Meet Chyna Tahjere Griffin: Untold Facts About Faith Evans’ Daughter

Many people come from a renowned family background in the entertainment industry. Similarly, Chyna Tahjere Griffin, who was first known as the daughter of the renowned singer Faith Evans, is one of those people. However, later, in the footsteps of her mother Faith, Chyna also entered the entertainment industry.

You may all be well aware of Faith, her Grammy Award-winning singer, right? Now, let’s get to know a little bit about Chyna’s daughter, too. I’m sure a lot of things are common between the two of them. In addition, Tahjere is a fairly distinctive woman who makes her a lot more charming than she already is.

Follow me through the article and learn about the net worth of Chyna, bio, and other exciting facts about the life of Griffin.

Who Is Chyna Tahjere Griffin?

Well known as the daughter of Faith Evans, a renowned Grammy Award-winning singer, Chyna was born in 1993. Every year, she celebrates her birthday on April 1. In April 2020, she will be 27 years of age. Likewise, in the Assembled States, USA, her mother Faith gave birth to her.

In addition, her appearance is tight from the outside with the zodiac Aries, but she is still a soft and good-hearted woman inside. Born to her parents, Faith’s mother, and Kiyamma Griffin’s father, she is of American nationality and of Afro-American ethnicity.

Together with her brother C.J Wallace, Chyna is up. Similarly, her stepfather is Biggie Smalls, who, as a legendary gangster rapper, you might know. Now, as far as her educational background is concerned, all we know is that she is studying at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University, which led her to collaborate with several legendary musicians.

Unfortunately, Chyna’s stepfather is no longer with us. Homicide through gunshots was the cause of death.

Chyna Is The Biological Daughter of Faith Evans

Yes, as stated above, Faith Evans gave birth to Tahjere herself, making her the biological mother of Chyna. And her biological father, even though she grew up with her late stepfather, Biggie Smalls, is Kiyamma Griffin.

Chyna Tahjere Griffin Is The Daughter of Faith Evans
Chyna Tahjere Griffin Is The Daughter of Faith Evans

Even though the name Chyna Faith Evans was originally given to her, she likes to use the surname of her father, Tahjere Griffin. Now her mother is a well-known singer, going back to the subject of her parents. Faith began dating her former spouse, Kiyamma, at the age of 19, who was a local musician back then. They were truly in love with each other at the time, and Faith even let go of her studies.

Chyna was born as a consequence of their love after years of their relationship together. They moved to Los Angeles soon after, to start a new life. But, prior to even getting married, the two split on mutual understanding.

Faith has since been engaged in some relationships that did not end well.

Chyna Tahjere Griffin Career

Talking about her career, not only is Tahjere a singer. She has many professions that she pursues. First of all, she’s an amazing singer and a rapper as well. In addition, she is a writer of songs and even a song producer. Similarly, in the music world, she is an emerging and rising celebrity star. Her mother and father both had a musical affair and were involved in the industry, and now their daughter Tahjere is like that.

In addition to that, Chyna is a free woman with a distinctive musical style. So there’s no way anyone can accuse her of any kind of music being copied. She is a young makeup artist as part of their side hustle. Apart from this, she also worked along with the leader of the hair industry, who also happens to be the founder of CURLS, Mahisha Dellinger.

What Is Tahjere’s Net Worth?

As stated above, as a singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, and as small makeup artist, Tahjere’s source of income is. So, with so much work, you might be wondering that her net worth might be enormous, right?

Yes, it’s huge. As for some sites, we need to know that the net worth of Chyna Tahjere is somewhere around $500,000. Similarly, you might think that her net worth is related to a small amount compared to other artists you’ve met. Let us remind you again, however, that Tahjere is an up-and-coming artist, which means she is still not very popular.

Is Chyna Dating a Boyfriend? Her Love Affair & Relationship

Tahjere is almost 27, and she is single at present. For now, she may not want to be in a relationship, or perhaps she might be keeping it a secret. She keeps her personal life pretty personal, however. Gossips about her love life and her boyfriend’s romantic relationship never really stop. For now, however, she is a solo and wants to focus on other guys on her career and make her future more than her chemistry.

As for her scandals, so far, there have been none. But we do hope that we can see Tahjere together with someone she loves before the year ends. Or if she has a hidden partner, we also become a part of learning about her.

Chyna Tahjere Griffin Is Not On Social Media

We mentioned this above, but here it is again. Chyna is a private individual, so on social media, she is not that active either. Similarly, her username on Instagram is @tahjereofficial. And by the look of her bio, she seems to have plenty of people who find it hard to pronounce her name.

Similarly, in February of 2019, Tahjere’s first Instagram post was made, and her latest was January 29, 2020. She has 24.8k Instagram followers, all of whom are her biggest fans.

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