Is Wednesday Rated PG-13? Is It Kid Friendly?

December 27, 2022   | December 27, 2022  | 

American Netflix series Wednesday becomes one of the most successful web-series of the year. With views and watch hours exceeding all other series released on the platforms so far, Wednesday is a supernatural comedy horror based on the character Wednesday Addams.

Well, with all the hype and expectations, there has been concerns among parents about whether the Netflix series Wednesday is kid friendly. What is it’s age rating? Is Wednesday rated PG-13?

Find answers to all your queries below.

Is Wednesday Rated PG-13?

Netflix’s Wednesday becomes the third most viewed English-language TV series ever on this streaming platform. This is also because it is suitable  to watch for a large audience. However, unfortunately, it is not rated PG-13 but TV-14 instead. This means only children above 14 years of age can watch the series.

Why Is Wednesday Rated TV-14?

The series is rated TV-14 because of the horror aspect & fear associated with it. Further, there are several character that uses abusive language like sh*t, a**, bi*ch, damn, hell.

A scene from Wednesday where the character of Jenna ties the other character with a rope
A scene from Netflix Series Wednesday

Moreover, it also features violence including murder, which may be unsuitable to kids below 14.

Five Reasons Why Wednesday Is Unsuitable To Watch For Kids Below 14

The series Wednesday is created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. The story revolves around Wednesday Addams who is expelled for putting piranhas in the school’s pool in response to boys bullying her brother Pugsley. Later, she is admitted to high school named Nevermore Academy, afterwhich the story takes action.

The series stars actors including Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, Isaac Ordonez, Gwendoline Christie, Riki Lindhome, Joy Sunday, Iman Marson, & others in the lead.

Though the story is simple and caters to a large student, there are a few things due to which it is not recommended to kids under 14 years of age.

It Contains Mature Language

Wednesday may not be for kids under 14 because there are numerous instances where the character uses slightly profane languages like sh*t, a**, bi*ch, damn, hell. This may be even considered unappropriate by some parents. Thus, it requires parantal guidence.

Wednesday Has Gory Scenes

According to the British Board of Film Classification, a show that is rated for kids below 14 cannot have scenes of injuries ot blood. This definately makes Wednesday unsuitable for kids below 14 as it contains numerous gory scenes. 



Further, it also shows, bloodshed, faceless children, & severed hand.

It Deals With Mature Topics Like Bullying

The story of Wednesday deals with mature content which might be unsuitable for kids. Here we have listed such instances which is only recommended for mature audience to watch.

  • A character in the series is bullied by her classmate and is even outcasted.
  • There is an attempt to kill a classmate where a character tries to do so by releasing piranhas in the pool.
  • The series show several murders and violent scenes among the classmates.
  • A character chains other character and burn their houses.
  • Numerous scenes of passionate kisses.
  • Troubled relationship of parents.