Anita Johnson-Andrews: All About Antonia Johnson’s Mother and Her Bio

December 26, 2022   | December 26, 2022  | 
Quick Facts
Full Name Anita Johnson-Andrews
Birth Place United States
Birthday N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity African -American
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Siblings N/A
Profession N/A
Net Worth $4 million
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Body Measurement N/A
Gender Identity Female
Marital Status Married
Children Ruby Johnson, Anisha Johnson, Antonia Johnson, Walter Johnson, Josh Johnson and Casey Johnson

Anita Johnson-Andrews came into the limelight for being the mother of Antonia Johnson, also known as “Toya Johnson.” Her daughter, Antonia, is a television personality who has appeared in several TV shows. Additionally, she is also a rapper and an author. 

Andrew has been spotted at numerous industrial events with her children. And, the celebrity mother also grabbed the attention of several media outlets and audiences from the event show with her children. Therefore, people want to know more about the celebrity mother, Anita. Well, in the article beneath, we will explore each and every detail of Anita and her other untold facts.   

Besides her happy life, Anita has to deal with the darkest day when she lost her two sons. Do you know who were those two boys? Who killed them? Well, here are several unknown details about the murder and Anita Johnson-Andrews’s personal life. Let’s have a look!

Description Of Anita Johnson-Andrews’s Age, Parents, And Academic Qualification

The Actress, Antonia Johnson has let out only a few details about her mother, Anita Johnson-Andrews. As a result, there is not much information available on her date of birth, parents, and siblings. Furthermore, with an exception to her orthodoxy, race, and nationality, we came to know that, she follows Christianity and holds American citizenship. 

In regard to her ethnicity, she belongs to Afro-American. As aforementioned facts, Antonia’s mother, Anita is nothing more than just a person who shares a parental relationship with an actress, Antonia.

Talking about her formal educational status of Anita, she completed her schooling at a local school in her own hometown. And she went on to college to complete her higher studies.  

Anita Johnson Andrew Is The Mother of Antonia Johnson

Anita Johnson-Andrews is a very hardworking woman. She has been working in some form of occupation but has not detailed it in any of her social media. Nevertheless, she is mainly famous for the dignity of her daughter Antonia.

Her Daughter Is A Television Personality

Anita’s daughter Antonia is a television personality, and well-recognized as an American rapper, Lil Wayne’s ex-wife.

Actress Antonia Johnson mother, Anita Johnson- Andrews with her children
Anita Johnson- Andrews with her children

Antonia was born on October 28, 1983, in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States of America. Throughout her career, she has appeared in several reality shows and other television shows. Among her numerous shows, Antonia is very popular for her role in ‘Toya: A Family Affair,” among the audience.

Moreover, Antonia is not only an actress but also an author, she has written numerous books such as “Priceless Inspiration,”  “How to Lose a Husband,” “My Real Reality,” and so on. Besides, she also owns G.A.R.B., a boutique in New Orleans. 

Who Is The Father Of Anita Johnson-Andrews’ Six Children? Her Husband and Marriage

Moving into Anita’s romantic and private life, the celebrity mother is married to her husband Walter Andrews for a long time. However, the duo hasn’t revealed much about their marriage and love life.

The pair shares six children together and enjoys their comfortable lifestyle. Besides her hubby, Anita Johnson was never in a relationship with any other man. She is straight on the basis of her gender choices.

Anita and Walter’s Six Children

Among their six children, Antonia is one of them, and the remaining others are Ruby Johnson, Anisha Johnson, Walter Johnson Jr., Josh Johnson, and Carey Johnson. 

Their Children’s Career

Anita is the proud mother of six children with her spouse, Walter Andrews. Her elder son, Ruby Johnson, was born on April 7, 1992. He starred in his sister’s reality show, ‘Toya: A Family Affair,” in 2011. 

Anita Johnson- Andrews and Antonia Johnson aka Toya
Anita Johnson-Andrew with her daughter Antonia Johnson Aka Toya 

Similarly, her daughter Anisha Johnson is a model and a founder of “Vintage Comma Collection LLC.” 

Likewise, Anita’s second eldest daughter, Antonia, is a famous actress, rapper, author, and entrepreneur.

While, Anita’s two kids, Josh, and Casey Johnson, are living away from the public eye. But among her six children, two of them were killed.  

Anita’s Two Sons Were Murdered; Who Was The Murderer?

Anita had to face a difficult situation when her two sons died. It was on July 31, 2016, when Ruby and Josh were found dead on the corner of Pauger and North Miro Streets. They both were shot and left inside the car, and that was obviously murder. 

But the information about the murderer has not been founded yet. Anita has to pass through the darkest day of her life after the deaths of her two sons. 

Anita Johnson-Andrews Got Addicted To Drugs After Her Son’s Death

The death of her two sons leads her toward drug addiction. And to get relief from the pain of losing her sons, she started using high-dose drugs. 

But her other children can’t see her mother like that, therefore, they decided to send her to rehab, and now she is free from the habitat. She is now living a happy life with her husband, children, and grandchildren. 

Her Actress Daughter Antonia Was Married To Popular Singer Lil Wayne

“Toya: A Family Affair” actress Antonia Wright was previously married to the rapper Lil Wayne. They both have a daughter named Reginae Carter, but they got separated for personal reasons. 

After her divorce from Lil, she married Mickey Memphitz Wright, but their relationship also ended in divorce. At present, Antonia is in a relationship with her new partner Reign Ryan Rushing.

Where Is Anita Johnson- Andrews Now?

As stated previously, Anita and her spouse, Walter are very reticent, when it comes to their private lives. So, they haven’t shared their residence, on any social platforms. 

But some sources claimed that the duo is living a happy life with their children and grandchildren in New York. 

Net Worth Of Anita Johnson-Andrews

As a celebrity mother, Anita without any doubt is living a lavish life and might have engaged in some kind of business. 

On the other hand, her daughter, Antonia Johnson, also known as “Toya,” is not as privative as her mother. She has accumulated a massive amount of wealth from her career as an actress and rapper, and her net worth is predicted to be $4 million in 2023. 

Keys Takeaway.

  • Anita Johnson-Andrews got the spotlight for being the mother of Antonia Johnson, an actress, rapper, and author. 

  • Her nationality is American and follows Christianity. 

  • Andrews’s daughter, Antonia is a television personality, and is very popular for her role in ‘Toya; A Family Affair.”

  • Antonia is not only an actress but also an author who wrote numerous books. 

  • Anita’s daughter, Antonia, was previously married to Lil Wayne, a famous American rapper, and has a daughter named Reginae Carter. 

  • Andrew is married to Walter Andrew and shares six children together, they are;  Ruby Johnson, Anisha Johnson, Antonia Johnson, Walter Johnson Jr., Josh Johnson, and Carey Johnson. 

  • Among her six children, her two sons (Ruby and Josh), were murdered on July 31, 2016. They were found shot and left inside the car on the corner of Pauger.  

  • Anita and her husband, Walter Andrew living a blissful life in New York with their children and grandchildren.