Cruz Grant Rivera

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Quick Facts
Full Name Cruz Grant Rivera
Birth Place New York City
Birthday 1987
Age 36
Nationality American
Ethnicity Latino
Father Geraldo Rivera
Mother Tomasa Rivera
Siblings N/A
Profession N/A
Net Worth $20 million
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Body Measurement N/A
Gender Identity Male
Marital Status Undefined
Children 3

Cruz Grant Rivera is an American citizen who is renowned as the son of popular American journalist and actor, Geraldo Rivera. His father is also a former television host, an attorney, and a political commentator. Geraldo came to the limelight after hosting the live TV special, “The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults.” He also hosted the tabloid talk show called Geraldo. 

However, Geraldo Rivera’s son Cruz was charged with criminal obstruction of breathing, which is a misdemeanor assault, in April 2018 after he allegedly bit and choked his ex-girlfriend. What was the reason for Rivera to attack his ex-girlfriend? Is she alive? Who was his ex-partner? Let’s know more about it in detail.

Cruz Grant Rivera’s Biography

Cruz was born in 1987 in New York City, United States of America. Cruz hasn’t revealed his exact date of birth to any media. Likewise, he was raised along with his four step-siblings Simone Cruickshank Rivera, Solita Lilliana Rivera, Isabella Holmes Rivera, and Gabriel Miguel Rivera, by his parents. Furthermore, he holds an American nationality and belongs to the Latino ethnicity. 

Cruz Rivera son of former host Geraldo Rivera, an American journalist, author, former television host, attorney as well as political commentator
Cruz Rivera, son of former American host


Moreover, there is no information available concerning the schools he attended or the level of education he has achieved.

Cruz Grant Rivera’s Relationship; His Wife, Children

Cruz has been in a number of relationships, but none of them has led to marriage. His most recent relationship was with Meghan Burke. Additionally, he has three children from his previous relationship but hasn’t revealed the names of his children or their genders. Also, he hasn’t revealed the mother of his three babies either. 

Geraldo Rivera’s Son Cruz Grant Rivera’s Legal Charges

Cruz was arrested for allegedly choking his ex-girlfriend, Meghan Burke, on May 1, 2018. According to police sources, Cruz bit her leg and had her when she tried to flee his Manhattan apartment.

This incident occurred after Cruz’s ex-girlfriend Meghan came to his 175th Street apartment in Washington Heights, Manhattan, around 5 p.m. on a Tuesday to pick up some of the things that she had left before their breakup. 

Cruz Rivera with his father Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera and his son Cruz Rivera 


Sources said that, when she was inside her ex-boyfriend, Cruz allegedly jumped on her and threw her onto a bed, pinning her there from behind in a chokehold, which nearly caused her death. Rivera was bruised after attacking Meghan once she broke off their turbulent nine-year relationship. 

After that, Cruz’s roommate heard the fight and dialed 911. But until the police reached there, they both were gone, However, Meghan reached out to the police on Staten Island after returning to her home. 

Just one month before the alleged attack, in April 2018, Cruz also shared a public service announcement video from the British Mankind Invitation on his Facebook account, warning that “males perpetrate 40 percent of domestic violence.”

Lopez, Cruz’s neighbor, said she heard a young woman in a heated discussion with Rivera on Tuesday night. I heard the fighting at around 11:30 p.m. She was yelling, “Give me my wallet and my cell phone!”  ” I didn’t hear him too well,” Lopez said. “I didn’t make much of it. “You know how people are always fighting.”

Lopez also added; “ I didn’t know he was the son of someone famous.” “ That’s a very bad example. You just don’t hit women, I don’t care if he’s the son of someone famous”

He Was Charged For Misdemeanor Assault And Domestic Violence

After his ex-girlfriend complained, he was arrested and then arraigned in court, where he was charged with criminal obstruction of breathing, which is a misdemeanor assault. And after biting his ex-girlfriend Maghan, he was also charged with domestic violence charges. After his arrestment victim’s mother said that; 

“ He’s insane, he’s a sociopath, he’s a real manipulator,” the mother said after Cruz Rivera’s arrest. “Ever since she met him, we have tried too hard to counsel her against him. He’s not a good guy.”

 In court, he admitted to Judge Phyllis Chu that he tried to harm Maghen by pushing her to the floor and biting her. A restraining order was set in the victim’s favor, and he has to face six months in jail if he fails to meet the terms of his agreement.

Though Rivera faced half-dozen charges, the prosecution suffered a major blow when Burke said she didn’t want to go forward with the case. According to a defense attorney, victim Meghan called the defendant on Thursday to say she was sorry and still loved him. 

Rivera finally shoved the disoriented Burke to the ground, according to the complaint.

Aidala said; “Obviously Geraldo is very disappointed and disturbed by these allegations… He’s upset about the situation, but not angry with his son. He supports him 100%,” 

But Burke’s mother insisted that Curz had bad behavior when it came to her 26-year-old daughter. 

How Did Criminal Curz and Victim Meghan Burke Met Each Other?

Criminal Curz Rivera and Meghan Burke met each other in 2009 when Burke was a freshman at SUNY Maritime College in the Bronx. Meghan had a troubled relationship with Curz as she has to stay despite River’s three kids with another woman – all born while he was dating Burke. 

“The fact that she has been brought down by this piece of garbage — it’s incomprehensible,” the mom said. “She’s smart, she’s pretty, she lights up a room, and we just don’t understand it.”

However, their romance continued until Burke decided to kick Rivera to the curb. And the incident took place. 

His Father Is A Former Television Host

Curz’s father Geraldo Rivera is an American journalist attorney, author, political commentator, and former television host. The former TV hoster gained popularity from his live 1986 Tv special The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults.

He began his career in 1970 as a reporter for Eyewitness News and just after two years in 1972, he gained national attention and won Peabody Award for his report on the neglect and abuse of patients. Likewise, he began to appear on ABC national programs such as 20/20 and Nightline. Similarly, he hosted several Television series.

What Is The Net Worth Of Curz Rivera?

Since there is no proper information on his net worth but he is the son of a millionaire. But his father is an American attorney, journalist, author, reporter, and talk show host who has a net worth of $20 million dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cruz Grant

Does Cruz Grant Smoke?

No, He Doesn’t Smoke cigarettes.

Does Cruz Grant Drink?

Yes, He Drinks Occasionally.

Does He Have A Tattoo?

No, Cruz Grant Doesn’t Have Any Visible Tattoos.

Does He Have Mental Health Issues?

No, Cruz Doesn’t Have Mental Health Issues.

What Type Of Cars Does He Drive?

Grant Drives A Luxury Car.

How Many Businesses Does He Own?

No, Rivera Doesn’t Own Any Business.

Does Cruz Grant Work Out?

Yes, He Prefers to Stay Lean.

Does Rivera Have Any Phobia?

No, He Has Any Phobia.

Where does Cruz Grant Live?

Grant Lives In the United States.