Who Is Jacob Jules Villere? Want To Know His Marriage With Peter Porte?

Jacob Jules Villere is a successful banker with a huge influence in the banking world. Well, despite a decent success in the banking sector, he is identified in the media for his relationship with the American actor Peter Porte. He even got more exposure in the media after his marriage back in 2018.

Well, how is his married life with The Young and the Restless? Further, we will also discuss his career, relationships, family details, and a lot more interesting facts about him.

Let’s zoom on.

Who Is Jacob Jules Villere?

Jacob is a successful banker and has been working in the field for years now. As of 2020, he serves in the position of Senior Vice President at the Capital One Bank. 

He had been previously working as a vice president where he was promoted in 2016, after over 10 years of working in the field. He has since been leading the West Coast Corporate Banking team.

Well, before he made it to Capital One, the Louisiana State University graduate Jacob was the auditor for Certegy. He worked there for two years from 2001 to 2003. Further, he also briefly worked as an accountant at Arthur Anderson.

Jacob Jules Villere Is Married To Actor Peter Porte

As we already mentioned, Jacob is a married man. He married American actor of The Young and the Restless fame Peter Porte on October 7th, 2018. Their wedding was held in New Orleans at Latrobe’s on Royal.

While the marriage was a pretty private affair with just friends and family attending the ceremony, the duo reportedly looked great in navy and cream-coloured attires.

Peter Porte and Jacob Jules Villere
Peter’s spouse Jacob is a Vice President at One Capital

It has been around 2 years since the couple tied the knot and they are apparently leading a great relationship. Peter even posts pictures of Jacob together on his Instagram and honestly, they look adorable together.

How Did Jacob Meet Peter?

Though the duo married very recently in 2018, they had reportedly been together since February 2015. Jacob and Peter first met at Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night XXI together.

Well, as fate had it, they clicked instantly and started hanging out together. They attended several events and spent enough time before jumping on to the decision of tying the knot.

Villere’s Husband Peter Had a Great Bachelor’s Party Prior to Their Wedding

Like any other celebrities, Peter too threw, what looked like an extravagant bachelor party, prior to the wedding. Joined by his five other friends, Peter celebrated a wild bachelor in a sexy skin-coloured nightgown.

Peter Porte Bachelor Party
Peter during his Bachelor party

While Peter didn’t share the photos from the party, one of his friends Darren Bluestone couldn’t stop himself from doing it.

He Loves Travelling

Jacob has a great appetite for travelling and has already travelled to several exotic locations across the world. In just with his new husband Peter, he has travelled to places including France, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, Greece, Canada, and Isreal as well.

Also, within the United States, he has travelled places including California, New York, Florida, North Carolina. He calls New Orleans as his favourite location and has already visited there over 10 times.

Further, Jacob along with his husband Peter have new plans for the coming years. In a recent interview, he revealed that he is planning to have Scuba diving in Australia and Helicoptering over Iceland, Paris, London, and a few other places.

Jacob Jules Villere Past Relationship & Affairs

While there are no reports of Jacob’s romantic interest other than Peter, it looks like Peter has kissed a few guys. Looking for details about Peter’s love life, we came across a lot of photos where he seems to be kissing guys.

While they appear to be a romantic couple, later it turned out, Peter was just posing for 175th edition of the Australian magazine, DNA. Moreover, the photos also became a controversial subject in the media.

Social Media

Jacob is on Instagram and Twitter but he has a private account and likes to keep things hidden. On the other, his husband Peter is pretty active as a celebrity and has over 70k followers on his official Instagram.

He often gives an insight into his life with Jacob. The duo often goes out on vacation to different places and enjoy their company as a couple.

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