What Is Redd Foxx Daughter Debraca Denise Doing Now? A Full Bio Here

What Is Redd Foxx Daughter Debraca Denise Doing Now? A Full Bio Here

Do you remember Redd Foxx, the popular American stand-up comedian? Well, he is no more but is survived by his step-daughter Debraca Denise. Unfortunately, Debraca is not as famous as her step-father Foxx, but there is definitely a lot about her that is worth sharing.

Similarly, Debraca’s mother also has her own legacy and identified herself as a singer and dancer. But unlike both her parents, Debraca has opted for a life away from all the glitz and glamour.

So, what is she doing at present? Is she married? There is numerous question about Denise that are barely answered. Here, we are going to talk in detail about her career, relationship, family, and a lot more interesting facts.

Debraca Denise Birth Details, Parents

While the exact birth detail of Debraca is not known, she was reportedly born from 1949-1950 in the United States. She is the biological daughter of Betty Jean Harris and was adopted by stand-up comedian Redd Foxx after her mother married him in 1956.

Unfortunately, Betty never opened up about the biological father of Denise. Besides, Debraca is an American in terms of nationality and belongs to the African-American ethnicity.

Debraca Denise Is Married to Businessman Ralpha Russell

It not very well known, but Debraca is actually a married woman now. She married a Los Angeles businessman Ralpha Russell in June 1975. Their wedding ceremony was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The event was organized at a lavish cost of around $40,000.

As per the reports, around 450 guests attended their wedding in a flower-covered gazebo. While the bride wore a white chiffon gown designed by Holan Miller of Beverly Hills, the groom looked dapper in his wedding attire. Their friend Deimion Schott served as the best man whereas Antoinette Woods was the maid of honor.

Debraca Denise Is The Step-Daughter of Comedian Redd Foxx
Debraca Denise Is The Step-Daughter of Comedian Redd Foxx

Following the wedding, Debraca’s mother Betty hosted a party at her Toluca Estate home, which was attended by primarily their relatives and close friends.

Unfortunately, her father Redd did not attend her wedding. While the exact reason for his absence is not known but it was reported that it was because of the arising conflicts between Redd and Betty.

Does Debraca Have Any Children With Her Husband?

Debraca has sort of became a virtual recluse post her marriage. It has been years since Denise made any public appearance. Not only her but her husband too has maintained a distance from the media.

Thus, it is hard to tell if she has any children with her spouse. However, hopefully, we will get to know about her present status soon.

Denise Parents Redd and Betty’s Relationship

Debraca’s mother Betty had a pretty long-term relationship with the Harlem Nights star Redd Foxx. The two tied the knot on 5th July 1956.

Betty and Redd met for the first time at backstage of a club where she worked as a singer. Well, their first meeting soon turned into a love affair and eventually a marital relationship. However, Redd had reportedly put a condition for Betty before marriage and asked her to quit her singing career to live as a full-time housewife.

Debraca Denise Parents, Mother Betty and step father Redd
Debraca Denise Parents, Mother Betty And Step-Father Redd

Talking about the same in one of his interviews the late comedian said,

Even though I linked show business a whole lot, I like being Mrs. Redd Foxx even more.

But unlike most of the marriages, Betty’s first year of marriage was not so great and they faced several problems adjusting to one another. Regarding the matter, Betty stated,

There were some pretty tense moments, too. We had our differences, but I guess when you’re right for each other, nothing is too difficult to work out. It’s been clear sailing since our first year.

Well, post the first year of marriage, Betty involved herself with handling her husband’s business which included a chain of five Los Angeles record stores and several other business ventures.


Unfortunately, despite all the compatibility and love for one another, Debraca’s parents Betty and Redd called it quits after 18 years of marriage. The duo filed for divorce in 1974, stating a compatibility issue.

The duo went through a bit of a messy divorce. In fact, Redd’s lawyer Robert Reid obtained a restraining order against Mrs. Fox, blocking her from hiding any entities from their home on Eastern Avenue in Las Vegas.

She also reportedly had to return all the cheques and money, including $110,000 in her bank account.

Debraca Denise’s Step-Father Redd Foxx Was Married Fout Times

Apart from Betty, Redd had had three other marriages. He first married Evelyn Killebrew in 1948 but after three years into marriage, they divorce in 1951.

He tied the knot with his third wife Joi Yun Chin Chung on 31st December 1976. 20 years younger than him, the couple’s wedding was held at the Thunderbird Hotel in Las Vegas. The couple filed for divorce in 1979 which was finalized in 1981. Redd paid $300,000 in divorce settlement.

He married for the fourth time to Kaho Cho in July 1991 after meeting at Bally’s Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. They walked down the aisle at Little Church of the West in Las Vegas. The couple was married until Redd’s death on 11th October 1991.