MSNBC. 

Besides her son, Mila’s spouse, Murad Velshi is also a famous personality as a politician and former Liberal member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. 

Well, most people know her son Ali Velshi. Now, people are also interested in his mother, Mila Velshi, and want to know more about her. Thus, today in this article, we will discuss each and every detail of Mila.

Where Was Mila Velshi Born? Her Education, Parents

Mila Velshi was born in Nairobi, Kenya, South Africa. However, Mila hasn’t talked much about her date of birth and parents. Therefore, we don’t have essential information available about her birth date and her family.

Ali and his second wife Lori Wachs
Mila’s Son And daughter in law Lori Wachs

On the other hand, Mila’s husband, Murad Velshi was born on April 4, 1935.  

Mila Velshi prefers to stay out of the public eye even though she is a well-known figure as a celebrity mom and wife. Thus, she hasn’t told the public about her academics. We will update you once the information regarding her educational background is available. 

What Does Mila Velshi Do For Her Living? 

Since Mila hasn’t mentioned her personal information to the media and other social platforms, we don’t know what she does for a living. But we assume that as a spouse of a popular personality, she might have engaged in some kind of business that she doesn’t want to share with the public. 

Her Husband Is A Former Politician

Murad Velshi, Mila’s partner, is a former politician and Liberal member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in Ontario, Canada. Moreover, he also illustrated the riding of Don Mills in Toronto.

Murad was raised in Pretoria, South Africa. He was a master baker as well as an entrepreneur. In 1971, he established a chain of travel agencies in Toronto and Vancouver after his move to Canada. 

Mila’s Son, Murad Velshi Is A Journalist

Before we get started on his career, let’s discuss in short about Ali’s childhood. Ali was born in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa to his parents Mali and Murad Velshi. As per his date of birth, his birth sign is Scorpio and holds a degree in religious studies from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. During his time at Queen’s, he made news by organizing protests against Preston Manning as well as Canada’s Reform Party. 

Mila Velshi's son Ali Velshi
Ali Velshi, Son Of Mila And Her Husband Murad Velshi

As stated previously, Ali is a well-known Canadian television journalist and a senior economic and business correspondent for NBC News. But before his joining NBC News, he was a business correspondent anchor and c0-host of CNN News. In addition to that, Ali has hosted Ali Velshi on Target until Al Jazeera America for Al Jazeera America. 

His Career Biggest Achievements

In 2010, Ali Velshi achieved the highest award given by Queen’s University alumni named Queen’s University Alumni Achievement Award. Likewise, in the following years, his in-depth reporting for CNN’s “How the Wheels Came Off” was honored with a National Headliner Award for Business & Consumer Reporting. 

Who Is Mila Velshi Married To?  

Journalists, Ali’s parents, Mali and Murad are very privative people compared to other celebrities. Although they got spotted by the media we never heard them talking about their initial meeting and their marriage ceremony. 

Does Ali Velshi Have A Wife?

Their son Ali has married twice in his life. However, there is no information accessible on his first wife.

On the other side, MSNBC co-anchor had married New Hedge fund manager Lori Wachs, as his second wife in his 20s in 2009. His second wife, Lori is the president of Philadelphia-based Cross Ledge Investments and they both met each other when Lori was a guest on his show. Similarly, the couple has a daughter together.     

Mila Velshi’s Net Worth

Since we don’t know her profession, we are unable to estimate Mali’s fortune. But her husband and her son are iconic personalities. Remarkably, they have earned a big sum of funds from their profession.

Similarly, speaking of her spouse, Murad Velshi’s net worth, she has earned around $5 million as a politician. And their son, Ali also has a similar fortune as his dad, Murad. Therefore, the Velshi family has an estimated over $10 million net worth. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Mila Velshi

Does Mila Have A Tattoo?

No, She doesn’t seem to have any visible tattoos on her body.

Does Velshi Have Mental Health Issues?

No, she doesn’t have any mental health issues.

What Type Of Cars Does She Drive?

Mila drives a luxurious car.

How Many Businesses Does Mila Own?

She might own a few businesses although she hasn’t talked about it.

Does She Work Out?

Yes, Velshi likes to take care of her body.

Does Velshi Have Any Phobia?

No, she doesn’t have any phobia.

Where Does Mila Live?

She lives in Canada.