All about Vince Vaughn’s wife Kyla Weber: Interesting facts

Actor and screenwriter Vince Vaughn have been married to realtor Kyla Weber since 2010. Kyla’s hubby is best known for his role in “The Break-Up.” They have two kids and Vince enjoys his role as a father.

Born in March 1970, Vince Vaughn has been involved in the entertainment industry since the late 80s. His first credited role in a film was that of Jamie O’Hara in “Rudy.” He met his longtime friend Jon Favreau on the set of that project, who included him in his 1996 film “Swingers.

There are many things we don’t know about Vince’s wife Kyla Weber and we’re sure fans are itching to know about her. Well, without further ado let’s get right into it!

Kyla’s Early Life

Weber was born in Okotoks, Canada, 18 km south of the city of Calgary, on July 1, 1979. Okotoks is the largest Alberta town. Although Weber does not reveal much about her personal life and often avoids the spotlight, her father is known to be Ken Weber. Meanwhile, her mother’s name remains unknown.

Little is known about the educational background of Weber.

Her Professional Life

It’s not Kyla’s career that put her on the world stage, but without mention, her professional endeavors can’t be passed. Before she met the man of her dreams, she started her career as a realtor in Calgary, working for Coco Homes- Cimarron Living. Kyla was quite successful thanks to her real estate endeavor.

Vince Vaughn wife Kyla Weber
Vince and Kyla are a parent of two kids.

However, once she began romancing Vaugh, she moved to Los Angeles, California, USA, where she continued her career. As her relationship with Vince developed, so did her career, but because of their relationship, she became more popular. As of now, Kyla has been focused on her career as a painter, rather than a realtor, since her marriage.

Details on Kyla Weber’s Relationship with Vince Vaughn

The couple began dating in 2008 and the couple became engaged within a year, and it was on January 3rd, 2010 that they tied the knot in a rather small and private ceremony at the Lake Forest Academy. The matrimonial was attended by around 65 people. At the time of her wedding with the comedian, Kyla was still working at the Royal LePage in Calgary.

It was after their marriage became official that the media Kyla made her a national star.

Talking about their first meeting, they glanced eyes at a mutual friend’s wedding in Los Angeles, California.

Since the wedding ceremony, the two have also welcomed two children: daughter Locklyn Kyla Vaughn, born in 2010, and son Vernon Lindsay Vaughn, born in 2013.

Besides, Kyla enjoys a great relationship with her kids and husband.

Vince and Kyla enjoys parenting their two kids

As their daughter, Locklyn Kyla Vaughn, was born in December 2010, Vince Vaughn and Kyla Weber wasted no time having another kid together. In August 2013, Vernon Lindsay Vaughn was born.

The actor joked a few months before Vernon was born that parenting had given him the opportunity to sit down with a person who really needed to listen to him. He also admitted that each child brings their own happiness and that there is nothing more fun than laughing and playing with them.

That’s probably why, for his sixth birthday, he took Vernon to Disneyland. At the Californian theme park, the actor and his Canadian wife were spotted having a great time with Vernon. He joined his wife and son on some of the park’s most famous rides and rollercoasters, in addition to taking some time to meet fans.

How much is Kyla Weber’s net worth?

The professional efforts of Kyla have added a substantial amount to her wealth. Even though she may not have as many millions as her husband, she still enjoys a lavish life. So, let’s just see, as of mid-2019, how rich Kyla Weber is?

Well, sources report a fairly decent net worth of $1.25 million, which is fairly substantial, don’t you think?

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