Meet Raymond Taylor, Trina’s New Boyfriend, Some Interesting details

Meet Raymond Taylor, Trina’s New Boyfriend, Some Interesting details

Raymond Taylor, Trina’s now-boyfriend has a firm existence in the media. With a successful recognization of an entrepreneur, Raymond also has quite an identity as the boyfriend of rapper and TV personality Trina. In fact, their appearance in Love and Hip Hop: Miami has been hugely loved and appreciated.

Well, how is Raymond Taylor’s life altogether? How and when did he meet his girlfriend Trina? There are tons of questions about Raymond’s life with the rapper.

But beyond all the romance, the professional aspect of his life also equally important. In this article find out about Raymond Taylor’s age, net worth, career, and many other interesting things in maximum detail.

Who Is Raymond Taylor, Trina’s Boyfriend?

Raymond is recognized in the media as a businessman. But besides all his interest and success in his entrepreneurial journey,  Raymond also has an interest in rapping, where he goes by Ray Almighty. Well, he has not gained as much success as a rapper.

Reportedly, Raymond is associated with the RockStarr music group. Not only this but he also produces music under Team Sport Creatives in Soundcloud.

Unlike Raymond Taylor, Trina is very much successful in the industry and has some successful albums in the market.

Besides, on the Instagram bio, Raymond describes himself as a Creative Director/Content Curator.

He Played College Basketball

Apart from the entrepreneurial skill that he has and an interest in music, Raymond is also a basketball fanatic. He reportedly played basketball during his college years at Florida International University and Florida Atlantic University.

In fact, he has quite some skills that are hard to handle for his opponents.

Check out Raymonds crazy basketball skill.

He was only 5 feet 6 inches at the time.

Raymond Taylor Is Dating Girlfriend Trina since 2017

Raymond and Trina has quite an incredible relationship as a couple. The couple is together since 2017 and have been through all the thick and thins.


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As for their first meeting, it was a TV personality Jay Young and Trina’s cousin who set the date for the two. Well, it all began on Love & Hip Hop: Miami where rapper Trick Daddy’s ex-wife wanted to go on a double date with Trina.

Trina who happened to be single at the time had a find a date and Raymond finally become the one. Their romance has been televised in the show as well.

“Raymond Taylor Trina” is a New Noun

Raymond and Trina’s relationship has been of such impact that their name combined, Raymond Taylor Trina has become a new noun.

A lot of the couple’s fans love calling the two as Raymond Taylor Trina. Well, that’s an achievement for any romantic couple.

Raymond Taylor and girlfriend Trina
Raymond and Trina are dating since 2017

We hope thier romance continues for years to come.

Raymond Taylor Age: Her Is 16 Years Younger Than His Girlfriend

Raymond is still a young guy. Born on October 31st, 1990, Ray is just 29 years of age as of 2020. In fact, he is almost 16 years younger than his partner Trina.

Trina was born on December 3, 1974, and she is 45 years old. Despite the huge age difference, the couple still shares a great bond.

His Girlfriend Had Many Boyfriends in the past

Ray is not the first boyfriend of Trina. She has, in fact, dated a number of guys in the past. Her first known relationship was with American rapper Lil Wayne. They began dating in 2005 but split in 2006. However, a year later, the couple again came in talking terms in May 2007 but yet again separated in August of 2007.

Soon enough she began a romantic relationship with former basketball player Kenyon Martin. They dated from 2007 to 2010.

Her last known relationship before Raymond was with rapper French Montana. Beginning in 2012, they dated for two years until 2014.