Is Actor Bobby Lee Married? Who’s His Wife? Their Romantic Relationship

Bobby Lee, also known as Robert Young Lee Jr., has created a huge reputation as a comedian. But when it comes to his love life, his fans seem a bit misled.

In addition to misbelief about his marriage to Khalyla Kuhn, there has been a lot of controversies that skepticize Bobby Lee’s misstated wife Khalyla’s loyalty towards her husband. Well, if you are in here with any sort of question surrounding “Bobby Lee wife” and their relationship, you have landed at the right place.

Here we will try to unravel all the details of his love life and relationships.

Is Bobby Lee Married to Khalyla Kuhn?

Unlike popular belief, MADtv’s Bobby is not married.

The claims that they married in 2016 are falsely stated. And seems to be entirely based on the April 15, 2016 episode of TigerBelly podcast where Khalyla states to have divorced Bobby if not for his money. Her statement merely was an out-of-context joke and nothing more.

But how come we are so sure the couple is unmarried? Well, on the 101st episode of TigerBelly podcast on July 27, 2017, both Khalyla and Bobby mentions that Bobby has not proposed to Khalyla and that they don’t like the idea of the proposal.

Are Bobby and Khalyla Still Together? Did They Break Up?

Well, things between the two have definitely changed lately. While it looks like Bobby and Khalyla are still in a relationship, the reality could be different behind the camera.

Bobby and Khalyla reportedly broke up just after the shoot of the 220th episode of TigerBelly posted on Nov 14, 2019. Though they kept things easy and cozy during the podcast, apparently Khalyla mentioned she didn’t love Bobby anymore.

That said, the two have not announced anything even related to their break up or the possibility of it, officially. At the same time, their Instagram posts are no different than in the past which makes us a little skeptical about their breakup.

How and When Did Bobby and Khalyla Meet?

The duo met on the dating app Tinder back in around 2013. They were together for quite a while before coming public. Bobby never said anything about his girlfriend Kuhn for a long time.

Bobby Lee And His Wife
Bobby Lee And His Wife

Despite a flourishing romance, Khalyla was caught in a controversy. She was questioned for her loyalty. There were also claims that she was with Bobby for money. But how did all the rumors began?

Did Khalyla Kuhn Date Him For Money?

As we mentioned above, Bobby and Kuhn became a subject in the media wherein Khalyla had to face backlash for her statement on the TigerBelly podcast.

In a podcast that aired on Apr 15, 2016, Khalyla in conversation with Bobby and a few other guests went on to mention that she was cheating on him for a while.

The conversation shifted to an awkward situation where Kuhn even went on to say that she would have even divorced Bobby if he did not have enough money.

While her statement was just an instantaneous response and didn’t mean anything serious, the aftermath didn’t come out as casual. In fact, she faced uncontrolled anger with many of the listeners calling her “gold digger.”

Strangely, Kuhn didn’t respond to all the comments from her fans until March 2018, where she stated her disappointment for all the outrage. She said she has been self-sufficient since 17 and that the conversation in the podcast came out of context and didn’t mean anything. Check out the Tweet here.

Further, she also started the podcast was edited intentionally to misrepresent her message.

Do They Have Children Together?

No, the duo is yet to become a parent, though they might be planning to.

They Are Active On Instagram

As a social media star, both Bobby and Khalyla are pretty active on Instagram. In fact, they are also very much expressive about their relationship and often posts a number of photos of themselves together.

The duo is often out on holiday together to different exotic locations, which is very much suggestive of their love for each other.

Bobby Lee is married to wife Khalyla Kuhn since 2016
Bobby Lee is married to wife Khalyla Kuhn since 2016

As of July 2020, Bobby has over 603k followers on his Instagram where he goes by his username @bobbyleelive. Similarly, his partner Kuhn has a follower of 198k.

They Are Dog Lover

Both Bobby and Khalyla share a common love for dogs. In fact, both of their Instagram accounts have plenty of photos of them with their dog which pretty clearly reflects their love for dogs.

Myths About Khalyla Kuhn

A lot of things about Bobby Lee’s relationship with Khalyla Kuhn has been misstated. Well, here we will try to find the truth.

  • Khalyla Kuhn is not Bobby Lee’ Wife. In fact, they never got married.
  • Khalyla did not intentionally date Bobby for money or cheat on him as she mentions on the TigerBelly Podcast. Via her Twitter post, she said it came out of context and that she didn’t mean it.
  • They didn’t meet in 2016 but way back in 2013.
  • Khalyla is not a biochemistry graduate but rather a nurse, a profession which she quit after meeting Bobby.

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