Eating Healthy on a Tight Budget: What To Do To Minimize Your Expense?

Making a habit of eating healthy food is not an easy job. It takes months to get rid of your habits to eat processed foods and soda. And when you finally make it a habit, you face a financial crisis that challenges you to stick on your routine.

Eating healthy food when you are tight on a budget can be difficult because several high-nutrient diets are expensive. However, if you determine and plan well on your budget, it is not so hard to eat healthy food only even if you are low on budget.

So, here we have listed seven ways you can eat healthy foods on a limited budget. Read through it.

1. Cook at Home

Whether it is healthy or unhealthy food, eating out costs way too much than eating at home. Cooking your meal at home makes you save a lot of money which you can spend on buying healthy foods ultimately.

Usually, you can feed a family of four with healthy home-cooked food for the price you spend buying food for one or two people at a restaurant. Some prefer to cook the food for the entire week on weekends, however, the best practice is to cook one meal at a time, which lets you eat fresh foods.

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Besides, cooking your food at home allows you to cut out the ingredients that are not important or healthy, yet cost you more.

2. Stop Buying Junk Foods

Junk foods are both unhealthy and expensive. The processed sugar and carbohydrate contents in junk food can lead you to gain weight. Besides, you can save a lot of money when you are tight on budget.

Avoiding junk foods like soda, cookies, crackers, and other processed foods for a month would make you realize how much money you had been splurging. Besides the cost, such foods are minimal in nutrients and more in calories.

By saving the money you had been spending on junk foods, you can buy more healthy foods, and you no longer have to worry about your budget.

3. Buy Generic Brands

Most of the time, we pay more money for the brand only. Usually, generic products have the same quality as the branded product to save money buying generic products.

Almost every store offers generic products, so when you are tight on budget, you can buy generic food items from the grocery stores. However, don’t forget to read the ingredient lists to make sure you purchase the same quality as previous.

4. Avoid Eating Out

Eating out doesn’t always mean you are eating unhealthy, however, even if you are eating healthy, eating out is still costly. When you have a limited budget, use them wisely. Cook healthy foods at home and take your lunch and snacks from home. This way, you can cut expenses on your lunch and snacks.

When you prepare a meal, make a little more and pack it to your office. It is a cumbersome process that requires proper planning. But when you have already decided to eat healthily, money shouldn’t be the hindrance.

So, it is a best option to avoid eating out until you will be financially independent.

5. Shop in Bulk

You always end up buying some unnecessary things when you go shopping, even when you are buying groceries. Moreover, shopping for groceries in a small chunk makes you go to the grocery store repeatedly, leading you to spend money on unhealthy items more often.

You could instead shop in bulk and store them in a right environment. Whole grains like brown rice, millet, barley, and oats are available in bulk, which you can keep in air-tight containers for months. Moreover, you can also buy lentils, beans, nuts, and dried fruit in bulk.

6. Stick to Your Grocery List

There is a chance you buy several things that you don’t need while you go to the grocery store. So, making a list of items before you go grocery shopping is good practice to be economical. Making a list is only half-done, you should be able to stick to your plan so that you only buy healthy foods.

While shopping, try to shop the perimeter of the store first, which will make you pick healthy food items like whole grains and beans first. Generally, the middle of the store often contains processed and unhealthy foods.

Expensive items are always placed at eye level, so shopping around the perimeter of the store is a good idea not to get diverted to costly and unnecessary things.

Meanwhile, there are several useful mobile applications where you can make a grocery list. Using such apps, you can buy all the healthy food items you need and avoid buying unhealthy foods.

7. Try Online Shopping

For those who get attracted to unhealthy foods while shopping at a grocery store, online shopping is the best option. Moreover, many online retailers sell healthy foods up to 50% cheaper. So, you can save your time plus eat healthy food for half as much price as you had been spending.

Some online stores also provide coupons that you can utilize to buy healthy food while you are on a tight budget. Online shopping helps you get rid of purchasing unhealthy foods, as several online stores offer healthy foods only.

Following these ways, you can stick on your healthy food campaign on a budget.

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